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Michael Moore to Take One-Man Anti-Trump Show to Broadway

Michael Moore to Take One-Man Anti-Trump Show to Broadway

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Documentary filmmaker and activist Michael Moore will bring a new one-man show protesting President Donald Trump to Broadway, the New York Times reported Monday.

I have a hard time taking Michael Moore seriously anymore.


Should ANYBODY from Hollywood be taken “seriously anymore” ?

At least the theme of this production is better than the current Broadway rage…Hamilton, designed to rationalize Hamiltonian economics that enabled the regressive economy the US has been saddled with for more than two centuries (except for the New Deal era 1935-1985).


Isn’t that okay?

Yes. I was angry after I saw Hamilton. It was a manipulative tribute to capitalism and rampant militarism.

Moore presents complex ideas simply. He has opened the minds and raised the consciousness of some friends of mine who are not as political as I am. His works are helpful I think.


‘The Terms of My Surrender’ will run for twelve weeks in July

Twelve weeks in July? Really?


His work, as a Documentarian, is very valuable.


Micheal Moore needs to remember, along with the rest of the so-called “liberal” corporate media, that they helped bring this debacle upon us by cooperating in the foisting upon the American people of the worst Democratic nominee of most of our lifetimes, namely Hillary Clinton. They helped tear down probably the only candidate who could have beaten Donald, Bernie Sanders, by lying, cheating, stealing, and gaming the system for almost a year-and-a-half. These people have lost their credibility with the common folk and need to just go the F away. Just go.

He is NOT from Hollywood. He lives in a middle class neighborhood in Michigan, his birth state. His adult life has been dedicated to advocacy for all Americans and victimized humans around the world by exposing the pernicious activities of all parties perpetrating the destruction/damage. And I applaud him for his tireless work to reveal the ugly truth!

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Broadway plays so expensive that only rich folks will be able to afford to see it?

I suppose you are making some brilliant point. Oh please expound, so I can challenge myself to come up with an equally brilliant retort.

I met him at the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver circa 2012 for a book signing. Hundreds in line. after about 2 hour wait, I get up to the table and become frozen (it is fight, flight, or freeze–but people forget the last one, just like when we say LGBTQIA, people just think “gay & lesbian”).

He was extremely nice, got me talking, asked about my brother (whose book he was signing). Very gentle handshake. No rush. After 2 hours, many stars would rush it, not him. He took his sweet time with me, smiles a lot, and great sense of humor (in person). Really got good vibes from this guy

Not defending anyone. Do not care to argue.

But as I recall, he was the first person (among the first) to stand up to the post 9-11 nationalism paranoia-mania–invading Iraq. Anyone remember this? Just put yourself in his shoes.

How many of his critics could have been this outspoken about the Iraq invasion at that time? Remember this is back when people thought Bush hung the frickin moon, because he could give a good 2 sentence speech while standing on a pile of NYC rubble, which was created in part because he ignored the warnings pre-911 (you’ve done your job).

Just watch the Hollywood elite boo him for stating the simple truth–fictitious elections, president and war. He ain’t no Hollywood. “Shame on you Mr. Bush”

But I need to wallow in their tears so much more. Please don’t postpone my outright joy at this debacle by the uneducated, vapid and vacuous American electorate.

Love the misery!!