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Michael Moore Turns Up the Heat in Fahrenheit 11/9

Michael Moore Turns Up the Heat in Fahrenheit 11/9

Ed Rampell

ince 1989’s anti-globalization Roger & Me, Michael Moore’s films have helped frame national debates on critical issues, from 2002’s anti-gun Bowling for Columbine to 2007’s rallying cry for universal healthcare, Sicko. Moore’s arguments about wealth inequality in 2009’s Capitalism: A Love Story helped fuel the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Like all all Moore’s films this one is marketed for left wing audiences. Who else would believe is baseless claim that Hillary Clinton stole the primary from Bernie Sanders. Moore gives people what the want to hear whether he has the evidence to back it up or not. But I think the real Michael Moore is pretty much a mainstream Democrat in his political beliefs. After the Democratic primary he was one of the first to strongly endorse Hillary Clinton. To me that suggests there is gap between his career and his real political beliefs. In the end he hot it correct , the number one priority was to stop Trump regardless of what the left wing populists who pay money to see his movies say.

While I hope Moore’s movie helps to defang and ultimately defeat Trump and the Republicans, I can’t help but remember that he switched allegiance from supporting Bernie Sanders to supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016, succumbing to the same worn out strategy of lesser of two evil voting and the even more futile strategy of vote Democrat, then try to reform them when they’re in office. Thanks for the movie, Michael, but I would have preferred a movie on alternatives to this failed system that you continue to criticize, but, in the end, continue to support. More of the same with the Democrats in power is more of the same that opened the door for Trump.


@Dan_Harris you are correct. The machinations of the DNC/Debbie Wasserman Schultz to hand the Dem nomination to H. Clinton are well-documented, as was their strategy to “elevate the pied piper Repub. candidate” by any means necessary. Thank you for taking the time to counter lrx’s usual lies. They are so tiring. But that’s the way lies work, by repetition. Glad you are there to do the pesky but necessary job of refuting lrx’s lies.


Baseless claim?


@Shantiananda yep, lrx will keep repeating that lie everytime the subject comes up. I’ve never figured out if lrx is a paid or an amateur troll… either way, very pesky. Thanks for not letting the lie lie. Or stand.


Well said! I have communicated with Bernie delegates that attended the Democratic CON…VENTION in Philly and they would all agree with you!


@Shantiananda what a heartbreaking, gut-wrenching spectacle that CONvention was. And people forget it at their peril.


Trump may be the most obvious and dirtiest player. But I’m glad to see Moore is including Clintons, Obama, and democrats in his criticisms. None of them are clean, either.


And what would be the point of continuing to support Sanders when he was not even going to be on the ballot against Trump? What kind of self-absorbed cave do you all live in?

LOL! Everyone outside of your impenetrable circle, most people in other words.

Oh, totally. You know how we stop Trump? By listening to people like you. Your candidate of choice in 2016 was whom? The historically unpopular person that managed to lose to the most unpopular candidate in history? That was brilliant. And the context that created Trump, the decades long disaster that the policies you support created, how exactly do you defeat Trump if you are unwilling to radically change the context that produced him? Impossible.

What policies that “left wing populists” support are less popular than the policies you support? What policies don’t have majority of support nationally? You still on the Cuomo for president train? LOL!

I kind of think that Moore’s films appeal to people that are victims of the system, a majority of the country, and the people that want to radically change this corrupt and dying system, again, a majority of the country. It seems to appeal to everyone but people like you, people that want to maintain a corrupt, undemocratic and inequitable system. So, most people. I could see working people across the ideological spectrum taking something out of this.


Who created the Apprentice? This show and Trump’s book “art of the deal” were perfect set ups to run for president. This is a guy from New York who took the South----its kind of amazing that most political junkies don’t talk about this feat. But as I have said before the corporate overlords wanted a Clinton vs. Bush race------and the American people were screaming NO! And if democrats had seen the writing on the wall they would have embraced Bernie—and Bernie would have won.

