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Michigan Breakthrough Shows Rust Belt Bern Could Lift Sanders


Michigan Breakthrough Shows Rust Belt Bern Could Lift Sanders

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As pollsters, pundits, and the Hillary Clinton campaign continue to reel from Bernie Sanders' stunning upset in Michigan on Tuesday, observers are now break


All I can say is woo hoo! I’m having trouble focusing on work, because all I can do is read about The Bern and anticipate more phone banking. And more winning. :O)


I don’t understand why this article, published by CD largely adopts the MSM, and Team Hillary frame that Sanders campaign has been limited to an economic “single issue”.

I suggest that this author simply go to youtube, and look up some Sanders speeches at his rallies to see if that frame is accurate.

Answer, it isn’t.

Adopting this frame, CD is essentially propagating the current superficial “analysis” in the MSM that completely ignores the fact that Sanders speaks directly to issues of injustice in regard to the criminal justice system for instance.

Please update your frame.

The only problem that Sanders would have with most African Americans, is the fact that the MSM, and other media hint hint, simply refuse to quote Sanders’s statements that speak to racial profiling, school to prison pipeline, blatant injustices relative to disproportionate sentencing and incarceration of black citizens, and the rest.

That is the main problem that Sanders has “with black voters”, and it really isn’t his problem.


As pollsters, pundits, and the Hillary Clinton campaign continue to reel from Bernie Sanders’ stunning upset…

It’s not just pollsters, pundits, and HRC.

It is now 2pm (EST)…go look at HuffPo, where it shows “MI” and a checkmark, next to Bernie’s name, indicating he won the state.

Click on that link, and it takes you to a breakdown of the election.

By default, HuffPo includes superdelegates in its count, which give the appearance that even though Hillary lost, she won.

This is, to put it mildly, banana-republic journalism. The reader has to uncheck that tiny little box in order to remove the superdelegates from the count.

If you think the superdelegates are going to decide this election, you’re mistaken. They are not going to decide the election. That’s not their purpose.

It is absolutely detestable, unethical, and unAmerican for corporate media like HuffPo to be reporting delegate counts like this.

ADDENDUM: Since the hacks at HuffPo took down the above-mentioned link on their homepage, here’s a link to the page I’m talking about.


Michigan is the most educated and sensible of the mid western states.
I expect Ohio to be twice as tough.


Both of Bernie’s comments cited by you and posthuman require that voters admit that their middle class status has been eroding for the past three plus decades. Call it foolish pride, Stockholm Syndrome, or terminal denial syndrome (all epidemic in Murka) its easier for many voters to continue to deny that the Clinton and Obama regimes have undermined their economic interests as much as the Raygun and Bush regimes did.


If its Trump vs. Clinton in November I will bet that Trump will take a few blue states in addition to taking swing states.


That would make a really good ad to place in the upcoming states and beyond.


I suspected a “glitch.” Thanks for confirming. Wonder how many more “glitches” will happen and ones we won’t even know about in the coming days.

We have to get rid of these machines somehow!

But right now it’s phone banks, canvassing, donating.




He needs more then narrow wins in the rust belt and the big blue coastal states like NY and Calif. Hillary only has to be close to win since she’s built up such a lead in the South. The irony is he’s stronger where she will need to be to beat Trump’s anti-free trade Nationalism this fall and her winning in the South which will go for whomever the GOP puts up this fall isn’t going to be worth a damn. Obama won the Mid-west in 2008 because he’s from there and he had the youth vote. She doesn’t have the youth vote this year and the African-American and Hispanic votes will have to be huge to get her where she needs to be. With her as the (D) nominee, which is an extremely likely scenario this fall. We might have to endure eight yrs. of Pres. Trump.


I don’t hold anything in particular for or against Ohio. My mother grew up in Columbus for what that’s worth, and my grandfather taught at OSU.

I don’t think of Ohio as any more or less intelligent than Michigan, state football rivalries aside. If you’re not razzing Ohio for their football team, I encourage you to be more polite to the state. I want them to vote for Bernie.

Bernie Sanders spent money in Michigan (and not in Mississippi) because he aims to win the swing states again in November. He’s been doing the right thing (and Hillary hasn’t been doing the same).


And – not but, Psy_Chic, and -

“I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished. … The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”

— Second inaugural address of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, January 20, 1937


“Keep Your Eyes on the Prize”

A folk song that became influential during the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and '60s.


“No jobs, no peace”

A frequent protest chant


"All our past proclaims our future -

Milton’s faith and Wordsworth’s trust,

Shakespeare voice and Nelson’s hand,

In this, our chosen, chainless land.

Bear us witness -

Come the world against her, England yet shall stand."

Churchill, to England and to the world, in one of the darkest moments England - and the world - has faced.


"Once to every man and nation,

comes the moment to decide,

In the strife of truth or falsehood,

for the good or evil side".

Protestant hymn, mid-19th century


Exeunt King and Polonius; Enter Hamlet.

“To be, or not to be -
That is the question”.
Act III, Scene !, Hamlet (Wm. Shakespeare)


You know, sometimes there really is “one issue” that pretty much sums up all the others.


That’s great Hector. Interesting how you completely ignore the context of the MSM frame, the Team Hillary frame, that I was pointing out.


(from Wisconsin) The situation is actually far more complex. While shipping out a massive share of our family-supporting industrial jobs, and as family farms began falling like dominoes, we simultaneously led the “war on the poor.” It’s very difficult to address a critical issue without noting the consequences, but that’s what people are attempting to do. Instead of working to rebuild, we had decided that poverty is not an economic issue, but a “lifestyle choice.” So, we did nothing. Over the past 30 years or so, the very concept of “the common good” – a concept that was key to our former era of overall wealth and productivity – was lost. Our own history also shows why it’s impossible to save and rebuild the middle class without shoring up the poor. But we don’t want to. This agenda (and ideology) is nation-wide, and there’s nothing that Sen. Sanders can do to change this.

Of course, if Trump is elected, it all becomes irrelevant, since he will probably try to provoke China into a war. China can easily put the US in its back pocket, and then sit down. End of the American story.


Me too. Go Bernie. Would you tell us more on phone banking? I read a great article on it but would love to know more. Apparently a newish slant on getting out the vote? More bottom up organizing?


I believe that if you go to berniesanders.com, you will get tied in with your local groups. Or write help at berniesanders dot com.

Yes, it is very bottom-up. Good and bad. We are able to call cell phones, which is so important to reach the youth, but the calls are still called in by a central caller somewhere and then routed to us, which can result in delays once the person picks up. I’ve suggested the old-fashioned way more than once, but it’s not going to change at this point. And the gap is much less on our newer system.

Also good is the crowd we got Saturday in 4200 square feet. Everything from “color your own” Bernie posters by local artists, to phone banking, to canvassing (registering, b/c you must register as a Dem in many states, and then return to your preferred party after the primary), identifying calls, persuasion/encouragement calls and so forth. It can be uncomfortable to cold call people, but statistics show that it does truly boost the vote. You can also do anything from home, or host a crowd.

Please join us! We’re a friendly crowd. :O)

Oh yes, although the group is full right now, you can also participate by texting. I got in a little late, so am waiting for an email when they have an opening. My favorite thing is canvassing, but I’d rather do the phone calling while these primaries are ongoing and the time is short.


Much thanks. Congrats to all getting involved this way. Onwards.


You’re very welcome! I’m seeing a larger celebration soon (keep the vision alive). :O)