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Michelle Wolf got it Just Right


Michelle Wolf got it Just Right

Molly Roberts

“Thank you!”


Ms. Wolf’s delivery (and even her voice–as she admitted was not salve to many) is not my cup of tea. Now on to important matters. She spoke the hard truth (with biting satire). For that, she earned my sincere respect. Her performance was in no manner “Fake Comedy”.


I like Michelle Wolf, think she is funny. That the infotainment actors did not find her truthful humor funny and rallied behind those who lie to them daily, means she was spot on. It is also another sign that the corporate media (infotainment) is clearly merging into the mouthpiece of the elitist power base in DC.


fthe only mainstream journalist who got it right! Michelle did her job, got it all right and the boys did not like hearing the truth. Go Michelle.


I watched the video and she’s not a great stand-up comic, but at this event at times you could here a pin drop, she was excellent.


Well said, Molly Roberts!

Michelle Wolf gets it right. Truth to power. The “journalists” in the room should have given her a standing ovation.

Somewhere in Journalistic Heaven, H.L Mencken is smiling at Ms. Wolf!


More proof the W.H. sycophants called journalists, are insouciant when it comes to the truth and what they really care about is their access and their paychecks.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the lying mouthpiece of Trump, shouldn’t attend a party to celebrate free speech.

Since she did the opposite of “her” fearless leader, she received the ridicule she deserved for lying consistently to all of us.


That’s the truth!


And Sam Clemens, and John Reed, and George Polk, and I.F. Stone, and Gary Webb…


All we would need at this point is to have Joy Reid attack Michelle Wolf. The " fake news fakeout " is so useful to the Trump Adm. and to the Twisted Talking Heads it’ll be very tough to kill.
The news managers will just speed up the story cycle until, like the Trump Adm., what you heard an hour ago has been contradicted and spun through The Official Salad Shooter. Or, dropped like a hot rock, down the fracking well of
sludge and detritus, from which the swamp is periodically refilled and, sort of, replenished with the nutrients vital to its’ survival.
So, when does The Creatures From The Black Lagoon, start playing in theatres again? I feel like I’ve seen the trailers for over 2 years now.


I’m afraid that happened long ago…


Spot on.


WHCA and most of the MSM media are political prostitutes disguised as journalists.


True, otherwise they would not be allowed to work in the white whore house!


A not normal speech for not normal times seems right. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been acting like the press secretary of a fascist regime. She deserves to be called out on her betrayal of democracy,. Trump has called the press the enemy of the people. Don’t these journalists understand they are opponents of Trump. Michelle Wolf should have been praised for her efforts. We need more people speaking the truth at events such as this.


lets face it, the problem she is having of getting more public support is that she wasn’t really all that funny even though what points she was making were largely true. Truth is, especially theses days, subservient to entertainment.


I’ll second that motion!!

Your last sentence is too true — and truly sad for our Country.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear that there were very few real journalists in the room . . .

Where is (banned in Boston) satirist Walt Kelly now that we REALLY need him?

Spot On!!

Another example of your frequently faulty logic (as well as your faulty grammar).  Journalists should be PRO­pponents of the Truth — not blind Opponents of ANY individual, no matter how odious.  We need, but VERY seldom receive, UNBIASED reporting of what people are saying and doing, and the calling-out of lies when
lies are told (daily by both Hucka-Bean-Brain and Tweetle-Dumb, even more so than most politicians), but
not biased Faux “News” that is slanted either right OR left.


Michelle Wolf was a total riot. Kudos to her. I do not like the hypocrisy of the WHCD organizers. They are brown nosers and apologists. The guy in the WH is a vile and irrational individual who spouts insults and uses foul words. He and his cronies were fully deserving of Ms. Wolfs’ “kind words”. Get real WHCD organizers . You are living in the past. get real.


she was great. bullies can’t stand being called out. and her last line was terrific!!!