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Mexico's Lopez Obrador Wants to Give Asylum to Julian Assange

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/04/mexicos-lopez-obrador-wants-give-asylum-julian-assange



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Did you read the fine print?

The asylum offer, he added, would be on the condition that Assange not “interfere in the political affairs of any country.”

More BS on how Assange is the problem and not the country doing the corrupt thing or murdering civilians. Thanks for nothing AMLO.


Het, AMLO,
don’t happen to have a London embassy, do you?

Apparently they realize that reporting the truth would "interfere in the political affairs of any country.” LOL


"The president’s comment about his country’s “tradition” of granting protection is well-grounded. In an op-ed last month at the Washington Post , historian Debbie Sharnak pointed to Mexico’s asylum offer to former leftist Bolivian leader Evo Morales. She wrote, in part:

"For decades, Mexico has served as a place of asylum for exiles, and this history has become embedded in the fabric of Mexican politics and identity. While Mexico’s domestic history often involved political repression and hostility to [migrants] ~https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/01/23/amnesty-international-report-mexico-migrants/1059523001/), the country has consistently projected an image of what scholars have called “revolutionary progress” through its high-profile offers of asylum to exiled leaders.

"Seeking to consolidate this reputation in the decades after the Mexican Revolution in the early 20th century, Mexico framed itself as a welcoming place for progressive ideas and persecuted people, a policy that has continued…

"López Obrador’s offer of asylum to Morales is far from an aberration—and is perhaps part of a strategy to distract the public from Mexico’s own treatment of migrants from Central American countries.

"Mexico is also the deadliest country in the western hemisphere for journalists, according to ~https://cpj.org/2020/12/killings-of-journalists-rise-as-reprisal-murders-more-than-double-in-2020/ the Committee to Protect Journalists.

“When he took office in December 2018, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pledged to take concrete steps to end violence against the press and impunity for journalist murders,” the press freedom group said last month. “Yet this cycle continues unabated.”

Moreover, the generosity of Mexico’s offer of refuge and asylum for exiles is mitigated somewhat by the ingrained political memories of a Russian Bolshevik pensioner named LEON TROTSKY:

No reason to think that Washington and its Shadow Government, whether under Dulles Brothers dominion or the Neo-Liberal E-CON’d continuum of Cold War policy imperatives and of our joint and Duopoly supported NAFTA elite privateers plays any nicer to political exiles who choose to live within “OUR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE” which is taken to be the global sphere, not merely Thelonious Monk’s place within it…

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But he is not well. So what has he got to lose at this point?


His life. Mexico is a little too close to the terrorist country trying to kill him now, us. Also what happens if Mexico loses it’s “progressive” President in the future? I’d rather see him go to Russia, or some other country the US won’t dare to sneak in to kidnap him.

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I just figured Russia would have taken him by now if it were going to.

Maybe, maybe not. Don’t forget Snowden ended up there by accident, it wasn’t planned for him to be stranded in Russia. Then again I could be dreaming that Russia would want another high profile asylum case inside their boarders.

The asylum offer, he added, would be on the condition that
Assange not “interfere in the political affairs of any country.”

When Mexico made its most famous offer of asylum in late 1936
(by its last progressive president, Lazaro Cardenas), it specified
that Trotsky not interfere in Mexican politics. And despite feverish
accusations by Mexican Stalinists, it seems that he didn’t.

But prohibition of any political activity is extreme and unfair,
and I expect Assange will decline this offer. AMLO should do better.


I laughed when I read the headline. Just on the face of it, it is widely known that Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists. The offer may have been sincere, but nonetheless incongruous.


The US bombed Panama and killed 3000 or so, according to the documentary “The Panama Deception”, to capture one person, Manuel Noriega. The US does not value human life and I would not trust them.


Nothing like a 12-pack of Corona and a flaming burrito to welcome one to Mexico.


That was going to be my point too.

Oh, wouldn’t that be loverly – !!

A Mexico independent of US interference, corruptive influences – as well – !!

Biden will be along with some strong clamps to shut down Obrador/Mexico …

The Mexican “tradition” is protection? Say what?

Tell that to all of your own nation’s victims of Drug Gang Shootings, Obrador! Say what you will, but we won’t believe such tripe until you start walking your talk…