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Michael Moore Provides 'Reality Check,' Warning Swing State Polls Signal Trump Could Pull Off Electoral Victory in November

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/30/michael-moore-provides-reality-check-warning-swing-state-polls-signal-trump-could

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I remember Michael’s prognostication from 2016 and I know that he has never forgotten from whence he came. I drove through quite a bit of Michigan a couple of years ago throughout the UP, down to Traverse City, and then across the state and through Cadillac and down to Detroit. There is a whole lot of everything there. Jump ball as I would say back in my basketball days. Biden can’t jump higher if he doesn’t make it to center court in time for the toss. The Orange Blob might just stand there flat-footed and let the ball fall into his tiny hands. Michael is on the ball on this one.


Here the reason this becomes a reality.

Both the DNC since Clinton and the Republicans have moved far to the right. The Democrats indicated they deliberately court the right because they feel those votes more telling then those cast by the left. Given the Republicans and Democrats both go after the same voter (Right wing Conservatives) there fewer voters to go around . The fewer votes to go around , the greater the volatility.

Yeah Trump can win. The Democrats made sure of that just as they made sure of it in 2016 when both times they offered right wing (republican) Candidates for President. When you fight over the same vote this is bound to happen.


Methinks the Democrat power structure is just fine with the covidiot winning again because all those ho’s have been making a financial killing with him in office so they really aren’t interested in putting ‘their’ candidate in power.


Only if you vote by ideology rather than actual agenda where the facts are actually known.

Just like Liberty College, and their deposed president, no one voted for a pervert but that is who represents them. Additionally, the student admissions are another blunder of considerable magnitude.

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It sure looks like that, as the days go by with Biden & Harris nowhere in sight. They’ve got nowhere to go because they have nobody to stand with. Historic demonstrations gripping the whole country, and the Dims are so astonishingly dim they can’t think of anything to do, anywhere to go, anything to talk about.

Partly because of that huge motorcycle rally, USA has fresh peaks in the COVID outbreaks of seven states: Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, and South Dakota. (Based on the 7-day running avgs. from CDC):


Some of these new spikes rose up very recently, as if data sat in a holding pattern until after the Republican convention. Some heartland states are getting hard hits from COVID right after much of Iowa was flattened by a derecho storm (a lateral hurricane, essentially).

These misfortunes in the wake of that motorcycle rally carry ominous portents for those who crowded onto the White House lawn to attend Orangeman’s imperial crowning rituals. Remember Herman Cain? He’s now setting up a pizza concession in heaven (or somewhere), especially for covidiot fatalities. This could have electoral implications, if it’s still illegal for dead people to vote.


They will just get a robot to take Cain’s place. Try reincarnating as a robot and then figure out who has the remote.

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The motorcycle rally you’re talking about is the annual Sturgis competition – where men are boys who have never grown up?
Concerning the spikes in covid-19 and that idiot orangubrat crowning – what I truly do not understand is after all the times he’s been in close proximity to people who have gotten it is what keeps him from catching it. The ideal situation would be for him to be asymptomatic and simply go to bed one night and wake up facing his good friends Herman Cain and Jeffrey Epstein in that pizza oven way down south.


I’m reminded of the joke: Why is a military coup impossible in the US? Because there’s no US embassy there. His Pestilence can’t catch it because he is it – that’s my somewhat metaphysical explanation.


Every negative thought and comment gives strength to that negative frequency. Trump must be removed. People are angry. We will vote in droves! to oust this louse. Think like that.


Thats what they want.

"Fuck Donald Trump."

Oh, and while you’re at it,

"Fuck Joe Biden."

Power to the "Movement For The People’s Party."

Inspiration for this comment provided by Tim Black from the People’s Convention 2020.

Go to ~peoplesparty.org~ to join the fight for the People’s Rights.


I’m looking for a big Covid spike here in St Clair County, on the US-Canadian border. We had a very large Trump rally, TillaTrump, a couple weeks ago,both on land and on the River. No masks. All crowded together, from St Clair up to Marysville. Of course, no one will tell us the truth if we do get a massive spike. Worst of all, many members came from all over, even out of state. A Super-Spreader event.
I agree with Mr. Moore, Trump will win again. His followers have lost any connection to others or to society. It’s their way, all the time. Wear a mask? Fuck you. You’re messing with my liberty. One way aisles in stores. Again, I don’t need no rules. Social distancing? It’s to the point where they’re invading ordinary personal space, not just the six foot rule.
The noise level has increased exponentially with boy toys roaring 24/7. Motorcycles, big pickup trucks ignoring normal traffic laws. Pedestrians don’t have a chance around here because we have few sidewalks. If you’re blind…hell, you’re roadkill. I know I’m venting here, but a big pickup truck drove right in front of me in a crosswalk. Another’s ass end blocked a sidewalk, so I bashed it with my cane.
Watch what little is left of any sense of responsibility to others end these next two months. The hunters are out, given their orders to go after anyone who Trump hates. The new Brownshirts. This is also happening in heartland Ohio. And Indiana. Downstate Illinois. Surprised at Minnesota, though.
As for Covid not getting Trump…it’s called professional courtesy. Like sharks and lawyers.


It breaks my heart once again, to have to agree with yo;u.


Moore should just shut up. After his right wing debacle “Planet of the Humans” last year, he has lost all credibility with many of us on the left. Just go sip wine in one of your mansions Michael and have another Big Mac. We really don’t need your opinion


Someday you may well wake up to the reality of what is happening. Blaming Michael Moore for telling the truth is self defeating. Both parties are to blame for our ongoing dystopian future. Even Moore wouldn’t go far enough to call out the Democrats for their own evil ways. So you should actually like the guy.


Planet of the Humans was not the truth. And yes I will vote for the lesser of two evils, Joe Biden


Maybe it’s truly a Samson moment ?

Very few seem happy with the way things are, or have been.

Half don’t even vote.

If a majority of the half that do vote pull the pin, well - duck.

Planet of the Humans was startling - even for me.

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“Think like that” will not create votes. What has to be “think[ed] (sic) like” is how to craft, present, and mean a platform that sounds like FDR and Ike,not Trump with better grammar.


You know what else is kind of interesting?

I bet if I walked into a room full of a thousand male trump supporters, not one of them would be gussied up in a preposterous orange-tinted hairpiece. Only a few of them – very few – would gravitate toward the aesthetic of ostentation and flashiness that rumpdump gravitates to.

What does it say about them, these trump supporters… that they support someone who is so OBVIOUSLY FAKE?

Why do cowboy-type u.s. males – who in their personal and professional lives would normally shun a man who wears silly things or has an absurd hair-style – support someone wearing a preposterous orange-tinted hairpiece? Why Why WHY?

Maybe I am missing something. I don’t live in the u.s. It’s just that there seems to be a stark contrast between the rural Murcan/Sturgis biker crowd that the corporate media claim are rumpdump’s “base,” and the vain, self-absorbed, pretentious imbecile in the Bleached House.