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Michael Moore Says His New Movie Will Change America



I think the only thing bigger than Michael Moore is his ego. I would take anything he says in his movies with a grain of salt.


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If you have watched any of Mr Moore's pictures you would have to agree that his choice of subject usually pisses off a lot of people. A good subject does that.

From the Lockheed Martin MIC to Charlton Heston spewing his NRA rant, in Bowling for Columbine, his subjects don't settle well with the power elites.


Well, I appreciate you thinking I am one of the power elite! :slightly_smiling: I don't have any problem with Mr. Moore's choice of subjects. I do object that they are presented as "documentaries". I actually like the idea of his latest movie, nothing wrong with going around the world to find out if others have a better way of doing things! Peace.


Wow... did Fox News send 'ya?

Make a mockery of the man who's showing where America went WAY off track. And that punitive ideology--came with the Puritans and is kept alive by the Fundamentalist Christians.


some salt on the slice and dice:

Interview at 92Y tehehehehe...
I invite participants in the thread to read the above in light of the interview


Yes, this movie has already had a limited release and it has been largely panned by reviewers on the left. He comes across as typical dumb insular** USAn throughout the movie. The movie's title "Where to Invade Next" is itself idiotic.

Edit: Uncouth remark regarding Moore's girth deleted with apologies. The rest of my comment stands.

Further edit:
**Although his comedy "Canadian Bacon" shows he at least knows something about his neighboring Canadians....


Just like occupy.


If you had seen the movie or at least the trailer, you would not be in danger to embarrass yourself like that. MM says very little. He lets the interviewees tell the story.


He asks the interviewees and they answer, or in case of his question after their student loan debt, he just drew blank stares, because they did not know, what he was talking about.
You cannot get and more "documentory" than that.


Exactly. Sander is saying: 'This is spot on to what I've been preaching for years'. Clinton, who as of this week is now progressive-progressive and thus can't flat out claim that it couldn't work in America, might be saying: 'Eh…maybe...maybe we could try this in Hawaii....for a decade or so....to see how it works.' Trump, who isn't going anywhere progressive, would proclaim it wouldn't work here and is un-American anyway.

Despite our immigration barriers the Arab Spring has arrived. Coming to a theater (and election) near you.


go away troll feed off someone else


Get over yourself Sioux. I simply pointed out that his movies are entertainment, not documentaries. He said so himself, but people still take them as the gospel truth. They are entertaining, and he does have an enormous ego.


From: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4897822/?ref_=nv_sr_1

For brevity's sake I have snipped the introduction
Moore's latest documentary, Where To Invade Next takes us back to the fun and wit that made his earlier work so refreshingly entertaining. In this his eighth feature documentary (but first in six years), Moore travels to Europe where he visits countries that seem to have captured the American dream of a work/life balance. We travel with Moore to Germany where we find small companies who pay big wages, to Italy where employees are given more weeks annual vacation than an American can hope for over a five year period and to Slovenia which offers free university tuition. Moore then presents a mock 'invasion' of the country which is presented in a hilarious tongue-in-cheek style of filmmaking.

The presentation does not feel preachy nor does it appear anti-American. Instead, Moore is able to casually walk the line of presenting lifestyles, politics and privileges in other countries that American's dream of or have tied up in political limbo. That's not to suggest that Moore doesn't show the underbelly of the giant. The European way of life may not be sustainable in the long term due to the expense of the support. And Europe is still not without its issues to which Moore is quick to point out to rousing audiences.

A tad overlong at 2 hours, Where to Invade Next is arguably Michael Moore's most enjoyable film. We are not looking at the ravages of the auto industry on Flint Michigan or how sick individuals are denied health care. Here, we take a jovial look at the things that look like a shopping bag of perfect put into a soggy paper bag about to collapse. Moore has an energy and an enthusiasm here that he hasn't shown in years and the results had the audience at the Toronto International Film Festival up off their seats in lauding applause at the conclusion of the screening. UNQUOTE

So go, see it and recommend it to your friends. This time you might even include Hillary's supporters. :wink:


Like I give a rat's patoot what you or others think. I'm entitled to my opinions, just like you. Peace.


You are right, I have not seen the movie. I will withhold comment until I do. I have seen all his others and based my opinion on that fact. I do like the premise, and will give him the benefit of the doubt until I have seen the movie. thanks.


My local newspaper, well at least one of them, criticized Moore's film for the same reasons written about; too pie in the sky, too tepid, too "cherry-picked" as far as the countries he went to, etc. I say Go Michael! More power to you, and the Hell with the nay-Sayers.


The fact that so many countries have figured out how to have prosperity for everyone, almost zero homeless people, and true freedom for their people to actually pursue intellectual pursuits or artistic pursuits over getting wealthy really pisses some idiots off in this country.