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Michael Moore: Trump Is Going to Win, Sorry


Michael Moore: Trump Is Going to Win, Sorry

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Documentary filmmaker and political commentator Michael Moore is "sorry to have to be the buzzkill here so early on," he said from the grounds of the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Thursday, but he thinks the GOP's presidential nominee Donald Trump "is going to win. I'm sorry."


It’s not who votes, but who counts the votes. Hillary is being shoved up everyones re*r whether we like it or not. Trump’s just a freak show.


So let’s have some analysis from the CD staff writer instead of just summarizing someone else’s show (that we all could have watched if we wanted to) and opening the door for the trolls to rant against “liberals” and others named as the constituency of CD.


It will be Hillary, Angela & Theresa NO?
What hat are you wearing today Hillary?
Does Angela hold your stay?
May Theresa be a sport or buckle?
Is it NATO you all suckle?

A high apple sky HAT
A high apple pie HAT
A HAT with no national need
A HAT with a war monger’s creed

Is the HAT to prod the bear?
another pin on cushion’s map?
another shell to raise a yacht?
or a crimson highway to the fertile belt?


Herein is the problem: They (Democrats) moved your jobs to Mexico…partly true. Bill Clinton and his Republican NAFTA pals moved jobs to Mexico. Trump says I will move them back! Clinton says the TPP trade deal is the Gold Standard of trade deals. Essentially saying I will move your jobs to Viet Nam for 23 cents per hour. If you are an American Worker on your last financial leg…who you gonna vote for?


Trump will win because of corporate liberals and a sold out crooked Democratic party that is running Hillary Clinton. They deserve to lose but we don’t deserve to be Trumped (or screwed again Clinton style).


Yes, I’m sorry too but I think Trump will win unless the HRC Machine fixes the general election like they fixed the primary.
I’m voting for Jill Stein and the Green party. We need to build up the third party and fast.


As has been said before - the Dems decided they’d rather lose with Hillary than win with Bernie, for one simple reason: corporate sponsors.

If they backed Bernie they’d alienate their corporate sponsors right off the bat. And (heaven forfend!) were Bernie to win he would at least try to do what in their eyes would be irreparable damage to the entire system of corporate sponsorship of the political elite.

So they’d rather lose with Hillary and at least keep their corporate sponsorship.

To which I say - let’s make it a resounding loss and use this opportunity to push Greens (and Libertarians) in hopes of creating a more diverse political landscape in America.

(What’s more, I strongly suspect the Republican House would initiate impeachment proceedings the moment a newly elected President Hillary finished the swearing in ceremony.)


Most manufacturing has already moved to China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Honduras and El Salvador, yet we have no trade deals with them. The problem is not trade deals, it is capitalism. Unless USAns are willing to work for a dollar an hour or less, the capitalists will seek the labor of workers in poorer nations outside the US - trade deals or not.

The primary harm of trade deals are these “investor-state dispute” provisions that rob sovereign people of their ability to regulate capitalism - and onerous “intellectual property” provisions that make life saving drugs and all kinds of innovations unavailable to poor nations.


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Hillary was indeed a horrible choice and if she picks anyone but Tom Perez for VP it will guarantee a Trump residency. But it is far from certain that Sanders would have been able to beat Trump. The primary concern of the US white working class remains a fear of people poorer than them getting “free stuff” and “government regulations” and the global warming hoax" robbing them of jobs and raising their taxes. Hillary is already too “left” for them - why would they vote for Sanders?


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I hope you’re wrong Michael…but I fear you may be spot-on right.


This country has gone straight to hell, and it’s been conservatives, both GOP and the New Republican Party, that have led the charge. Deregulation, union-busting, tax-dodging, cutting the social safety net; all of these things were engineered by the rich so that they could become slightly richer. And what was it all for? Like the rich were going to stop being rich if they gave a little back, paid their workers more, paid their fair share of taxes, and allowed us to have single payer health care. But no, they weren’t satisfied with being just billionaires, they had to be multi-billionaires. How much is enough?


I have 3 months to hope America comes to her senses. Since Bernie is out, I now have hope I will wake up on Nov 9 and We will have a Doctor in the White House. GO JILL STEIN!


And, as far as “big-boys” trade pacts go, China was admitted to the WTO back in Fall of 2001; this was despite its insidious and flagrant currency manipulation, patent and copyright infringements, etc.


He’s now part of the club that we cannot be a member of.


Trump certainly has a good chance of winning the Presidency. Consider who the opposition is and his faux populism will win him a great many votes. Let it come; we won’t be much better off with Hillary and perhaps his hideous countenance will provide the impetus for the socialist labor party we so desperately need.


I’m the only one with credentials in the prediction & prophecy arena; yet it’s obvious that quite a few C.D. posters could read the tea leaves on this one!

MANY of us understood that Sanders spoke to people on both sides of the aisle. Heck, the polls even SHOWED that he would win against Trump by decent margins.

The senses of frustration and betrayal at Sanders’ campaign being knee-capped so that voters would once again be presumably corralled back into the Dem. Camp can only work to convince some to stick with “the home team.”

When the President (who was voted in on a platform of hope and change) turns out to be “a friend” of the Big banks, and a friend of “Free Trade,” and a friend of Big Insurance, and a friend of Standardized tests and the corporate management of public schools, and a friend of the MIC and its nauseating continuum of foreign wars, and a friend of the police state in so rabidly going after truth tellers and whistle-blowers… what part of this behavior in any way invites REAL Progressives and genuine Leftists into the pro-busines, pro-war, sickening centrist fold?

In other words, the con only works so long.

Moore could be right.

I fear the maniacal right wing fascists around Trump more than Trump. But either way, this is a sickening direction for our nation.

Moore never mentions the way Sanders was side-lined and that the voice that better comported with the Old Democratic platforms (that protected workers and the environment) was put out to pasture… so that American Dynasty #2 (the Clintons) could once again cater to the Deep State through the politics of manipulation, machinations, and charming forms of malfeasance.


Beam me up, Scotty! Now!


One individual exhibiting prejudice makes you HATE all those you can push under that label/umbrella?

I’d say it’s your habit for hatred that needs some work.

Hatred runs along the same lines as vengeance. Both work from the “eye for an eye” premise… and make the world blind. Just when VISION could not be more important.

Also, it’s interesting that you turn the problem into “the liberal” when what’s really about to jackboot this nation is the unleashing of its uber-barbarian fascists… those so convinced that “they do God’s work” in bringing the boot down on anyone unlike themselves will surely turn this nation into a living hell.