Thank you Michael Moore for all that you do.

And we see the lengths that Trump will go to get his agenda-----yet what did Obama do to fix the situation in Flint???He could have found funds somewhere and said fix this now----and if republicans obstructed he should have declared and emergency and gone to the national air waves. Obama failed in so many ways.


You still take the time to read his comments?

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What is even scarier is that LRX and his “Lies” are not that unusual in the diehard Dem camp. Many are still making excuses for HRC’s lose, and still very pissed off at people that did not vote for her. They will go to their grave never questioning the SYSTEM that created Trump in the first place.


Your contention that I wanted Moore to keep supporting Sanders is NOT what I posted, so lay off the self-absorbed cave crap. That was out of line. I’ve never been a Bernie bot. Sanders lost my support, when he threw his support to Clinton. I voted for Jill Stein, not Clinton and would still have voted for Stein had Sanders gotten the nomination, given that Sanders came up short on too many issues to get my vote.

My statement was about Moore consistently throwing his support behind whoever the Democrats run as a candidate, regardless of how bad they are. In that respect, Moore is no different than Sanders. In the end, supporting Sanders was the same as supporting Clinton, anyway, since, as we all know, Sanders threw all his support behind Clinton.


I like Michael Moore. He is a real populist, not the fake kind like Donald, the Don, Trump. Moore tells it as he sees it and he calls a spade a spade. You can disagree with him, but you can never doubt his honesty, his integrity or his sincerity. Moore is the real deal. He is refreshing in a sea of phonies and con men who are just in politics for what they can get out of it. Moore speaks the truth that needs to be told. I can’t wait to see this movie. I wish that Moore would help us chronic pain folks to fight the anti-opioid crowd who are forcing us to endure lifetimes of never ending torture without our opioid pain meds, as for at least twelve million of us, it is the only thing that helps us. We have tried all the alternatives. There are 120 million Americans with chronic pain, and ten percent of us are only helped by opioid pain meds. Why should we, who never overdose or misuse our opioids, have to suffer and die in agony because of other people’s drug abuse problems? We are treated worse than the drug addicts and criminals are. It’s time to stop the war on people in severe pain who need opioids to live. Predjudice, fear, lies, and greed do not make good public policies. I wish that Mr. Moore would help us, we need all the help we can get. But I like all of his movies. He is doing good work! Keep it up Michael Moore! Good job!


OK, so how are we going to get the Green Party or the third party candidates elected so that we defeat both the democrats and the more evil republicans when third party candidates only get one percent of the votes in every election. I say it would be easier to work to reform the Democratic Party and get it to be more like the Green Party or Democratic Socialists than to start from scratch. Some of us are working to do this right now. It could be easier if the third parties on the left would join together with us and help us to take over the Democratic Party from within. The Tea Party took over the Republican Party and pushed it to the far right, so why can’t we take over the Democratic Party and push it to the left so we can go green and have universal health care and stop pollution and get off fossil fuels. I say my way is quicker, but go ahead and vote third party, you are just throwing away your vote. I want Bernie too. So if Bernie doesn’t win the primary, he ought to run as an independent or something. We must find a way to beat the republicans and get the democrats or third party candidates to truly do what is right. Third parties don’t have the power to win but the democrats do. We just have to get rid of the sellouts and get better democrats in to do what is right for most Americans. We must find a way. How are you trying to make it happen? It’s easy to criticize, so how are you planning to create positive change for America?


OK, so what do you suggest we do to fix it? Giving up is not an option.

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What other choice did Sanders have if he didn’t want Trump to win at that point? Why is it so evil? Or should Sanders have supported Stein? Perhaps that would have been better? The problem is most Americans vote either Republican or Democrat since this is true why not take over the Democratic Party and turn it into the Green Party? A rose by any other name will smell just as sweet.


Yeah. Why not a movie on third party candidates…or fourth …etc…going into detail abijt how they get left out…