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Michael Moore and Naomi Klein on Resisting Donald Trump as Protests Erupt Ahead of Inauguration

Michael Moore and Naomi Klein on Resisting Donald Trump as Protests Erupt Ahead of Inauguration

Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! broadcast our daily show live from WHUT on the campus of the historically black university, Howard University in Washington, D.C., less than four hours before Donald Trump became the nation’s 45th president. Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by almost 3 million votes, but he managed to win the Electoral College. He takes office as the least popular incoming president in at least a generation.

M.M. claims Vegas odds on Trump surviving for more than 6 months, are: 4:1. Gosh that high!

Who, exactly, has conspired to turn the U.S. into a neo-impoverished, plutocrat-led, environmental catastrophe creating, militarized, privatized, gangster-state? And, as Rob Urie says ‘…there is nary a mirror in front of national Democrats to be found.’
So, who or what in the world is responsible for the outcome ?

  • Or better asked, what can we expect from those whose reflections are distorted by the narcissism of democracy & anthropocentrism, and those whose visions are obscured by the delusions of a hierarchic, linear paradigm?

How can we continue with this belief system, a monocultural idea which has corrupted all our neurocognitive functions, and is now controlling our entire perception of reality ? According to C.G. Jung, we are dealing here with a serious mental disease which behaves like a virus or meme, a social contagion which has spread, not only lateral, thru societies, but also vertical, thru generations.
Today’s social-eco-nomic situation is reflecting the symptoms of a widespread & deep-rooted mental disease
rather than a political misjudgment which can be fixed with our current mental capacity.

So, how much can we do with a compromised collective-consciousness,
a totally dismantled #SocialEmotionalIntelligence and the ignorance of arrogance ?
Since our economical thinking has nothing to do with its ecologic fundamentals, real education is lacking,
and conditioned behavior can not comprehend reflections, we need to wake-up before we stumble into
the next disaster.
So, what exactly is the vision here ?

everything you stated is a result of the media consolidation signed by Slick Willie…the Telecommunications Act of 1996. 6 media companies propagandize the masses. We have become Pravda !

The Republicans stole this election through voter suppression, as reported by Greg Palast.


They rigged the 2000 and 2004 elections, too.