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Michael Ratner, RIP (Rest in Power)


Michael Ratner, RIP (Rest in Power)

Cindy Cohn, Rainey Reitman

Michael Ratner, a friend of EFF who dedicated his life as a human rights attorney to fighting for justice, passed away on Wednesday.


What is with this term that gets thrown around everywhere now, "Rest in Power"? Why is "power" being used to replace "peace"? Is that not the most insidious thing? Is that not something you can just see recruitment ads for the U.S. military featuring? People can't accept the slightest humility, even in death.

To hell with power!

"Respect strength, never power."–Arundhati Roy


Who cares if you don't get it? You babble about yourself in a memorial to a very decent person. He was an activist and a doer and made a difference in the world. He fought the good fight instead of just babbling. He leaves behind a legacy of doing.

You need to stop talking so much and start doing instead.


Oh I get it, little flea. It's you who don't get it, as ever. The problems with this world aren't the result of a lack of doing, they're the result of a lack of being.

So why don't you go run and around and do stuff, I'm sure it'll help. At least, maybe it'll tire you out for your afternoon nap.


"Michael lived the life many of us dream of living. He used his 72 years on earth as a tool for good, and he used his intellect and his courage to fight for justice, even in the most vexing of cases. He died having accomplished more to create positive change in the world than most people ever dream to create."

The world has lost a luminary.

Does anyone know his day of birth?