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Mich. Gov. 'Sorry' as Flint's 'Man-Made' Water Catastrophe Continues


Mich. Gov. 'Sorry' as Flint's 'Man-Made' Water Catastrophe Continues

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In the latest fallout from Flint, Michigan's public health crisis of lead poisoning its drinking water, Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday said he was "very sorry" and the state's top environmental official resigned. One advocacy group, however, says that full accountability and transparency for this "man-made catastrophe" are still absent.


A tragically vivid example of how the U.S. is becoming a Third World country.


He runs the state like he's king, not property manager. Why hasn't he been tarred and feathered?


What we have here is the end result of the right wing destruction of government. They take control, sell off any public assets they can, put people in charge of state services who don't give a damn, watch as shit like this happens and then say, "See, government is useless, it can't even keep your children safe, so let us privatize even more public services". Wash.Rinse.Repeat.


Looks like the "miracle of the marketplace" strikes again. Whitey in Lansing gets the government off of the backs of the people of Flint and appoints an emergency manager to "run this city like a business". Then Wyant and Wurfel, whose agency is supposed to make sure that the drinking water is safe to drink, do their imitation of Brownie and Chertoff during Katrina with their response to the entire mess.
Ronnie the Ray-Gun once said, "government isn't the solution to our problems, government is the cause of our problems" and then sought office so he could run the government in such a manner to prove his point.


Crocodile tears from a right reptile


As much as all the finger-pointing and hand-wringing in Michigan boasts a certain entertainment value, this article does beg one small question ... who pockets the checks when residents of Flint pay their water bills?


I will never understand how this guy Snyder could be re-elected Gov.or Scott in Wisconsin. The people in these states are making these choices. In part it might be demographics young people leaving and an older white population staying-they are leading the way for race to the bottom. No maybe Kansas is in the lead-and didn't they just re-elect their Gov.------What Snyder did is criminal he should be in jail! He aided and abetted the poisoning of children-from what I understand these effects of lead are irreversible.


For the record, the governor of Wisconsin is named Walker, Scott Walker--he is a leading candidate to be the VP candidate for JEB! along with John Kaisich of Ohio. Think of this dynamic duo as the new Dan Quayle.


Typical red state way of doing business....Just like NC and McCory in bed with Duke power who has poisoned wells springs lakes and public water..They got a slap on the wrist...They put x Duke employees in charge of regulation...Like I said typical red state business..He put all x Duke employees on the EPA they're only concern was business not people and this was said by the Gov himself that business was before people...Yet Idiots voted him in..


They get voted in because of the stupid one sided religious zealots and racists.....Black Americans should do what ever it takes to get an ID and line up and vote other wise your pissing in the wind...These stupid GOP lawmakers are so fkn dumb it is unbelievable...They listen to only corporations and people are just in the way of doing business they dont matter anymore under a GOP leadership...Pay to play is their way...


Lets first be clear: Michigan is not, has never been and will never be, a "RED" state.
Automation was born here, The labor movement was birthed in this State...never would have happened under GOP ideology. The GOP can't win in this State without gerrymandering. The extreme gerrymandering going on in this state is the only way GOP can win and maintain their hold. Michigan a red state? A Right-to-Work State? in the GOP's dream.
Just another in Synder's list of Legacies.
Karma, Sweet Sweet Karma.


The GOV. needs a little jail time for poisoning the children of Flint the buck stops at the top and THEY should have tested the water First!


How come you have so many REP wacko's in office


As near as i can tell from a quick look at the City of Flint web sites, the water system is owned and operated by the City of Flint, and has not been privatized or contracted out.


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What happened to the factories and jobs that once made Flint a viable city? Where do income taxes paid by taxpayers, once returned to each city by the IRS as revenue sharing, end up today? Why did the great state of Michigan agree to poison a whole, bankrupt American city, to save a few dollars?

They knew. They set up an inept, unqualified emergency manager to cut expenses and allowed him to shut-off an essential supply line, then sold off the pipeline and any chance of restoring normal service to the city. They simply looked for the cheapest method and when proof of lead poisoning among the children of Flint was finally released, they lied to the people with no intention of ever reversing the damage.

Snyder and fellow thugs claimed their party had ultimate authority with no recourse, to the extent of destroying the futures of a generation of innocent children. The true spirit of our two-party, one rancid soul government has been revealed with all its warts and the picture could not be uglier.

Watch as this snapshot of evil, the hollowing out of America, becomes the norm. Perhaps it is already happening to your town.

Gov. Rick Snyder, working for the other side.

Go, Bernie!


"Sorry" doesn't get the job done. The State needs to make those people whole.


Lefties and libs don't vote so that they can feel pure when getting ___ on by Reps.

Pure like good clean water I suppose.


The damage is already done and the governor as well as all he put into office are responsible. Who is going to accept responsible for the health care needed for all those poisoned--Much of that will be long term and terminal? No one, that's who. No one but the families, that is. This is what these profiteers do. They privatize resources, take the money, gut the system, and shrug with a Nothing to see here, move on, and a lame apology. This is playing out over and over here, and globally.