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Michael Moore, Who Predicted Trump Win, Calls for Democratic Party Takeover


Michael Moore, Who Predicted Trump Win, Calls for Democratic Party Takeover

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Filmmaker Michael Moore, who ominously predicted that Donald Trump would win Tuesday's presidential election, on Wednesday released a "Morning After To-Do List" urging those despairing over the outcome to "[t]ake over the Democratic Party and return it to the people."


One of the side effects of Trump's victory is that it will make alternative party presidential runs more difficult in 2020 - but will also increase the odds that a person like Elizabeth Warren can win the Democrat nomination that year.


I agree with most of this piece but you left out the fact that most Americans didn't want Hillary Clinton, not at all. They were forced to vote for the two worst candidates possible. Bernie would have beat Trump handily and we wouldn't be here today.
Thanks DNC for screwing us all. I'm hoping the DNC Fraud Lawsuit gets them all doing time. Nothing but snakes and self serving pigs in there that need to be made an example of.


The list, which has gone viral, lambastes the Electoral College, "pundits, predictors, [and] pollsters," as well as "[a]ny Democratic member of Congress who didn't wake up this morning ready to fight, resist, and obstruct in the way Republicans did against President [Barack] Obama every day for eight full years."

Here's the link to it.

Glenn Greenwald, BTW, was at his insightful best on DemocracyNow! this morning.



Although some of your to do list can stretch over months, you and other progressives need to stop Obama and his Congressional Democrat rubber stamps from passing TPP during the lame duck period that we have now entered.

Join the Greens protesting TPP in DC November 12-17.


All well and good, but a big part of that is that progressives need to start taking all this democracy stuff seriously and start running for and taking over local and state governments, which have been left to the Republicans.

That's one reason why young and minority turnout this election was so low -- Republican voter suppression efforts in states where Republicans control both governor and legislature. Definitely the case in Ohio, Florida and North Carolina.

This is true whether we're talking about taking over the Democratic Party, or building the Green Party or some new broad left wing party. I voted Green here in PA, and there were only three offices that the Greens here had candidates running for -- president, state auditor general, and state treasurer! Not governor, not senator, not representative, and no candidate for she house or senate in the state legislature! That's horrible!

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


I would add to Moore's talking points that the plundering of the 'well being' of life for the sake of 'profit' exemplified by trump(ing) is done by a systemic ideology that - from the get go - scorns and babbles on the level of plausible deniability that its practices are parasitic.

Note particularly its parasitic distortions on education. First deny the public democratic right to allocate taxpayer funds to assure education not owned by a corporation, thus impoverishing education itself. THEN, point a finger at the failings arising precisely from starving the public choice to assure education.

Laughable also is that for decades these same interests have owned publishing houses that produce text books, notorious for ideological bias that true teachers must supplement in order to provide actual education. So, introduce the kicker: make teachers dependent on the ideological distortions implicit in 'teach to the test', which remits to the previous point of forced ideology masquerading as 'unbiased' education.


Let's add to that, for Michael's benefit, No. 6, avoid servile loyalty to a candidate who spurns democratic values (see No. 1 in the list.)


that is why we have to get rid of these self serving snakes of the "third way". We must be ready and willing to primary democrats who appease and cooperate with the rabid, raving republicans. The Clintons brought in the era of the "third way" that was so disastrous for ordinary Americans! They all must go. We must have a party of the people once again!


Please go to Bernie's site Our Revolution. It lists progressive candidates who meet the standards. Many of them didn't win, but some of them did. We will need to support down ballot candidates and most importantly, we will need to get out our voters in the mid term!!!


In five states (Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, Virginia) totalling 53 electoral votes Clinton won only because the the most populous county in that state flipped the vote from Trump.

In my opinion the Democrats must scrap identity politics and work for the benefit of all Americans instead of catering to one demographic over another. Not only does it not work, it is odious in the extreme that they (like the Republicans) divide us by ethnicity and gender.

Here are the stats, courtesy The Guardian.
In each case Clinton's numbers precede Trump's.

Illinois (20 electoral votes)
Cook County (Chicago)

Maine (4 electoral votes)
Cumberland County (Portland)

Clinton won Minnesota (10 electoral votes)
Hennepin County (Minneapolis)

Nevada (6 electoral votes)
Clark County (Las Vegas)

Clinton won Virginia (13 electoral votes)
FairFax County (DC Beltway)


Excellent point. Mid term elections are just as important as presidential ones. It's clear that conservative voters vote in these elections, while others don't. If progressives want to be taken seriously, whether voting democrat or other (and I am a strategic voting advocate), we can't just come out of the woodwork every four years. We have to get people in places that can push issues and ideas. That begins down ballot as well as up.


From Moore's 5th point:

The only reason [Trump's] president is because of an arcane, insane 18th-century idea called the Electoral College.

I say:

The only reason Hillary was the Democratic nominee was because of an arcane, insane 20th-century idea called "Super Delegates".

Therefore I propose Point #6:

6) Scrap the Super Delegates who ruin the Democratic Party's nomination process.


I completely agree with your analysis.


I have always supported Moores films and I am almost always in agreement with his analysis. However, I am not asure devestated as he is over this election, Jill stein got less then one percent of the vote and sanders was cheated out of a nomination. I am not angre because a bigger crook beat a smaller crook. As per Obama he is busy trying to pass Tpp and secure he's families legacy and financial future on the backs of the people. Obama has been instrumental in bringing about president trump. Therefore, while I will support a fight for the people and the marginalized in this country, I will not chose to fight for one elite over another, that is not my fight and will never be my fight.


You had me until your last point, #5: HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE!

You are a joke, Michael Moore.


Michael Moore, Not a word from you about including the Greens in any future debate. What are you , a duopoly stooge? Bernie sabotaged the progressive movement by backing the crook and not Jill Stein. Your assessment was correct, WE are fed up with double dealing Wall St banksters and the dual citizens that are directing this country. All policies are filtered through AIPAC and this must end. Good luck with that third rail.


California and New York, two states run by the same lobby group gave HRC a 5 million plurality. Donald had a 4 million plurality in the other 48 states. We all know the group, they vet every candidate for every national office. Know whom you can not criticize to know who rules over you.


Not sure whether you were directing this comment to me or just meant to reply to the main Michael Moore piece ...
but I have commented multiple times about my plan on how to get the Green Party into future debates. Basically I propose working for a ballot initiative in an appropriate state that says that no candidate can be on the ballot in that state unless they agree to participate in an all-candidates debate in that state.
The beauty of this approach is that getting such an initiative on the ballot would not be too difficult in the appropriate state since you could partner with other alternative parties in doing so; you could define in the initiative exactly what "debate" means so you can be sure it is substantive; and very few people can argue against the right to hear from the candidates so I believe it would have a good chance of passing. (I would give an exemption if the candidate is already participating in at least three debates with all of the national candidates)


One thing we need to do "by noon today" is phone and/or e-mail our Democratic Party US Senators and Congresscritter to remind them that they need to vote against TPP during the lame duck period (that we are now in) and beyond.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. Remind your electeds that they will be disrespecting veterans who fought for democracy if they vote for regulatory captures schemes disguised as trade deals that are the antithesis of democracy..