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Michael Moore Highlights Growing Call to Disrupt Trump's Inauguration


Michael Moore Highlights Growing Call to Disrupt Trump's Inauguration

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The call to disrupt President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration is growing with the help of documentary filmmaker and activist Michael Moore, who on Wednesday tweeted a grassroots group's plans for direct actions on January 20, 2017.


Why announce plans for disruption? Play the game like T-dump, plan and organize under the radar. There will be disruption despite all actions taken by the NPS, police, national guard, and other militaristic outfits to quell the unrest. Our voices will be heard at home and around the world. This evil incarnate and his Igor have to be STOPPED!


Stupid, stupid, stupid. You don't disrupt an inaugeration because you lost an election. You buckle down and win the next. Leftists again demonstrate that they don't actually believe in democracy. A belief Trump and his followers are eager to exploit.


All those 2.7 million who didn't vote for little hissy trump need to be in DC for this shamuration -- to HELL with the orange shirts prepping for us!


I would have rather seen such protests during the Obama presidency objecting to endless war and/or drone warfare and the failure to prosecute banksters, etc. I'm glad people are upset, but disrupting an inauguration seems somewhat pointless.


I agree, but good luck to that. However, it doesn't hurt to try. Remember Bush was installed by Jeb and the supreme court despite Gore winning the popular vote. This is unprecented however.


I don't think we can afford the next four years of insanity.


I do agree, but people also have to stand for the good rather than against as well. How about talking to people in general, stay involved with community, volunteer etc, and help those who are neediest- the ones that these tyrants want to throw to the wind.


So now you count yourself among the Hillary voters? The 2.7 million votes she received over Trump? Why don't you be honest and count yourself among 1.5 million Stein voters and take all your asses there for a reactionary and self destructive confrontation with an equal number of Trump supporters? Your goal was to beat Hillary. You won. Cut the act.


You mean work?


Hillary......More people wanted you, but still you lost.
Now you know how Bernie and his supporters feel.


We bought it, we pay the price. Move forward.


Bernie and his supporters voted for Hillary. Are those the people your talking to?


And now Stein is on Hillary's team -- politics sure do make strange bedfellows ...


Well, let's see. The Lincoln Memorial is barricaded and people are barred from approaching it, from way before the crowning to way after it. I'm sure the Jefferson Memorial will get the same treatment. That happened a while back and people were arrested for doing a few dance steps near the memorial.
* It would not surprise me that, after dirtying the pages of the Washington Bible with his filthy paws, his first act may be to burn the original copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and present the Empire with a calligraphed copy of the illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act, inscribed on 1,150 pages of parchment as the official Rule and Guide of the Fourth Reich. I can see it now, the inaugural parade led by the rearmed Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party. Perhaps even snipers on the rooftops picking off "UnAmerican Protestors" of the new regime that are in the small crowd.
* In the 1940's, we and the rest of the world threw the lives of a generation into getting rid of this same thing, which we thought was ended with the death of Hitler and Mussolini.
* Now, in the second decade of the new century, we are seeing a replay. Will anyone rise up to stop it? So far, no luck.


I was going to say pointless also. But I think it's worse than pointless. I do believe there will be occasions for people to take to the streets. That is not a political strategy however.


Not on the team. I think a whole lot of the money she has raised will stay in accounts she controls. The recounts are a stunt. The time for strange bed fellows was during the election.

So I guess you and the other Stein folks won't be doing battle on the steps of the capitol 1/20?


I think you are confusing or conflating vigorous, disruptive mass civil-disobedient dissent, with a coup-d'état attempt. Recall the vigorous protests against Bush - starting with his inauguration? Did that hurt any Democrat's chances? The way to change people's minds is through high-visibility mass dissent that leads the Trump supporters to question why they went against so many of their brothers and sisters (literally in the case of my large family).

I was at the disruptions of Bush's inaugural parade in 2001. I probably won't make this one though. Wife is having surgery. But this action is "getting legs" like I haven't seen since global action of Feb. 15, 2003.

If you live in Pittsburgh, a one-day bus is being organized here:

A multi-day trip with v. basic sleeping space (church sanctuary floor) provided - leaving Thu afternoon and coming back Saturday evening after the Women's March the next day (and only $15!) is here:


I would assume the Green Party is ecstatic that Hillary Clinton and the center left lost. Except for electing Jill Stein that was their main goal. The bumper sticker Green Party line was that Trump was no worse than Clinton maybe even not as bad. Now Hillary can't start a nuclear war as they claimed they feared.


I find your opinion to be strange - because nobody was saying this in 2001 - everybody supported vigorous protests at Bush's inauguration - including Nader voters like myself. I see a note of resignation in your comment.

But yes, not continuing the vigorous protest of Bush's so-called "War of Terror" through the Obama's continuation of it was tragic Blame lies in the sold-out United for Peace and Justice - and on the failure of the left to build an alternate organization to continue the actions. ANSWER tried, but turnouts were very poor.