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Michael Flynn and the 6 Big Questions


Yes .. I just posted the concerns by DoJ that the Logan Act might have been violated.

Could you be more specific about the intelligence assets Russia is losing and how that came about? And more specifically what does that have to do with Flynn's resignation? How does Putin's loss of intelligence assets have anything to do with Flynn's resignation? That sounds like nonsense to me.


As I understand it, the specific advice from the then acting AG to WH counsel was that Flynn could have made himself open to blackmail, probably because of Logan Act exposure. That's not a good position for our top Security hand.


It's our Russian assets Putin's purging. Once the US began conducting counter intelligence on members of the Trump campaign, Putin began purging his tech intelligence services. Obviously, you or I are missing pieces of the story here, but European journalists take it as a given the reason is because Putin did in our country what he has done in places like Poland and Hungary. A key element is you divide the opponents of the guy you want in power while supporting him. Our intelligence began leaking about not trusting the White House and the NSC for a reason. The intelligence services didn't trust Flynn. They thought he might be a mole and were watching him. It's not clear they trust the White House either though.


Aha. That wasn't clear.

See - I don't buy that. At least I haven't seen any evidence to support those allegations. Yes, Putin supported Trump, but the damning leaks that targetted HRC and the DNC were from within the DNC. They were not hacks by Russians or anyone else. I believe Binney & McMurray on that one. In point of fact these allegations seem more like a projection of how the US operates to divide and conquer by exacerbating cultural fissures as they did in Iraq and Ukraine, for instance.

True - the Deep State and the DC establishment see detente with Russia as anathema to their diabolical plans for hegemony, for more weapon sales, for keeping the US population in fear of the Russians, etc.


Well, everything I keep reading indicates more and more to me that Putin is purging his tech intelligence services for a reason, and it ain't for fun or because of internal DNC leaks. It's because someone was talking to our intelligence services. I also think some on the Left, like Jill Stein, were made useful idiots by Putin. He invited her to dine at the RT dinner and meet with he and Kazakhstan's dictator in 2014 for a reason. Russia's dissident Green leaders, forced to leave the country, were appalled at her clueless behavior. Reinhard Bütikofer, Green Party parliament representative from Germany, called her out for her nonsense. But hey, what do these people know?


I'm not at all clear what your point is, or what it has to do with Flynn's resignation.


Nothing happens to right wing Republicans. Left wing Democrats get shot in the head or die in plane crashes. Haven't you learned anything?


Delusional, as Usual.


NYT is publishing an article headlined, "Intercepted calls show members of the [djt] campaign had repeated contact with Russian intelligence before the election," citing 3 US intel officers.


The connection between Trump and the Russians might be the only issue that the Democrats have to divide Trump from the Republicans. It appears this issue is really gaining steam which suggests that the ability of Trump to count on support from Republicans in Congress may be numbered. The Republicans have been unable to draw the line on racism, xenophobia, fascism, sexual assault, etc, but Trump may have gone too far in this relationship with Russia, whatever it turns out to be. Republicans took a very hard line against the Soviet Union and they have been tough when it comes to present day Russia under Putin.


Why would this not be treason? If we find out (and find out early enough) that the Trump campaign up to the top worked with the Russians to interfere with the US election, the question might not be impeachment but treason for all involved.

What would happen if we find that members of the Trump campaign right up to Trump colluded with the Russian government in interfering with the US election? Then we don't have to worry about a President Pence do we?

Any constitutional lawyer who can run the scenarios?


I dunno. President Ryan?


Here are questions that I hope Professor Reich will answer:



You or me?


The reports, and know very little about them, is not that putin is losing intelligence assets but that he is taking out persons he believes became assets for the US or others. Or simply leaked. There is some history of people displeasing putin in that manner being killed.


