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Michael Moore for President


Michael Moore for President

Michael Moore

This article is part of The Nation’s 150th Anniversary Special Issue. Download a free PDF of the issue, with articles by James Baldwin, Barbara Ehrenreich, Toni Morrison, Howard Zinn and many more, here.


This is actually one of Moore’s better pieces. I wonder how many readers are going to take it at face value.



Moore has just crafted the 28th Amendment to the Constitution.

“If there is a call for war, and if we are to invade another nation, I will declare as commander in chief that the first to be sent into combat must be the conscripted adult offspring of all members of Congress, the president and the president’s cabinet (and then, in order, the children of the CEOs of the Fortune 500, all military contractors and the top media executives).”


All well and good, but will he and “The Nation” cave to the PTB when push comes to shove, and cave into the demand to support Hillary as the Dem. nominee? If they truly want real change they will swear, like I have, to never, ever support or cast a vote for the other half of Wall Street’s favorite political sell-out couple, the Clintons. Run Bernie, run!


Michael Moore for President

Well, hats off firstly to Mike for some excellent suggestions, but Mike they " the Elite" would never ever let you get past point 2… so at best its s nice whimsy, a fantasy .
Yes these are valid excellent changes, they are possible, but thats assuming the USA is a Democracy…otherwise its pure…


Unless you want to die " al la Kennedy or a la Michael Hastings or al la Senator Paul Wellsone

You want change, the whole Dems/ Repugs system has to be torn down, recycled and melted
A good step would be to move the countries capital to say Dorrance , Kansas.
And end all " corporate funding " political parties…

Yeah I know… when Hell freezers over…until then…this is pure delusion and fantasy.

Otherwise…nice sentiments Mike, you have a nice day as well.


You forget that we already had one candidate who ran against wars, reducing the military budget and universal healthcare. That is why he got elected. Americans are easily fooled. So why should we believe another one running on those same principles?


Hmmm… interesting concept - criteria for for filing as a corporation and for elected office - conscription of the first born of all principals.


Michael’s got my vote!! If he were president, I’d be proud to identify myself as an American while traveling in other countries (I usually say I’m Canadian).


Because Michael’s been telling his truth for evah!!


Yowza! What can we do to help get you elected?


Given the clown posse already assembled, why not include Michael Moore?


I believe it was the Battle of Flodden in 1513, in which Jamie 4 of Scotland was killed, that ended the thitherto-standard practice of the king leading his forces into battle.

So I’d suggest that Moore’s got it a little wrong and it’s Smedley Butler’s prescription we should follow: it should be the officeholders themselves as well as their offspring, who should immediately be conscripted for the duration, their places taken at home by their assistants. The prez, the congresscreatures, the Chief Injustice, the cabinet, and all general officers should become Private E1 Infantry for the duration.

If nothing else, it would convince the assistants never to promote war.


That might make things worse for you (see Bill C-51).


You bet he will. Moore always winds up being a shill for the Dems. Oh, and for himself most of all. And “The Nation” will hang their banner high for Killary too. KVH makes her living promoting the Dems.


If God had meant for us to vote He would have given us candidates.


This is pretty funny and somewhat inspirational. However, in order for me to vote for any populist anti-war radical, he or she would have to take a stand against the privatization of public assets and services, and for the restoration of our commonwealth.

Also, no independent political candidate will ever get elected by taking a stand against the private ownership of hand guns, rifles or semi-automatic weapons. So you might as well forget it. Ain’t gonna happen. People have a constitutional right to protect themselves and their families. The illegal use of guns should be prosecuted to the fullest. Background checks for all.

The adoption of neoconservative libertarian policies is what has thoroughly rotted both the Republican and Democratic Parties, and made them virtually indistinguishable from one another. This began with the1980 October Surprise election of “The Gipper.” See Robert Parry’s excellent investigative archive on subject.

The Libertarian Party and libertarian think tanks have functioned less in taking political power through elections than through the spread of Ayn Rand’s cult propaganda of individualism and greed. With libertarian Ronald Reagan and then “NAFTA Bill” Clinton, "East Liverpool " Al Gore, & Rahm Emanuel’s Democratic Leadership Council, and their corporate pimping of the Democratic Party, there is now total bipartisan allegiance to Wall Street and the TBTF Banks. Bipartisan politics rotten to the core.

So, any rogue candidate that would ever get my vote would have to take the following positions along with supporting the Second Amendment right to bear arms and defending and restoring The Commons:

  1. Not be a candidate of either the Republican or Democratic Parties.
  2. Support public campaign financing and not take any corporate funding.
  3. Support a federal law to uphold Truth in Advertising, Public Relations and Electoral Campaigning. Corporate propaganda, misinformation and lies would be punished by removing access to OUR public air waves.
  4. Support the restoration of the Fairness Doctrine allowing equal time for opposing views on any public or private media. Refusal to comply leads to the loss of corporate charters and access to public airwaves.
  5. Full support for all federal conservation and environmental laws through full funding of the EPA, US Fish & Wildlife Service and other federal agencies empowered to protect our air, water and public lands.
  6. Full support for a 90% War Profits Tax, along with progressive taxation on the highest income earners and financial transactions tax on every stock trade. (Michale Moore got this one right - 70% tax for the oligarchs.
  7. Full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on every proposed military action.
  8. An end to support for NSA, CIA and FBI illegal surveillance and prosecution of War Crimes committed by presidents, military officers and Private Military Contractors past and present.
  9. End to the War on Drugs, full decriminalization of drug use to destroy the black market and crime associated with drug trade.
  10. Support public investment in solar, wind, geothermal and tidal energy development and public banking in every state.

How’s that for a start? Boycott these two crooked Wall Street parties and the 2016 presidential election unless a new movement / party evolves before then to identify a viable independent candidate. All activism should focus on building a Grass Roots Movement to take back political power by throwing a wrench into The Cynical DemoPublican Machine.

All Power to The People. And Have a Nice Day!


really gop give me a break hopefully democrats taken back from oligarchs friends the clintons and worst war monger jeb bush.


that would stop war in its track the chicken hawks would want peace.


if we vote correctly the elite could be stopped dead in there tracks vote like your life depended upon it. America way to aggressive especially nato arming clintons oligarchs in ukraine.


god have not seen hide hair of jesus almost two thousand years.whose god