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Michael Bloomberg, American Billionaire Oligarch

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/12/michael-bloomberg-american-billionaire-oligarch

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Someone needs to write up all the ways Bloomberg has/is paying off the “Black Misleadership Class,” people like Nutter, Muriel Bowser, etc etc to try and blot out the stain of his racism and greed. Millions in “charity,” “projects,” money laundered to them through gun control initiatives and charter school campaigns, and direct campaign cash.


The question that must be asked, is not “Is Michael Bloomberg an Oligarch?”

The questions that every single person who has ever voted or considered voting for a Democrat is, "Why is the Democratic party conspiring with the Corporate Media to, 1) Refuse to report accurately the progress of the Bernie Sanders campaign and intentionally create lies and false figures to make Bernie less appealing and qualified to the electorate, and 2) Why is the DNC suddenly changing all the party rules to facilitate a billionaire’s ability to buy his way on the debate stage?

This is political corruption plain and simple and the electorate must not buy into it.


Bloomberg has so much money he doesn’t need Democrats, the DNC, the media, or any other so-called baddies to help him. He’s doing it all on his own.

Also, wouldn’t it be better to have him in debates? I’d rather he get challenged on stage in front of voters than not. He should be challenged in front of voters. Why protect him from other candidates? He’s in a Democratic primary, he ought to participate like they do and demonstrate he can hack it. I’d be upset if progressives helped him skirt a test all candidates go through out of conspiratorial ire at the DNC.


A good long form piece on the Bloomie Death Star:


An oligarch is an oligarch period, no matter what nationality he is (and it is mostly men).

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As a Bernie supporter, I’m very much aware of the increasingly desperate attempt by different agents to stop him from being nominated. This includes mass media, wealth, corporations and his own party. The game is laughably rigged. So why on earth would I want another corporate dem to enter the field by bending the rules for an oligarch, and all his resources to get his shot at Bernie? Funny how it was never explained why Bloomberg received such a pass. He had every opportunity to go through the process like anyone else.

On the other hand, if I was an establishment dem and realized at this time in the primary that MB would be our last, best shot, I’d do everything in my power to accomplish this goal without incriminating myself on say, a lefty website.

The first/mandatory step, of course, is to get him inserted into the process (the debates). A tricky chore since the only way in at this point involves fraud and bribery. Though can it be considered a bribe if the DNC is dying for your participation?

So now that he’s in, how to spin this blatant corruption of the process? Mmmmm… let me think… I got it! Here’s the frame: Mikey can’t hide any longer; he’s got to face the crucible of Bernie’s truths, as he’s exposed for all to see, a bad meanie oligarch. Remove all doubt, let Bernie chew him up. See, the DNC is doing Bernie and the voters a favor by eliminating all the conjecture. It’s the new math, subtraction (Bernie’s chances) by addition! Obviously, once in, we can move on to other subtle strategies as MB pounds away with his millions. But step one had to be secured to make it possible, and then craft a narrative to quell the outrage.

Bloomberg had no way to win the dem nomination without a seat at the debate table. He would’ve had to depend on write-ins or go third party. I hope Bernie’s first three questions when debating Bloomers is, “What the hell are you doing here, who let you in, and WHY?”

Things are getting weirder and weirder as Bernie gains more momentum. To paraphrase sage advice, if you’re not paranoid, you’re not paying attention. I’d advise all to watch for Trojan horses.

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He may not participate in the debates. His strategy going in was to avoid them for the reasons you point out.

I’m with you though he should be in the debates even though whatever media outlet is moderating will almost certainly attempt to shield him.


I’m sure he’d get some softball questions being a wealthy New Yorker steeped in the media circuit. Nevertheless, he ought to face the same challenges as his opponents in front of voters. Debates may be mostly performative, but they are a forum where voters can get a view of candidates under the lights. Candidates that look good on paper, sometimes fade with exposure.

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A Citizens United© candidate.

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Whether it is Bloomberg financing his own campaign or other Dem candidates taking big money to finance their campaigns those candidates will represent the big money interests if elected.

ALL the Democratic candidates are big money candidates.

There is no difference in taking 2000 dollars from one donor in many small contributions or taking 2000 dollars from one donor in one contribution.

Citizens can vote for one of these candidates and guarantee that the choice will be the same in the next election cycle and in perpetuity.

Or they can contact the DNC and the candidates and inform them NOW that they will only be voting for candidates that commit NOW to run a small donor only campaign in the general election (no more than 200 dollars from any one donor) in the primaries and general election.

Just 3% of the 130 million presidential election voters would be about 5 million voters. These 5 million voters averaging 100 dollars in contributions of 200 dollars or less would total around 500 million dollars.

If a candidate making the small donor commitment can’t get 3% of citizens to make a contribution to their campaign then we don’t deserve to get the big money out of politics.

The candidates themselves will not make this change without any incentive.

But millions of citizens coming together and demanding it and enforcing that demand with their votes would provide a powerful incentive.

That is part of the checks and balances that make democracy work.

As long as citizens keep validating candidates taking big money with their votes the candidates will keep taking big money and we will keep getting big money legislators.

Citizens can register at onedemand plus org that they will only vote for small donor only candidates in the primaries and general election in 2020 and will cast a write in vote if there are no small contribution candidates on their ballot to create and demonstrate demand for small donor only candidates and register a vote against the big money candidates on the ballot.

They can start petitions to the DNC to only allow small donor candidates in the debates and contact the candidates letting them know how you will be voting.

Democracy provides the tools. Let’s start using the tools they way they were intended to be used.

Note: Of course, the tools were not available to ordinary citizens and many other citizens right from the start. But many people over the years have fought and sacrificed to change that so we do have the tools available now.

If we don’t start using the tools correctly soon they will no longer be available.

My answer: Because the DNC’s boy Biden was getting too weak and Bernie Sanders the one that was and is an anathema to the DNC was getting too strong.

I think it comes down to Mikey’s Filthy Mouth. As a Naw Yawker, he was born with a sh*ty spoon in his mouth, and his late insults to Trump show he has what it takes to play in that sandbox.

But DO WE WANT ANOTHER TRUMP? No, I didn’t think so…

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