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Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, and the Logan Act


Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, and the Logan Act

Richard Silverstein

What Flynn's guilty plea has to do with lying about Trump sabotage of Security Council Resolution against Israel settlements


This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The number of crimes that this group have been involved in, would make even Linda Blairs head spin around.


Tell you one thing, Rachel Maddow is Lyndon LaRouche, only for liberals.


Don’t expect Dems to make a stink about this, since the stench of Palestinian corpses envelops them as much as their “rivals”.


IMHO, many of us on CD – both contributors and commenters – are guilty of similar errors (like the one cited below).  Awl are spill chequers hour they’re too due is two make shore weather thee wrung wort mite naught bee spelt rite . . .

I certainly hope Kushner IS in Mueller’s sights, and that Tweetle-Dumb is cited for his violation of the Logan Act (among numerous other crimes over the passed several decades).


Lol…agreed! The errors in articles and postings make me crazy.

My dad, who was a journalism major in college, a high school journalism teacher, an English teacher in graduate classes, and a very strict grammarian to us kids, once applied for a proofreading and editing job by submitting a satirical piece like yours…:joy:. No, he didn’t get that job…

I’d be glad to do such work for these newsletters and get paid, but alas…no takers.


That’s “air oars”, Toni, not “errors” — and don’t you forget it!!       :wink:

p.s.  I heartily disagree with grammarians who insist that the comma following “oars” (above) should precede the double quote.  I’m not trying to emphasize the comma, but to use the comma to separate the word “oars” from the word “Toni”.   I.E., “That is the sort of arrogant pedantry up with which I shall not put.”   (Or did ‘The Old Man’ say “pedantic arrogance”?  I honestly don’t remember.)


Change of plans i guess… it’s Israel they colluded with now?


I learned a long, embarrassing, time ago to not have automatic spellcheck and correction. I just let spellcheck notify me of a possible error. I’ll correct it myself. Also, I try to reread every article or comment before hitting send or a final save. Takes a few minutes, but has sure saved me some embarrassment. Spell check does not correct errors in grammar or tense. :wink:


I have always found it so ironic that it is Republicans who always try to make the case that they are the patriotic ones while attempting to pass off the Democrats as communist sympathizers or worse and yet this is the third time in my lifetime that the Republicans have been found to have conspired with our enemies in order to win an election. Of course, I am referring to Nixon’s dealings with the North Vietnamese while President Johnson was attempting to end that war during the 1968 election cycle–effectively extending the war for another five years just to end up with essentially the same deal that Johnson was working on–and Ronald Reagan’s dealings with the Iranian hostage-takers during the final months of President Carter’s administration, extending the hostage stay until January 20th, 1980, when Reagan assumed the presidency. In neither case did the Logan Act come into play, but I’m sure that if the shoe had been on the other foot Republicans would not have hesitated to charge conspiring Democrats with it.


Nor does it correct errors in singular vs plural, etc., etc. What’s even worse is the illogical nature of some of the grammatical “rules”, or customs (such as my example, above, concerning the comma and double-quote).   (The preceding sentence is also an example:  when an entire sentence is enclosed in parentheses, IMHO the period should be placed prior to the last parenthesis, but if only a phrase at the end of a sentence is parenthetical then the period – since it ends the entire sentence, not just the phrase – should follow the closing parenthesis.)


The author Richard Silverstein is the kind of Jew who stood beside me as the best man at my wedding. I love them, and to the same extent and for the same reasons, I hate the Netanyahus who betray their wonderful heritage.


Sometimes I use a scholarly premise to understand the original establishment of the Jewish faith and settlement of Israel. Please don’t take it as anti-Semitic. It’s a scholar’s hypothesis. After wandering in the desert for 40 years and given the 10 Commandments, especially “Thou shalt not kill,” God promised the people of Israel all the land of Canaanites, Hittites, Philistines, if they would kill ‘all’ its inhabitants and livestock. Perhaps God was hoping the Israelites would first consider that specific Commandment and say “No.” Perhaps God did not give up on the Israelites because they couldn’t bring themselves to kill every inhabitant? Perhaps God is determining whether Israel is today again failing to understand the difference between right and wrong, between what is humane and what is profane?


SFAIK, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” applies not to all people, but – as with our close relatives, the chimpanzees – only to members of one’s own tribe (often considered the only REAL people; all outsiders are – by definition – sub-human).  Once identified as ‘other’, outsiders are fair game — and the more ‘other’-ly, the fairer the game . . .

"Fight Ignorance, Superstition and Over-Population — Abort a Funny-Dementalist Today!! "

Or, since we’re talking about Tweetle-Dumb & Associates here, "They HANG Traitors, Don’t They? "

And expanding to all members of ‘our’ government, "Too many Politicians, not enough Guillotines . . . "


In other words, you don’t believe in justice and don’t care whether the punishment fits the crime. What did the Canaanites, Hittites and Philistines do to the wandering people of Israel? Answer: Nothing, therefore they did not deserve to be attacked and killed. So too today’s Palestinians didn’t deserve to be forced out of their towns and settlements by an invading army ‘pretending’ to be doing God’s work.


Not me, Wellan, but – according to your quote – God.  At least the false God created by the people of Israel (along with all of the other false gods created by the various tribes over the centuries, most of whom appar-
ently have the same high standard of justice that applies only to fellow members of their “chosen” tribe).