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Mexico’s Farm Movement Rejects New NAFTA Agreement


Mexico’s Farm Movement Rejects New NAFTA Agreement

Timothy Wise

The smooth ride to a new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) may have just hit the bumpy roads of rural Mexico. On Tuesday, leaders of Mexico’s farm movement strongly condemned the new agreement announced between the United States and Mexico, calling on the new president they supported in recent elections to get involved and slow the race to the new agreement.


From the article:

“The Plan de Ayala also called for a renegotiation of NAFTA to stop U.S. farm products from flooding Mexico with cheap, subsidized crops.”

And there’s a symmetry between that flood of cheap subsidized crops headed southward and the flood of dispossessed campesinos headed to El Norte. Twitler may or may not be smart enough to see it, but certainly there’s somebody in his inner circle who is—which makes it hard to believe this administration really wants an end to “illegal immigration.” Quite the opposite, I would argue.


All Twitler wants is a convenient scapegoat to cover his and his cronies’ looting of the United States. They don’t care whether people immigrate or not, but they need their base to care, deeply and misguidedly.


The point of the anti-immigration movement is to keep the labor force illegitimate and divided from American citizens. This allows reduction of wages and benefits to all, as well as the opportunity for increasingly invasive surveillance and policing.

The point of NAFTA and other so-called “free” so-called “trade” so-called “agreements” is to disempower these workers in their own countries, to crush local businesses all over, and to allow for the easy movement of capital and goods.

It is just tribute gussied up and presented under a different name.


It’s about time. I’d look for a really large repressive reaction, however.