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Michael Moore Aims to Dissolve Trump's "Teflon Shield" With "Fahrenheit 11/9"


Michael Moore Aims to Dissolve Trump's "Teflon Shield" With "Fahrenheit 11/9"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The moviemaking team behind Fahrenheit ‪9/11 has reunited for Fahrenheit 11/9, Michael Moore's latest documentary whose producers hope will "dissolve Trump's 'Teflon' shield and, in turn, his presidency."


Common Dreams sure does provide a lot of free advertising for Michael Moore and the Weinsteins...doesn't Moore know that melted Teflon creates poison gas?

I would love to see Michael Moore and Trump settle this like the grown-ups they are: set them up with loincloths on the Sumo wrestling mat, mano a mano- mountain of flesh vs Teflon turd. May the best loudmouth win :wink:.


Actually, Trump does NOT have a teflon shield. I think Mike's wrong on this.
Trump's credibility is being steadily eroded. He's still standing only because his supporters are blinded by hatred and racism and drooling at the thought of the wall, the travel ban, etc. They can;t wait for it to happen.
They are excited that they are willing to completely ignore everything else about him.
Trump was right about one thing...he can walk down 5th Avenue in new York City and shoot someone in broad daylight and he wont lose any of his supporters. They are that gullible and blind and...may be dumb (I dare say).
America has reached its nadir...just like the Roman Empire. But again, what goes up, must come down. May be Trump's claim to fame will be that he single-handedly brought down an empire.


We're not even close...to the bottom


and Trump is right about the corporate media but his hatred is for his own best interest and mine(ours) is that they really don't represent the interest of the people but their own self interest of lining their pockets with monies from coal,oil, gas and rich oligarchs across the globe.

First get money out of politics and at same time take our airwaves back from the oligarchs as nothing will change until that happens. The oligarchs will never talk about Michael Moore's movies.



The ills of our country go far beyond Trump. We must get to the root and turn things around from it.The ills of our country are based on inequality both financially and socially. It is capitalism out of control and it is unsustainable. Both parties have nurtured this downward spiral since Reagan set it into motion. Trump is but a symptom of the national disease. Treating the symptom is a superficial and brief relief. Only getting to the cause can we create the cure.


Okay, Roger and Me was a fun romp down memory lane about the abandonment of Flint MI by GM. Then there was Bowling for Columbine which was a seriously good commentary on the US fascination with fire arms. And then...? MM's movies since then resemble Sylvester Stallone's Rocky and Rambo non-animated cartoon movies. Michael has become an obese, middle aged, junior high school brat. MM needs to view Oliver Stone's and John Pilger's movies/documentaries if he wants to go beyond where he has been stuck for the past 20 years.


Yeah sure Mike. Cluck.

You will get minor distribution, as usual (not your fault entirely). Your grandiosity in self promotion will prove typical, and in the end you won't openly challenge Nancy Pelosi and other corporate Democrats for opposing impeachment.


Agree to some extent with your critique of MM, but Pilger gas a huge Trump love blind spot.


Such as Pence?


What hype.


But hopefully, the gradient is increasing.


We'll see...


Trump's, and his "administration's" credibility is indeed fading; but the House and Senate will keep him in office until they get what they want out of him. They've already gotten a stolen Supreme Court appointment. When the risk/reward ratio changes for the worse, Trump is either a one-termer, or a target for impeachment.


The dump Trump crowd fails to realize that those in the wings, Pence, Ryan, are as bad, or worse, because the do know how Washington works.


Exactly. Trump is the symptom. The cause is much deeper, much more pervasive and deep-rooted. He was brought forth from the infertile yet malignant soil of racism and ignorance, just to name a couple.


That's funny- good one!!
(Burn Teflon over 400 degrees, and it does create invisible toxic gas.)


Oh, I'm pretty sure that the commenters here know about the potential horrors of a Pence or a Ryan or any other potential idiot in the wings...
In my perfect fantasy they all would go down; the R's, the hideous Twitler cabinet, the southern saltine AG, the dickhead supremes, the bank$ter cabals, the oily-garchs, hell, all of 'em.
But alas, I lack superpowers to vaporize them and of course, I worry about karmic blow back, hahahahaha. Damn it.


That's MM. He's said some insightful things but the Cheney era film, Sicko?, rallied the right wing voters and backfired on Gop opponents.