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Michigan Flood, Says Group, Shows US Unprepared for 'Nightmarish' Threat of Nuclear Disaster Combined With Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/22/michigan-flood-says-group-shows-us-unprepared-nightmarish-threat-nuclear-disaster


“The prospect of a nuclear disaster prompting a mass evacuation”

Here is a list of nuclear accidents. Two thirds have been in the US. Not to mention nuclear bomb tests worldwide:



A very large solar storm like the one in 1859 could create hundreds of nuclear meltdowns all around the world at the same time as power grids failed due to the EMP and a great many nuclear reactors simultaneously lost the ability to cool themselves. This is a very real risk we’re only responding to in the most minimal way. (relying on having 15 minutes warning from spacecraft that could easily be out of service so that they all can bring themselves off line). They need multiple redundant sources of cooling water, and power.

Also we should transition away from nuclear power. Because of this underappreciated risk its not the clean energy source its touted to be.


This has long been a concern of mine –
but the last effort to make the threat clear was “The China Syndrome” and
that simply dealt with human greed and human error –

GLOBAL WARMING is a threat to the more than 500 nuclear reactors across
the world --100 of them here in the US.

Each reactor requires one solid year to be shut down properly – NUCLEAR WASTE REMAINS.

The insane thinking of those in our own government who OK’d these reactors
will also work to keep them open. Such insane thinking is in the end criminal thinking.

I hadn’t seen this article re flooding in Michigan breaching the dam – May 20th –


This is where Vulture Capitalism and Duopoly leaves you - utterly unprepared for anything.


Fukushima comes to mind.


Dr. Temple Grandin warned the designers and builders of the Fukashima nuke plant of all the dangers from probable earthquakes/tsunamis. She even diagramed it, showing how the wave would inundate the plant and take out the power for cooling. She is a world famous designer, drawing on her pattern thinking autism to point out problems and solutions. Because she was a woman , and autistic, her ideas were thrown in the circular file. But she kept them, and showed them to the investigative panel.
And we’ve got a “hot” hurricane season on tap, with dozens of large cruise ships in layup off the Bahamas, supposedly ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice. That’s a load of steaming waste from a bull. It takes at least 12 hours to get a large ship ready to move; everything from starting the engine and allowing it to reach operating temperature to navigation equipment. The fastest these ships can go is around 20 mph; if pushed, 25 mph. If a storm is moving erratically, well…let’s just say there’s one big environmental epic fail brewing.
Private socialism, public risk. And if I see a honking big tornado headed my way, I’m going to shelter, regardless of any crowding. Yes, I’ll wear a mask. And my helmet and thick blanket.


In the 10 weeks after the radiation from Fukushima reached the West coast the infant mortality rate soared 35% according to analysis of CDC data by Mangano &Sheridan. Over time the probabilities approach 100% of similar accidents occurring amplified by rising sea levels & other global warming extreme events
As noted there has been no effort to decommission & dispose of waste. 99% of reactors & 100% of nuclear weapons are in the North. The water & air don’t mix much between hemispheres. I am in the process of establishing a haven in Ecuador for my family when the inevitable happens who knows when,?


Move the spent rods to Nevada. Either refurbish them for re-use or store three miles down.

Three Mile Island.
Yes, we did kill people over time with neighborhood clusters of cancers.
When reading the committee report, go to the minority report in the back.

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good luck, South America is beautiful but its a landscape with a lot of tears mixed in with that beauty. Just like North America.


“Loss of the ultimate heatsink”
or “melt down” is a good term for it. These two papers describe it in technical terms.

I cant post the links because I’m new. This should find them.

Preliminary Lessons Learned from the
Fukushima Daiichi Accident for Advanced
Nuclear Power Plant Technology Development

Loss of Ultimate Heat Sink
Fukushima Symposium,
March 4 2012
Tokyo Institute of Technology

And how little it seems to be on the minds of MSM …

Though perhaps we may see some dots being connected re Michigan/Fukushima
in the next days – thought doubt it.

Most of our people in communication are under GAG RULES – certainly weather people
and most of government. It’s a government that exists now “by threat.”

