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Michigan Corporations to Pay $0 in Taxes This Year, Despite Crises in Flint and Detroit

Michigan Corporations to Pay $0 in Taxes This Year, Despite Crises in Flint and Detroit

Nika Knight, staff writer

While residents of beleaguered Flint face rate hikes for the city's lead-poisoned water and Detroit sees teachers staging sickouts after lawmakers threatened to withhold their full salaries, the state treasury announced this week that Michigan businesses are to effectively pay nothing in taxes this year.

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The Koch (hard “C”) brothers’ marionette, Gov. Snyder wrapped up the state of Michigan in a burlap bag, tied a big red bow around it and handed it over with glee and hopes for even more lucre paid to him by his keepers for his efforts on their behalf. The K Bros benefitted grandly with those very tax breaks on just
their coal operations alone coupled with other venture (capitalists) throughout the state.


People in Michigan, Kansas, Wisconsin, and other states who vote for these right wing politicians are getting what they deserve. I feel sorry for children who have to live in these states, but it is difficult to feel empathy for adults who vote in these fascists or those who simply complain and do nothing else. In most other nations, people would take to the streets or be involved in strikes if these same conditions existed.


Pulling (us down with) their own weight

The image that comes to mind is a bunch of piranhas in a fish tank.

Nah, they had the wool pulled over their eyes. They don’t deserve this.

In a culture (sic) that encourages the most wealthy/predatory to spend untold millions of dollars on a complete infrastructure of mis- and dis- information (e.g., think tanks, advertising, PR, paid-stooge politicians, and most of all, ownership of the mass media), it’s not right - and not fair - to blame the un/misinformed.

Where that happens, aren’t people like you - and me - in the streets with them? How are we going to build a movement if we look down on those who haven’t yet learned things that we have? Blaming victims isn’t going to get us anywhere.


Speaking as someone who was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, and who now lives in Kansas, I can truthfully say I have the worst of both worlds. AND I agree with solly’s assessment. It’s not a matter of having wool pulled over one’s eyes and becoming a victim. It’s a simple failure to stop and think for one’s self, to educate our selves, and to step up to the plate when faced with hypocrisy and corruption. That’s why the adage, “You get what you deserve,” applies in this case.

Let’s sit back and see all these new jobs that are going to sprout up out of thin air because businesses don’t have to pay any taxes to support the system that they require in order to be in business. (crickets, I hear just crickets) I wish I could get free services from the gov’t like that.


People have taken to the streets in Flint and Detroit, along with other acts of civil disobedience, and they are self-organizing to meet their own needs since government has abandoned them. The problem is the aforementioned media which reports through a racist lens, under-reporting of attendance numbers, or doesn’t report at all. Folks never hear both sides of the story unless they seek it out. (Tip of the hat to PatchworkCelt.)

An examination of the counter-society and decision-making models these US citizens are developing provide lessons for all in the movement–they are on the frontlines and have much to teach us. They are exploring rebuilding their community themselves. This election is about rebuilding a democracy ourselves, one that works for everyone.


The populace has been trained to attack the “entitlements” such as welfare/ADC, Social Security, Medicare, etc., that we pay for through OUR taxes - to demean the person in the check-out line who uses govt. cards to pay for food (a basic necessity by the way). That corporations, not just in Michigan, get these entitlements/aka corporate welfare, is unconscionable and reprehensible. Yes, in other countries people do rise up; and I think/hope that this is finally beginning to happen in this election year. Yes, the so-called media is very responsible, but people seem not to understand that voting against their own self-interests is ignorance.

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You have NO idea what you’re talking about. I live in Wisconsin and Walker has not won the last two elections - they were in fact STOLEN. Election statistician Richard Charnin has proved it and even devoted an entire chapter to the Walker rip offs of his book Matrix of Deceit. What has transpired in our state 'which is the birthplace of the progressive movement" as well as Kansas, Michigan and other states can be attributed to election rigging. Yeah it’s a thing.

Sure there exists a certain amount of ignorance. However, anyone rushing to the conclusion that radicalism has become the new normal - is divested from simple logic themselves. The elections bringing these zealots to power have been rigged. It is patently true. This is where the focus needs to be.

typo: the “so-called media is very IRRESPONSIBLE”

This just goes to show how brainwashed and easily manipulated many are. Those tax breaks are temporary and were written to help the automotive and other JOB PRODUCING industries to recover from the recession - and they WORKED - Michigan went from near to actual DEAD LAST in job creation to one of the leaders. Those Jobs are FAR more valuable to the State treasury than the corporate tax revenues. Jobs SAVE the sate money - they no longer are on assistance programs - AND they produce tax money themselves. .

But you are being manipulated by the authors who are attempting to get you all riled up because those evil corporations didn’t pay a tax. Guess what - that tax is not paid by corporations anyway - YOU DO. Those expenses are passed on to the consumer.

Intelligent, informed people know that. Others don’t - and cry about the evil corporations or “the Koch Brothers”.


That is a load of crap. Stop feeding your head with garbage and get some facts.

Are you referring to the loans President Obama made available to that industry? You remember: the bailout money provided to save the industry from complete collapse?! The bailout the reckless, divisive GOP was in uproar over? Yes, I recall it vividly. The party of business was completely against it. You don’t know what the hell your blathering about.