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Michael Cohen and the Devil in the Details


Michael Cohen and the Devil in the Details

Michael Winship

My writer friend Gail, who lives in London but is fluent in all things American, has been closely following our daily travails. We’re in touch often, sharing our mutual, grim, and often bleakly funny stories about Trump here and Brexit there.

Wednesday, just before Michael Cohen began his testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, she messaged me that she had just realized what Cohen was. Summoning her expert command of Yiddish, she decided Cohen was a schnorrer. That’s a follower, a hanger on, a mooch whose neediness verges on pathetic.



Fabulously pithy spot-on statement by Jamie Raskin.



Oh, how Mr. RussiaGater Winship is so adept at sifting through the details so he makes his point instead of unmaking the point he’s been blabbering on and on for the last two years!

Okay, so Winship’s narrative, as is it is for all the mouth pieces of the establishment Democratic Party, is that now Cohen is a great truth teller. Why, Winship tells us:

So we ought to believe that Cohen is just now a very believable truth teller who has everything to gain by being truthful, especially since he now seems to despise Trump like Winship and like the other establishment media (other than most of FOX News and most of rightwing Talk Radio.)

Trump says Winship is lying. But we ought to reject that accusation. He’s not lying. He’s spilling the beans!

…and here’s the man who propelled himself to media stardom by putting the RussiaGater narrative in the mouth of Bill Moyers dismissing the reality that Cohen just demolished the RussiaGate narrative.

He can’t say, “Oh, he’s still lying to protect Trump,” because if he’s still lying than he’s not credible in all this other financial ‘spilled beans’ information, much less when he has these unsubstantiated opinions about Trump not going peacefully if he loses the election.

But he can’t be honest and admit that Cohen said that he has no evidence of collusion. The insider asserts he saw no collusion. The ‘hatchet man,’ whom all the RussiaGaters were convinced had gone to Prague to pay off Russian hackers (on no evidence except the unverifiable Steele dossier that his cell phone was in Prague and lots of Maddowesque speculation that it must have been to engage in collusion,) tells us he never saw collusion and he never went to Prague.

Hmmm. Can’t say he’s lying. But can’t admit this blows a big hole in the narrative I made my career on.

I know!

“Move along, folks, nothing to see here. Look over there! Trump may not go peacefully if he loses the election!!!”

Great, now we can continue to demonize the other Nuclear Super Power and make more money for the Military Industrial Complex in the new cold war.



Michael, your so-called loyalty to Trump, had nothing to do with loyalty…what hogwash! You were not that stupid! Michael you had to know that Trump was a con man, a liar, and a cheat, but it was not your loyalty to Trump; but your loyalty to Trumps filthy lucre that blinded you!

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You pretend that since Cohen knows a lot that he should also know a lot about the Russian business. Why would Trump want Cohen to know EVERYTHING about all his dealings? Give it a few more months and you may very well feel quite foolish.



Cohen is certainly no hero, but I’m glad he’s talking and talking while getting threats from Gambino family.



I hope he doesn’t go quietly. He’ll look better in stripes.



Yes, and by the way what ever happened to Avenati? One has to wonder if he was not threatened in some way as it seems like someone told him to back off!



It was the money that blinded Cohen.

Perhaps some perceived respect from those who paid him, also led to his twisted delusions of Mafioso-Grandeur.

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So people like you have been saying for 26 months.

RussiaGaters are like Second Coming Enthusiasts who keep expecting the Lord to Come back anytime now- all the signs are there- and have been setting dates for the last 180 years that it’s just around the corner.

Well maybe I was wrong. Maybe Winship’s simple dismissal is convincing to some. It obviously worked for you.

Yeah, let’s hope that we have a full blown civil war and almost half the country believes the election was a fraud as their candidate is led away in stripes. Sounds like fun! I mean who cares, the Deep State will just bomb the hell out of fly over country like it does the Middle East. tRump will be in jail and that will satisfy our craving for getting him!

Maybe they’ll put him in a hood and attach jumper cables to his teeny weeny little testicles and shock him too!



It might be remotely possible Micheal Cohen had a conscience before he started working for the Narcissist in Chief.

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You aren’t quite as optimistic a thinker as I. There will never be a civil war again in this country, and especially not over a snake like Trump.

Deep State bombings, well, I don’t see that happening as well.

If it does, I hope that I am directly under the first one dropped as I won’t have any desire to continue living that life.

I do like your jumper cable idea.



Knowing he would spend the next three years in prison, helped him see his love for his family was more important than his love of illegally obtained money and respect from a career criminal family.



You should have dozens and dozens of up votes for your comments. The screw is turning as the msm try to rationalize its coverage these last two and a half years. This was all about Russia and treason when it started, not tax evasion. Isikoff has backed off, his comrade in smear David Corn is trying to do the same, Rachel I understand said this is only the end of the beginning–God help us. This crowd will never admit they were wrong and they will get away with it because they control the narrative. This following is worth posting and reposting. Thanks for your comments.



I hope you are being facetious.

I don’t see how anyone can think that Trump will not not go peacefully if he loses but that won’t lead to a civil war.

If he loses and doesn’t go peacefully, that means he’ll claim he really won and the election was stolen. His gun toting base will believe it too. These are the guys who show up to rallies with automatic weapons blathering about their 2nd Amendment rights. These are the guys who cheer when right wing ranchers take over national wildlife refuges. These are the guys who form militias and spread conspiracy theories about contrails and concentration camps and super highways built to destroy American sovereignty.

If you don’t think the Deep State would bomb such people in rebellion, then you weren’t paying attention to how they dealt with Waco or Ruby Ridge, which weren’t even real threats to the State.

If Trump doesn’t accept the election and doesn’t go peacefully we are in deep shit.

If this is just scare mongering, it is scare mongering of the worst kind.

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Trump didn’t walk away from a “bad deal,” it just demonstrated that wen it comes to negotiating, he and Pompeo are incompetents. H did not want a deal, he wanted capitulation.You have to give a little to get a little. All he hads to do wass to lift one sanction, and North Korea would have reciprocated. What a fool.



Seriously LibWing,

Waco and Ruby Ridge were isolated instances.

Bombing 2/3 of the country who are done with the Donald’s autocratic shit, is not a possibility.

Like I said, if I am wrong, I hope that I am first in line to see St. Peter.



I will never forget how flawed and corrupt Nixon was and won re-election in a land side regardless. Trump will litigate the rest of his term, then the hammer comes down, unless he can buy off enough lawyers and judges.




I’m sending you some better karma, some more optimistic way of thinking about all the fucked up shit going down.

Inasmuch as I believe that the Democrats may refuse to initiate Impeachment hearings all the way up to the 2020 selection, in order to preserve the Duopoly, perhaps as a result of this, more Americans will open their eyes to the Duopoly’s efforts at self-preservation as a corrupt conspiracy to defraud America into thinking they are two distinctly different political parties wanting different things for the country.



The last I saw, Avenati has his own problems, DUI and being sued by his law partners, that may not be all of it, but those things tend to want you to remove yourself from the spotlight. I would think it also killed his asperations for the Presidency also.

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