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Michael Cohen and the Devil in the Details


Michael Avenatti stood up to money, and got slapped down.

American injustice.


Maybe so, but the DUI didn’t help his case either.


DUI’s can be a good thing ReconFire. I got one in 1988. I was drinking like an alcoholic. The DUI may have saved my life.

There’s much more to the story. I’ll save that for another day.


Oh I agree, mine in the early 80’s stopped me from drinking like a fish, but in the world of politics, or popular opinion, not so good.


I had one also in the late seventies. I didn’t quit til things got worse. Then I quit for twenty years, smoking too. Then started up again for 10-12 years and 98% quit this time. Only drink at the casino. Smoke very little, but very often. No booze has helped my a-fib a lot.

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