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Michael Copps Thinks Trump Trying to Put FCC Out of Business


Michael Copps Thinks Trump Trying to Put FCC Out of Business

Michael Winship

Michael Copps is a former FCC commissioner who at one point served as acting chair of the Federal Communications Commission. A former deputy assistant and assistant secretary of commerce, he holds a PhD in United States history, is one of our most articulate public interest advocates and currently leads the Media and Democracy Reform Initiative at Common Cause.

"They're trying to get rid of every rule and regulation they ever had that had to do with broadcast, they don't want anything to do with net neutrality and an open Internet."



The founders of this nation, flawed men living in flawed times, developed a brilliant system of government by which progress could be made rather than flaws permanently entrenched. The parties that have “celebrated” the Constitution (in an Orwellian fashion) the most despises all paths to progress. The Republicans and Corporate Democrats have sold out the People and can no longer hide their tracks. However, such would be easier if they are successful in their attempts to eviscerate the FCC (and related enterprises/traditions). This must be recognized as violence. Seriously. Just because blood is not being immediately shed does not mean that action is not violent. There is and has been since the inception of this nation a war against progress. Hoping for Change ain’t going to cut it, although that narrative did serve 44 fairly well. The founders did not guarantee progress, but did facilitate it. Perhaps Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty is thirsty.

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