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Mexico's Lopez Obrador has to stand up to Trump

Mexico's Lopez Obrador has to stand up to Trump

Miguel Guevara

On July 1, the Mexican people elected Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) as their new president. "I confess that I have a legitimate ambition: I want to go down in history as a good president of Mexico," he said after announcing his landslide victory.

“Pity poor Mexico: so far from God and so near the United States.”
—General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna


Leaders, will stand up to Trump.

Cowards, will not.


Don’t be part of the Trump show! But call out the US for what it has been doing for years. How are all these guns getting into Mexico----Is the CIA behind destabilizing Mexico for economic benefit???

He should legalize weed and make an industry out of it-----and make clear to the American people who has been destabilizing countries to the south of the US for economic gain!

I think Obrador and Puerto Rico could form a very nice relationship and help each other out. I bet there are firms in Mexico who could make a lot by investing there, and that would help the people of Puerto Rico more than the creepy American investors.
Then, let’s see, Russia has all the new weapons, and China has all the money----------- so Mexico should join in by creating a new money connection to the Puerto Ricans since America hasn’t been very helpful.------and won’t this be fun! : ) Best of all, people in all areas could really do some good for each other. : )

I read somewhere that Obrador urged Mexicans to flood into the US.

As a border area dweller, I do not wish to see a wall ruin the otherwise respectably hostile and beautiful Sonoran, Chihuahuaan, and Coastal Deserts. It would hasten the extinction of jaguars, big horn sheep and many other species hanging onto life, tenuously out there, as it is.

AMLO should be investing his country’s wealth of engineering talent and solar resources to converting Sonora and Chihuahua to solar generating states, exporting power N to an insatiable American grid out west. Imagine how much being a net exporter country due to shipping GWH of clean solar power N coupled with raking in US bucks would piss off the current Admin. Load shedding excess capacity via RO desalination plants would give them another exportable product. They can now also work a favorable deal with China on solar panels due to our new aluminum tariffs.

Hell Mexico might build a wall to keep us out after much more of this!

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He did but not in those exact terms. Which brings me to why he should address the inequality in his own country because thousands of people are trying every day to leave it. Mexico is not poor, it is a large economy and the one of the richest men in the world is a Mexican. The people, not so much.

When is Mexico going to start providing rehab for the tons of cocaine and meth they send to the U.S. and what do they do with the billions of dollars made in that NAFTA by product.

Seriously, you think someone who supplies the drugs someone willingly takes should be on the hook for paying for rehab that nobody is asking for? Oh come on, you don’t mean that! Only ridiculous repuglicans would think someone else should pay for their way!

So then people that profit from addiction are not responsible?

Nobody forced the majority of drug addicts into addiction. I say majority because we both know occassionally sex slaves have been, but the majority come to it and do it of their own free will. You do agree with this statement fundamentally, right? If you don’t agree with that I’m done.

We’re done

Was it facebook there Ajo-means garlic in espanol no?
You don’t believe everything you read, and less if it came off facebook, right?

It’s backwards-assed thinking to try and make someone else financially responsible for your actions.
Time for a check-up from the neck up.

That is a two way street…agree to disagree

In a word then: NO
Nobody forced them.

Now you can disagree.