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Mexico 'Furious' About Trump Visit


Mexico 'Furious' About Trump Visit

Nika Knight, staff writer

When news broke late Tuesday that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had accepted Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's invitation to meet in Mexico City on Wednesday, the reaction in Mexico was swift and "furious," according to New York Times reporter Elisabeth Malkin.


Justice! As soon as Trump touches Mexican soil arrest him on terrorism charges, and place him in a Mexican jail. Sounds harsh; but, just give Trump a little taste of Mexican justice.


The DNC dug it's grave by interfering with the primary race and destroying Bernie Sanders bid. Hillary is the worst coronation the Democrats could make. It has given Trump a chance to win. God help us all!!!


As one Mexican commentator said, "The two most hated men in Mexico will be meeting today."


He's got balls.


The visit appears to be just another in a series of traps set for Trump, that Trump will fail to recognize as a trap and put himself inside another box that further hinders his campaign.

Trump could have used the Kiser Khan stunt to leverage HIS campaign, instead his off base response worked against him. If past performance is any indication of future action, Trump will do the same thing when he meets the Mexican President.


If that was the case he wouldn't even be in the U.S.


Those people coming into the United States illegally are not immigrants, but law breakers. They should be deported. Trump is misquoted as usual. He says the criminals need to be deported and that is correct.