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Mexico: Massive Anti-Trump Rallies Staged Across Nation


Mexico: Massive Anti-Trump Rallies Staged Across Nation

Common Dreams staff

Tens of thousands of Mexicans protested Sunday against US President Donald Trump, hitting back at his anti-Mexican rhetoric and his depictions of them as “rapists” and "criminals" and to demand “the respecting of Mexico.

"Mexico must be respected, Mr Trump," said a giant banner carried by protesters in Mexico City, who waved a sea of red, white and green Mexican flags as they marched down the capital's main avenue.


Solidarity! I am imagining massive protests against Twitler across both sides of the apartheid wall.


Peña Nieto to Trump: "Thanks Donnie for taking the heat off of me."
Donaldo: "Don't mention it, your migrants have been great scapegoats."


We are watching the world unite against US terrorism and eternal war.


It looks like the Mexicans can see Trump for what he is better than a lot of Americans who seem to be lost in some sort of fog. I have heard the term "fog of war" but maybe there is also a "fog of peace." Can they not recognize a fascist/dictator/tyrant/despot when they see one? The lies, attacks on the courts, attacks on the press, attacks on the universities, the hate, the fear mongering, he has the entire package. The KKK and neo-nazis aren't cheering for nothing. The Mexicans sure have it right.


"It looks like the Mexicans can see Trump for what he is better than a lot of Americans who seem to be lost in some sort of fog."

I think it's getting down to just the deplorables who support trump. I also think a lot of them are the uneducated Whites who are not doing so well economically and who are the targets for the traditional GOP dog whistle messaging. That's one thing we can thank trump for, he's taken the mask off the way the GOP has been practicing politics. These folks will soon have a decision to make and I'm sure the protest pressures are about to pay dividend. It's time the GOP took a hard Left back from the edge of the fringe and get in touch with its moderate side. Let the deplorables form their own party, you can't count on their votes anymore or they are likely to be the only ones you get. And if the Democrats can't seem to become more progressive, perhaps Warren and Bernie will have to branch off and form our own party. The country would be better-served with more political options, compromising becomes necessary since, if done right, no single party would have the necessary majority to get business done.


The funny thing is, anyone who knows Mexican culture will readily recognize that Mexicans have more in common with Republicans in the sense of both being conservative in nature. That's not to say that there aren't any progressives in Mexico, but it is a predominantly-Catholic nation, after all. If the Republicans were ever to get away from their instinctual racism and welcome "others," Mexicans would be a natural fit with them...religion, family values, conservative politics, etc. Thank gawd that isn't likely to happen any time soon, we need their votes...a Mexican today!


Have you not been paying attention these past two weeks? Protests of tens and hundreds of thousands of people all across the country. I would consider what we are seeing is more than just a lot of Americans. And more will be waking up to the reality of the rump as the days go forward.


The republican's religion is money sprinkled in some evangelical Jesus hating Christians, along with family values that leaves tens of thousands of families sleeping on American streets every night, and conservative politics that conserves nothing, just use, destroy, and dump.


Instead of going to Canada, ditch your overcoat and go to Mexico!


And as Catholics, I am sure the Mexicans are very unhappy about T-dump and his pal, Bannon chastising, criticizing, and offending the very popular Pope Francis. NAFTA has not been a boon to them nationally nor personally. Monsanto has caused unbelievable harm with their GMO corn production coercing farmers and entire farm communities to switch to their seed (with high-interest loans, of course) and then not buying the harvested commodities due to reduced market prices/profits...leaving subsistence farmers with loans to pay and the pressing need to start all over again just to provide food for their families...back to square one where they started before the monster arrived.

T-dump and his team of thieves are reviled the world over. Yet the sycophants in Congress and the ne'er-do-well hardcore cave-dwelling supporters remain with their heels dug in, which will quickly lead to their own downfall.


It's the worship of money that makes it necessary to leave families in the streets in order to conserve the wealth and privileges right where they're at. That's what "Conservative" is all about, maintaining the status quo as much as possible.