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Michelle Alexander Opened a Door


Michelle Alexander Opened a Door

James Zogby

This past Sunday, The New York Times featured on the front page of its “Week in Review” section a major column by Michelle Alexander: “Time to Break the Silence on Palestine.” It was, by any measure, an important article because of who wrote it, where it appeared, and its breathtaking indictment of both Israel’s history of violations of Palestinian rights and the silence of U.S. policymakers to address these outrageous behaviors.



Dual citizenship creating international entanglements is part of the problem.

There is no real problem with dual citizenship until the dual citizen serves in government. At that point the dual citizen has the power to create foreign entanglements with unequal benefits and costs.

Those who serve as elected city, state or national representatives or appointed government executives should be required to renounce dual citizenship for life. Cheaters lose all pensions and are fired instantly.



This is such bullshit.


Two actual dual citizens who have come to light who have served in positions in US government are Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachmann. But the lists of supposed “dual citizens” that are posted and copy-and-pasted on the internet are actually just lists of Jewish persons serving in positions on US government.

Why do you repeat this bullshit?



Great article, i had not heard about Michelle Alexander’s recent NYT op-ed, congratulations to her and props for standing up.



Jews hold dual citizenship as long as the Zionist claim that Israel is the home of all Jews, and Jews just have arrive and claim citizenship to become Israeli Jews.

The amount of ‘aid’ given to Israel is a clear indication that Israeli Jews per head of population get far more assistance from the US Government than does the US citizen population. It is past time that US citizens organised and threw out all parliamentarians who vote in favour of funding anything pertaining to Israel.



Thanks for telling me. If whoever told me that tells me again I will ask for a list.



At least you acknowledge where the bullshit comes from: Any Jewish person WHO MOVES TO ISRAEL will be fast-tracked for Israeli citizenship. That’s not remotely “dual citizenship.” That’s a policy by a country. It literally means nothing to anyone who does not MOVE TO ISRAEL. Stop the bullshit, please.

The USA should stop funding Israel and Israeli crimes. You don’t need to make shit up about Jews in order to make that point.



I don’t think you understand what dual citizenship is!



Ha ha ha, thanks for the laugh!



Michelle Alexander should run for office. She has proven to be a women with integrity and she has a clear picture of how injustice is perpetrated. Brilliant person.



Clearly WEBWALK’s position is bs, emotional, and attempting to create an outright denial of placing an ideological, foreign countries needs in front of our own American people.

Here’s what a simple search discovered, with a few maybe he’d like to disprove with citizenship records . . . as John Bolton is a very well known Zionist (widely said to be a dual Israeli often spending time with Israeli organizations or traveling to Israel) with many major conflicts of interest and history back decades fomenting and working to promote wars under Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and now Donald Trump and whose ‘public service’ has actually hurt, killed, and maimed Americans every day since his start.

Bolton, clearly manipulating here and demonstrating more than allegiance, Israel first over anything:

The cited link on this site has been deleted, while safe to say it once existed

Furthermore, everyone is well familiar with current Presidential cabinet advising official, and family in-law, who happens to be very close to the mass murderous president of Israel, Jared Kushner.

The exploitation and intellectual rape of Americans by this group of Israel first NeoCon’s and Zionists since W.W.II has formed terribly false and broad reaching narratives domestically, from history to religion in a propagandist and dishonest fashion. I’d suggest dual-citizenry is not the issue as much as the clear conflict of interest in actions, payments, loyalties, and interests. Preventing Americans from an honest and unadulterated understanding of events is a solidly observable consequence. This group focuses on pointing all problems to a bogie man/country while profiting for the benefit of another and using so many innocent people as cannon fodder and pawns by way of behavioral psychological trends.

Their political corruption and influence can be felt everywhere and witnessed all over film, shows, and media to support an unnatural, untruthful conflict throughout American society. Many metaphors occurring in our time are at the mercy of this powerful bullhorn of confusion, when clearly all movements without a clear constitution to become aware of and remove the corrupt and subversive, will fail. More wars and disunity naturally occur when the discovery process in the pursuit of truth is lost. This group has made America in the court of public opinion, clearly the most influential and consecutively corrupt around the world.

The 99% should stop the corruption of their own Democracy by a dishonest group of religious extremists (coincidentally, distorting the truth of religion as well for those vulnerable and inclined), and be able to not only live but think freely without promoting death and chaos for other groups more often contrived adversaries of these fanatics, and under a manipulation of ‘promoting Democracy and liberty’. Israel is only a Democracy for Jews and a hell for the indigenous people who never made up excuses to rationalize unproved stories and ironically repeated circumstances.That equals propaganda, fascism, genocide, Apartheid, etc. and Israel’s Wall should only be theirs to dismantle and not exist, as was the true history of historical Palestine. The proofs for anything else are still left wanting.

