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Michelle Obama Offers Great Question To Ask Trump: 'What Is Wrong With You?'


Michelle Obama Offers Great Question To Ask Trump: 'What Is Wrong With You?'

Jon Queally, staff writer

With her focus on nutritious foods and making sure access to them was expanded to all children in the nation during her time in the White House, former first lady Michelle Obama is asking some serious questions now that President Donald Trump has moved to go backwards on efforts designed to promote healthier school lunches and reduce childhood obesity.


Reducing nutrition for young poor people inhibits development of full brain function and supplies low wage workers who are unable to think their way out of the trap of being cheaper than robots.

Universal health insurance, adequate diet and public education are not in the best interest of corporatists.


Trump was raised in a family closely connected to the mob. He has deep ties to the mob in Russia. Other nations are also investigating Trump. He is as dirty as they come. His own kids were abandoned by him when they were small and his pre-nup wives traded in like a business. The Republican Party is also complicit with Trump meaning they are focused on money and power for themselves regardless of how many people die from their actions. The question is why did we let America be captured by such a dark nasty system or was it always like that in the secret places where real power and mob-like actions ran and abused the nation? Will there ever be an America that is worth respect? Where Michelle's daughters can grow up to be all they can be? Right now it is an open question.


I would imagine that Trump's parents asked him that many times when he was growing up. Their frustration led them to send him to military school in hopes for some improvement. Clearly that was a failed effort. Maybe genetics are to blame or some experience he had as child but clearly he is not in a good place mentally. It seems like inflicting mental pain on other people is what he likes the most which I guess must be true of bullies like him generally. Many voters seem to interpret bullying as showing strength. Rather than wanting power to do something constructive he seems to want power for the sake of having power. He lacks any policies for using his power. In Trump's perfect world he would be a dictator with no checks on his power. A weakness of a democracy like ours where all candidates are chosen by the people is that there is risk that a person like Trump can get elected. The alternative where party bosses chose the candidates reduces this risk greatly but such a system is less democratic.


"What is wrong with you?"


From a lifetime of privilege and entitlement and nobody ever saying 'No' to a severely spoiled child.


Too bad she didn't question her husband about drone slaughters, his support of Wall St. at the expense of his country, his paen to the health and drug industries called ACA, the fact that his administration deported more people than any in U.S. history, his "benign neglect" of indigenous peoples in the U.S. and around the globe, his expansion of slaughter throughout the Southwest Asia, the Mediterranean and much of Africa, his billionaire buddies, his animus toward Single Payer, using the Espionage Act more than any U.S. president, etc. etc. etc.

It wouldn't have anything to do with $65 million post-residency book deals, would it?


I ask all the time what is wrong with Trash...
but how come she never asked her husband what is wrong with his killing of innocent people?
why did her husband betray us all?


Trumpo the Klown is the LAST person to ask that final question to. He is a profoundly deluded asshole who is convinced of his superiority despite the mountain of real evidence to the contrary. I also would recommend that the people here go to Salon and read Andrew O'Hehir's excellent essay on the Trump phenomenon and the "infantilization" of our culture that led to this appalling POS being in the White House.


For the parents and grandparents of those kids, Social Security has been one of the stellar programs to bring life full circle. For anyone interested in signing a Social Security Works petition calling on Trump to keep his campaign promises.


The comments are great but what's wiith this?
"The Obama-era statute repealed by Trump..." Trump can't repeal anything. Only the Congress can do that. I'd like to think the people writing articles at CD know this basic fact about how our government works, make that functions, I mean knows the process.


What does that have to do with school lunch and breakfast programs? You see, I included breakfast and could have included ( supper ) dinner and a weekend feeding program, as well. That's a parenting and poverty ( low wage ) issue, somewhat. Dietary Dumbness, as well.
A combination of forces, or special interests,, decide these things, not least of which are Industrial Agri-Businesses and the Food & Beveridge Corps. With corn, wheat, sugar and their refined counterparts in a commodities price slump, land prices collapse, as well. Wealthy people and Corporations lose $$$, and that is ultimately what this country is about. Nothing more, nothing less.
Sure, there are other " hard ass " forces at work. 1%er Tax cutters, Libertarian oriented true believers, DeVosian Cracked Pots, etc. Certainly, racism plays a part, as does willful ignorance.
I am as disappointed in Obama as anyone, but we live in Trump World, now. And, he'd feed children sawdust and mud ( the Haitian Hamburger ), if he could get away it. It really is that simple and that ugly. Just like the Trump/Republican agenda.


"What's wrong with you (President Trump)?" -Michelle Obama

How much time do you have? The list of things wrong is endless. And all the working class, poor and elderly in the US are bearing the brunt of his failures.


You pretty much covered it, but I would like add one more thing, that $400,000 dollar check from Goldman Sachs, for a speech.


Her husband could have fought for a public option instead of selling out to the insurance companies. That would have helped a lot of children.
Or he could have fought for a living wage. That would have helped a lot of children.
Or he could have ended wars, instead of augmenting them. That would REALLY help a lot of children.
He could have fought the fossil fuel industry when there was still time to save life on this planet. That would have helped ALL the children.
But in 2020 I suspect we're going to hear a lot about Michele Obama and "women and children". Now where have I heard that before.


But, he'll end the wars in the MENA by doubling the bombings in Syria, Surging the Troops in Afghanistan 3.0, selling the Saudis $100 Billion in weapons, etc. Not to mention what this Adm. will do to the poor and the middle class, like this article points out, all to well. Trumpster Trumpeters always go back to Obama, Clinton and the Dimocrats because they like Fascism as a remedy to what ails the country, now. Even when children's lunch programs are the issue. It's like healthcare and tax cuts; a dead giveaway ( deadly, too ) to their base by the lunatic fringe now running and controlling
the agenda in Washington, D.C.
Denial ain't a river in Egypt, either.


I agree it's tasteless. Also, OB and Ms OB need to up their bribe price. What are HRC and Bill getting? Or that idiot De Vos?

It shows you just how venal the OBs are. $65 million aint enough even with all the other public and private perks. Gotta getta that next 100K. I mean, how much can a corrupt ex-prez, war criminal and serial violator of constitutional and human rights actually spend? Greed defined. Or maybe they're saving up to buy school kids' lunches.


Michelle wanted kids in this country to eat healthy, nutritious food. Barack wanted kids in middle-eastern countries to eat dust from depleted uranium ordnance.


I'm glad she took the highly politically risky position of criticizing Trump. What is wrong with the Obama family? What is wrong with the ruling class? What is wrong with the bailout that enabled increasing wealth inequality? What is wrong with nuclear weapons?


Did she ever ask Barack?


The Obamas give $2 million to a summer youth jobs program, Trump gives $30 grand to an environmental group. Trump claims he's worth $3-4 Billion, Obamas are worth about $ 40 million ( after the book deals ).
Math time: 2% of net worth v. .00000000 ( oh,oh. )002%. Looks like Trump wins ( yet again ) because he's so thoughtful. Those mean Obamas are so greedy.
Why can't they be like Trump? Why can't they act like " peace, love and pacifist " Republicans?
Trump will lead them to transcending enlightenment by following the program laid out in the #1Best Seller, Lovely Thoughts & Actions For Each Day, by Jefferson Beauregard " El BoBo " Sessions. Yeah, that's the book the children can read while eating Haitian Hamburger Helper at lunch time. Bon Appetit!
And, give it rest on The OhBummer Beatdown. We get it. You prefer starvation as a school lunch program. Trump loves you, he really loves you, man!