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Michelle Wolf Didn’t Even Get Started


Michelle Wolf Didn’t Even Get Started

Robert Freeman

The contrived uproar over Michelle Wolf’s comedy routine at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner is just that—contrived. It doesn’t merit dignifying as even a tempest in a teapot. In truth, her act was surprisingly tame, muted, even reserved. It didn’t begin to roast the attendees in a manner appropriate to the damage they have inflicted and continue to inflict on our country and world.


Anyone have a favorite Michelle Wolf meme? https://i.imgflip.com/29gcpe.jpg


Excellent job describing the tyranny and the apparent helplessness in which we the people find ourselves stuck in the mud to enact even small change. Very depressing.


If this analysis is correct, which I don’t think it is, why do reporters go through all the trouble of developing anonymous sources within the government?


Seriously you didn’t find that the author’s claims ring true? Not a one?

For starters, ANYONE with knowledge of malfeasance or corruption will ask NOT to be named, for fear of reprisal. That’s NOT, as you claim, idiot reporters cultivating anything, but having the story come to them. Hell they often mis-report the facts given to them!

Your view of our country and those in leadership is pollyannic at the least, but otherwise your comments are hopelessly mis-informed. How did you get that way, by believing anything you hear from the mainstream media? Which, by the way is neither liberally-biased, nor particularly informative.

Michelle did a great job skewering them to their faces by calling them out as the liars they are, and in agreement with the author, she didn’t go far enough!


Robert Freeman, pulling no punches, has done a brilliant job in this essay!