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Michelle Alexander

Plus she has such a lovely demeanor.

Comprehensive and sensitive writing on the criminal treatment of palestine peoples. Illumination is required for change and both have have been so slow to arrive.



Simply factual. No “dual citizenship” for any of these people. None. Zero.

Yes the “investmentwatch” link is gone, which contained the long list of US Jewish politicians. That is precisely what it was – a list of Jews. With a FALSE CLAIM of these people’s citizenship. That’s a fact.

That fact has NOTHING TO DO with criticism of Israel, of Israeli policies, of Israeli actions, of US sponsorship of war crimes, etc. The “dual citizen” trope is an intentional falsehood, that only distracts from the FACTUAL BASIS for understanding Israel, AIPAC, neo-conservatism, or anything else.

The “dual citizen” falsehood is intentional, seeking to assert that anyone who is Jewish is de facto “disloyal” to the USA.

No one can “disprove” an assertion that there is a monster hiding behind Venus, and no one can “disprove” an assertion that you are a citizen of Zambia. There are no records of non-citizenship, only records of citizenship, so the onus is on YOU to PROVE citizenship. None of the places on the internet that copy-and-paste the list of US Jewish politicians provides ANY EVIDENCE OF CITIZENSHIP.

Or perhaps you would provide me with the proof that you are not a citizen of Zambia? Show me the proof!

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You are very emotional and dishonest to a real concerns Americans should have about being manipulated, lied to and wars. Selective change of focus does not alleviate that. …obvious to me.

Your position, again, is dishonest with regard to citizenship and proof. It certainly can and at times of concern about treacherous and nefarious behavior, should be public information. A fair and legal justice system can with the confidence of the American people, determine that.
Positing fallacies such as,
[The “dual citizen” falsehood is intentional, seeking to assert that anyone who is Jewish is de facto “disloyal” to the USA.]
. . . is not only despicably dishonest and manipulative, it is known as a straw-man in which only you have created your own argument to have, and would like to posit as if it were someone else’s argument. It is tantamount to lying and deceiving.

You are clearly not an average American without manipulative agenda for average Americans, their sympathies and money, and clearly you work not as a private citizen in which this issue would be personal to you and simply opinion.

Attacking others on vital national security concerns and proper use of taxes, as well as subversive behaviors to Americans and its government is serious. By whose behest would you so arrogantly say that Americans should not worry about foreign manipulation, I wonder?



Bullshit. The “dual citizen” trope is the straw man. For which, you and every other person who repeats the trope, PLAINLY have no factual evidence. Thanks for clarifying that, although i already know that there is NO EVIDENCE for this repeated fake assertion. i’ve been back-and-forth with lots of posters who repeat this bullshit. None has ever had ANY actual evidence: Just a list of Jewish persons that someone once posted on the internet, that has been copy-and-pasted elsewhere on the internet.

You make so many false-logical leaps in your post regarding who you think i am, i wonder about your capacity to think at all. Good luck in Zambia.

And again: This point has NOTHING TO DO with other points about Israeli criminality, or the corruption of US politics, or ANY OTHER POINT that you or anyone else makes. Michelle Alexander wrote a great, brave, important op-ed. Tools like you who rave about “dual citizens” only detract from the truth.



Just to point to one of your false-logic leaps:

Please point me to where i said that Americans (sic) should not worry about foreign manipulation. i said no such thing.

Please, rave on.



…clearly emotional and angry.

I hope you get a sense of American’s concerns in your rant and attacks.
You have clearly been dishonest using a emotionally manipulative straw-man,
[The “dual citizen” falsehood is intentional, seeking to assert that anyone who is Jewish is de facto “disloyal” to the USA.]
including failing on the opportunity to explain this. While you curse me and my concerns as an American, I really hope you get back to honesty and some real consideration for Michelle Alexanders effort to shed light on the inhumanity of Israelis toward the indigenous Palestinians by manipulating American sympathy (as you have also tried to do by changing focus and garnering sympathy for yourself) and our money to perpetrate the crimes against humanity, genocide, and dishonest brokerage of relationship. America will certainly leave this toxic relationship, having the sense of dignity and integrity for itself.

We have enough charlatans here. I don’t care for how you think you are special, nor for what religious fanaticism you are trying to sell. Sorry. I wish you a better path. Feel free to dismiss any valid point I or anyone else has made, by yourself. I don’t give time or sympathy for liars. Cheers.



Rave on, my friend. Your caricatures of me are most interesting!



I’m sorry about your denial. The validity of the concerns are there. Best Regards.



Wheee! You are so much fun!