That NYTimes article--the whole situation really--is frightening. Obviously, people in our intelligence agencies have information on the president and his people that is problematic. Here's the key quote:

"American law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted the communications around the same time they were discovering evidence that Russia was trying to disrupt the presidential election by hacking into the Democratic National Committee, three of the officials said. The intelligence agencies then sought to learn whether the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians on the hacking or other efforts to influence the election."

The article says they didn't find evidence of collusion on the hacking, but I bet we are going to hear more soon about what they did find. Putin's purge of his tech intelligence guys is an obvious attempt to find those responsible for talking to our intelligence agencies. Put that together with intelligence agencies' fear of sharing information with the NSC and White House, and I almost wonder if we are seeing some reprisal for losing those sources.

Maybe this is all cloak-and-dagger nonsense, but we need an investigation of our president and the people around him. There's absolutely no reason we shouldn't see the President's tax returns so we can get a real sense of his loyalties. This situation demands it. If he owes foreign governments, and reporting says he's deeply in dept to Russia and China, we need to know whether or not he's seeking his own interests or protecting ours.


Such gross hypocrisy, contact with Russia. Who cares ? Russia is not an enemy, the pentagon is. When Bush, Poppy, flew to Paris surreptitiously, to arrange an arms for money deal with Iran before the '80 election the purpose was to hold the hostages until after the election. Carter lost to Reagan because he looked weak. This was a criminal act. No prosecutions. Now even if Flynn spoke to Russian ambassador there was no influence on election. The DNC emails were gotten by Assange from a source within the DNC. The zios are behind this smear.


Good post. But only some of them didn't trust Flynn. For example FBI, who's retired men make up Trump's Private Security instead of just SS, seem to be on Trump's side, as they launched a damaging "investigation" on Hillary Clinton just days before the election, and concluded it just days before the election. Since when has an investigation been concluded in a week? That's impossible. The government doesn't move that fast.

See-Eye-Aye, on the other hand, is Bush-family, as their family lawyer Allen Dulles started it from OSS after WWII. The Houston Spook Center is the "George Bush See-Eye-Aye Center" for Christ's Sake! It says so right on the freeway sign. Poppy Bush hates Trump for making a fool of his son in the national televised Republican debate. Trump said "Maybe [your Mama] should run" (instead of you bush.) Jeb broke down saying what a nice person mommie was. And indeed, in the morning he was hiding behind her at the press conference.

You just couldn't make up chit like this if you tried!


Josh Marshal's been following that thread for a while, the New York FBI office. He did a really good rundown during the election of Giuliani's appearances on Fox, how he seemed to have information at times that clearly emminated from there. We also have Comey's unusual behavior too and the possibility some of it may have been forced on him. The latter one is tough to really say though.

It's fashionable for us to talk about the military industrial complex and a lot of other stuff, but I think the explanation for what we are seeing this time is simple--intelligence agencies do not trust the White House. They think the White House told the Russians who was giving them intelligence information--wrecked their sources--and they obviously have a good idea about the interplay between Trump's campaign and Russian intelligence. Right now, some of these people are risking a lot to tell us what they know.

Keep in mind, the President could clear his intentions up tomorrow. He could put his businesses in a truly blind trust and release his tax returns so we have a concrete idea of how much money he owes people. He does that and things look good like he says they are, we'll have a stronger idea about intelligence agencies intentions, whether they are just opposed to Trump's foreign policy etc. But I think we all know that ain't going to happen.


Yes, you are right.

That's not going to happen. Trump's grandfather ran "hotels" in Canada and was thrown out since they were really brothels. Mail Order Brides on the tax return? Would the American people understand? Hey, everybody is doing it on Wall Street these days. From Russia with Love! Russian Hookers in Trump Penthouses? Who would have guessed? Probably half our Senators are up there staring in pornos (whether they know it or not!)

I thought the Russian Pee Party was going to sink him, but it just didn't stick.

He's clearly in trouble with "the company", that's for sure. Leak, leak, leak. Every day he gets tougher with Russia. This may not end well.