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Mexico Braces for Patricia: 'Most Powerful Storm Ever Recorded'


Mexico Braces for Patricia: 'Most Powerful Storm Ever Recorded'

Jon Queally, staff writer

A state of emergency has been declared over large sections along Mexico's Pacific coast Pacific coast of Mexico on Friday as Hurricane Patricia, listed now as a Category 5 and described as the most powerful storm of it kind ever recorded on the planet.


Welcome to the 21st century.


I'll hope for the best, and hope that the people there plan for the worst.

If the civil war in the USA was the scourge that repaid each lash of the whip with a drop of blood, I wonder what the scourge will be that repays our species for the careless squandering of the energy supplied by coal, oil and natural gas.


Insurance rates will skyrocket...maybe we can no longer afford consumerism and capitalism?


It is now at 880 mb and 175 kt (200 mph) sustained - may increase to 205 or higher at landfall. The only way to survive such a thing is to get underground or maybe the lee side of a steep bank or cliff.


Other major hazards will be the stupendous rains (higher up, snow?) on the unstable ash slopes (very evident on Google earth) of the active volcano Colima - this could creating huge lahars (mudslides and mud-floods) that will run out long distances - possibly into the city of Colima. Such an intense hurricane running into such mountainous terrain itself is unprecedented.

Polls have shown that concern about global warming and its impacts is higher in Latin America than anywhere else in the world.


Potentially effective "visual aid" for COP 21?


The hurricane is down to 880 millibars according to the national hurricane center. If the normal air pressure on earth is 15 pounds per square inch, this air pressure is like 13.2 pounds per square inch. Unearthly.

On Eaarth the formation of hurricanes is notably suppressed by high upper level winds, but when they catch on the hurricanes explode up the scale. 48 hours ago this was a 40 mph tropical storm, and it wasn't predicted to be even a category 1 hurricane yet.

Do you live in a place affected by hurricanes? Or tornadoes?



...also, yes, I live in Florida


The world can only hope that those in power will see that it is not just that it will be a little warmer in the future but that global warming could actually destroy civilization. We talk of 2C of warming. This storm is when there has been less than 1C of warming.

Who can we tell what fools we have been when there is nothing left to say?


Hey! I remember Florida!


Very funny (⌣́_⌣̀)


This storm's power will be terrible for coastal cities. Our mighty towers of glass and ramshackle buildings do not make for survival in such powerful winds. If ever such a storm hits my city, I can't imagine all the broken glass that will be blown about. I pity the Mexican people.

Maybe now the world will wake up to the danger humanity faces?


Haven't heard what Exxon has to say yet - probably that it's just el niño...

They should have to clean this up.


I suppose it isn't and I apologize for smiling but I can only say that joke now before that storm hits because after it hits and the terrible toll it wreaks upon the low lying coasts, then my joke wouldn't be funny.

Floridians should look at their politicians who refuse to let global warming be discussed (didn't your governor do that?) or mentioned in official reports.

That isn't funny.

But mea culpa... Good luck




After having read about a dozen once in a lifetime/1000 years weather events in the past 5 years I feel so very old. Methalusah stand aside your longevity record is being broken!


Have you done your part by switching to a vegetarian diet, or at least reducing your meat intake? If not, don't complain about those in power. Since it has now been scientifically proven that the animal slaughter industry is the number one source of greenhouse gases, and the climate changes associated therewith, it is time for true progressives/environmentalists to take personal responsibility. To eat meat while bemoaning the horrors of climate change is the height of irresponsibility. I know from experience what your and your friend's replies will be: That I am a poor spokesman for vegetarianism, that I hate people, that I am a poor practitioner of Zen, and so on. Some meat eaters even tell me I need to seek mental health counseling. So go ahead and tear into me; I can take it in stride. I have learned that progressive hypocrites absolutely hate being exposed.


I wouldn't stay in a glass tower in 200 mph winds (and neither will they). The poor who live in small buildings should evacuate too. A fast pitch baseball travels at approx. 100mph.

200mph winds will throw around debris and glass and knock over a man. A small child would be powerless.


45 years ago the warnings were clear.
Hardly anyone listened.
It is way too late now.
Hunker down.
Enjoy what you can.