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Michael Regan, the NC Official Reportedly Tapped to Be Biden's EPA Head, Urged to 'Genuinely Address Environmental Injustice'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/17/michael-regan-nc-official-reportedly-tapped-be-bidens-epa-head-urged-genuinely


“Going forward,” said Ramsden, “Regan and the rest of the Biden-Harris administration need to pair their lofty rhetoric on environmental justice with consistent action.”

Only time will tell. Let us hope they live up to our expectations/hopes/dreams.
Give them the chance at least.

If you could base prospective job performance on smiles, then he is a sure winner!


He does have a lovely smile.

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Don Quixote would be proud of the American left.

A mixed record. Hopefully with some strong pushing from climate action groups and from the general public he can be a good EPA administrator.

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demoralized EPA employees.
Lazy fits their job titles.
His first task should be to fire the 1,000 person Chicago Office of federal EPA - you know, the folks who gave us Flint water.

Then, hire engineers, biologists, lab experts. And just one lawyer, if you really, really are hard up.

What left? It’s center right, and hard right, and over the cliff right.

I consider myself a Marxist and I’ve been tilting at windmills for decades. When the left isn’t jousting imaginary monsters, we’re condemning Sancho for being too pragmatic while riding our horse backwards. WW2 combined with the following Red Scare killed the American left. Labor and civil rights went into the closet to help “defeat the fascists(?)”, and Joe McCarthy made damn sure they stayed there. The zombie left walking around in circles over the last 60 years is still looking for “brains.”