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Mexico's 'Bernie Sanders' Wins in a Huge Historic Landslide With Mandate to Reshape the Nation


Mexico's 'Bernie Sanders' Wins in a Huge Historic Landslide With Mandate to Reshape the Nation

Common Dreams staff


Progressive anti-Trump candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been elected president of Mexico on Sunday in an apparent landslide victory.

Exit polls gave AMLO, as his supporters call him, ­a huge lead over his two closest competitors, and both of them conceded the race shortly after polls closed on Sunday night. Official results were due to be announced later on Sunday night with AMLO supporters expected to flood Mexico City’s main plaza, the Zócalo, to celebrate his anticipated victory.


Congratulations to a politician who tells the truth about Grifter Trump.
Mexico has serious environmental, justice, income inequality, and other problems, and it will take a miracle for this man and his supporters to save the country from the brutal drug gangs, corrupt police, wealthy elites. climate change, overpopulation, American hegemony and right-wing death squads that plague it.
I hope he will do well, and not be assassinated by the CIA, the banksters, and/or the drug lords.


Now if Lopez Obrador can stay alive he may be able to improve life in Mexico
for Mexicans –

Would very much like to see him gain control over the violence – US/CIA “War on Drugs” –

and US/CIA war on democracies.


Wow. The empire has some cracks in it.


I sense a sea change in morality, across the board, coming as a gigantic wave of Moral Revival and not just Mexico. l see a clean-sweeping of the corporate infestation of our government, along with their immoral neo-liberal agendas - and soon too! “Their” nauseating weasel narratives and “their” privatization schemes and “their” austerity scams, gotta go. Mexico is a bellwether clarion call! The corporate crooks of the anti-Bernie wing of the DNC are runnin’ scared. Like the withering-away of the “Wicked Witch of the West”, the DNC neo-cons will get “their” pail of water! lol Bye, Nancy! Bye, Chuck!

And the NY Times still uses the tired, old puny corporate weasel “Left” to label the president-elect of Mexico! The DNC old guard will not go willingly, seems! lol Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival has a large presence in Mexico.

And it has not gone un-noticed, that many other political candidates have been assassinated, lately. What’s up with that? Andrés Manuel López Obrador is one cool dude!


I like. But I would not tempt fate with the comments about Señor Andrés Manuel López Obrador possible demise! My best wishes and prayers to the prez-elect. “Turn all the hearts of haters into LOVE!” Lyrics from Thursday Justice Arts and Poetry Night at the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival - a few weeks back.



Hasta La Victoria Siempre!


I wonder how The Donald will flub his obligatory call of congratulations. Suggest the two of them go out for tacos? Offer AMLO a favorable interest rate to purchase a wall? Who knows? I just hope the web posts some of the ejaculations from Fox “News” that are sure to smear AMLO as a ______________.

As for me, I offer my congratulations to our southern neighbor. He seems like a man that has the people as the rightful owners of Mexico. Be careful Mr. Trump, your wall may be needed to keep sane Americans from emigrating southward to escape the effluvia of your presence.


Now we have to hope he can stay un-assassinated and able to resist the perverting effect of elites trying to get access. I live in hope, always.


His politics work just fine as long as you align with Christian hate groups.

López Obrador’s unabashedly leftist Morena party has aligned with two ideologically opposite smaller parties: the Labor Party (PT), which seeks the creation of a “socialist” Mexico, among other leftist goals; and the Social Encounter Party (PES), which in 2016 fought for the right of churches and religious citizens to discriminate on the basis of sexuality and has taken a hard line against gay marriage and abortion. The contradiction between the two is increasingly under the microscope as the possibility of a López Obrador presidency becomes more likely.


You fail to mention that it is religious groups, like Catholics and Evangelicals who tell people to ignore the sciences, ignore ecology and habitat, and just keep having more kids. God will provide. Go forth and shop.

On the left they think they can vote in resources and on the right they think they can control the market and resources will magically appear even if heavily polluted and exploited.

So yeah it is Trump’s fault as he wraps his arms around Evangelical Christians and at the same time supports the priests of Wall Street.

It’s the population that is the problem. Planned parenthood and education is the answer.

But let’s argue endlessly over the distribution of wealth, even though “the wealth” shrinks by the minute and the habitat is on fire.


So when all else fails insult.

Murdering human beings is a black mark on the soul? How about having children when you have no idea where resources will be to support them, and they starve to death in refugee camps or on the streets of some city?

How many children have you adopted lately?

What you really hate here is that woman have control over their own bodies. Population control means you have the intelligence to realize you can not support a baby and so you prevent that child from being born into a terrible situation, and yes abortion is better than starving a child to death.

You have no idea where I get my information, but if you think Trump has reached out to all groups, then you have not watched his rallies where he openly told people to violently attack and even murder his opponents.
No matter what the source, his videos of his own rallies speak for themselves.


Wow. This is the first truly good news I have heard in a while now.
We have expat friends who have lived and worked in Mexico City for decades and they have told us this guy is real deal.
But with the 130 people running for office who have been murdered I hope he survives to implement his agenda. Mexico sorely needs the kind of changes he has planned.


You’ve really gone round the bend with this bizarre screed…


Mexico was offered a choice this time. We need the same but will probably never “get it”.


The only thing you are dishing out is your own ignorance.


So…Why do you come to CD with the point of disrupting? You never make a rational comment here - mostly it is attention seeking for saying ridiculously incorrect things with no basis in fact…


DO NOT FEED TROLLS!!! They thrive on it.


Both men and women have the ability to create life, if there was equality there would be no need for laws. It is clearly misguided to think that a black mark on the soul is confined to women. Especially when the natural order is decided by men. Without intervention there is a natural level of population to the means to support it and women know this. Don’t think that one intervention is better than the other.

Besides, your way has already been tried and well failed more than once. I do agree this other thing is no better.


Also, it gets tiresome when people run around telling me what is a black mark on my soul, while religious leaders incite violence against women, gays and anyone who does not believe exactly as they do.

How many Christian leaders have to be found molesting children, stealing money from their churches, raping women before they get a black mark on their souls?

How about if you just stick to praying and doing charity work and leave the politics alone? Separation of church and state is a thing for a good reason.