I’d be very happy to be able to believe the new reports of Trump’s fall in polls.


We now know what happens to General Electric Mark 12 nuclear reactors. First people run them for too long, trying to squeeze out a few last years of power from them. Then suddenly they break. Then they melt down inside. Then in the meltdown, way too much uranium congregates in one spot and an uncontrolled fission reaction takes place. Then everything vaporizes inside. Then the top of the reactor pops off and a rather miniature mushroom cloud takes all of that vaporized radioactive metal straight up. Then it condenses into almost microscopic glassy radioactive beads and rains down onto downtown Tokyo, among other places. Then the government makes all reporting about the casualties a state secret punishable by jail. Then the radioactive cesium in the ocean drifts toward other countries and gets taken up in the food chain.


If nothing else we need to learn tout de suite that whatever we do to our support system–the eco-systems–comes back to make us a part of this destruction. We are part and parcel of Nature and until we organize our societies to reflect this we will suffer. Nuclear energy is not safe and the uranium mining continues the centuries old injustice toward the indigenes while preparing our collective demise.

As the indigenes have repeatedly pointed out we are One and cannot harm the environment and somehow escape this harm.

Some consequences of the idea of separateness:

Missouri hair stylist with coronavirus worked while symptomatic, exposed dozens of clients

Health officials were tracking down 91 people who were potentially exposed to determine if they’ve developed COVID-19.


Millions of cicadas are expected to emerge after 17 years underground because, of course, it’s 202


After 3 Children Die, a Race to Investigate a Baffling Virus Syndrome

At least 161 children in New York have gotten sick, making the state’s caseload one of the largest publicly reported anywhere.


From another post:

"We are going to put out the fires," so said Trump

And will need to start with you and your enablers.

Of all your many crimes the one that is highlighted is ecocide as this SARS-Cov-2 spreads across nations made worse in US America by your criminal negligence. We know that environmental destruction is responsible in great part for releasing so many of these pathogens and we have known that throughout history.

An interesting book, In The Wake of the Plague , Norman F. Cantor, said that there is much evidence that The Black Death of mid 14 C was caused not only by the “black rat flea” but also anthrax (remember anthrax deaths ?) as more and more of the forested areas in Europe were been cut down for cattle and anthrax comes from cattle. Think about what is happening in Brazil, the Amazon burning/“clearing”, under Trump’s understudy, Bolsonaro. Brazil is now second only to the US America in terms of COVID-19 deaths.


Back in a previous life, I headed a large Emergency Planning organization. One thing you have to learn early is that you cant have a plan ready to go for every combination of events. For example, lets say you actually do have a plan for a pandemic simultaneously occurring with a catastrophic flood simultaneous with a nuclear disaster and then a 7.5 earthquake occurs! Your plan no longer works. Should you have had a separate plan to mitigate all the other events occurring WITH an earthquake? It would require an infinity of separate plans. What we found was that the actual cause of an event was irrelevant - one needed to be prepared to mitigate symptoms. Have enough emergency equipment to rescue people from flooded areas, have personnel trained in basic radiation protection, have the capability to set up portable medical centers, maintain emergency food and water, have stand alone communications, etc. Even then you can only be prepared for so much. You have to use an educated SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) as to how big the disaster might be. You can maintain ready-resources to mitigate an event affecting thousands, but it is virtually impossible to maintain those resources in a state of readiness to be ready to respond to events affecting millions - stored equipment requires maintenance, drugs expire, electronics fail, people retire. All of these point to one thing. Individuals need to be prepared to weather the storm (literally and figuratively) without help for at least a week or two because in a major combination of disasters (like we have the potential for at present) large scale help may not be available for a while.


There is a great documentary by John Pilger called “The Coming War On China” in which he details the effect of American nuclear testing on the previous paradise of the Bikini and Marshall islands, making them unfit for human habitation and causing cancers and other ailments to those poor people to this day. But the US paid former residents who were moved off their homelands for the benefit of our warmongering about $125 million, so no harm no foul (can you think of a more evil set of circumstances?). I highly recommend viewing this 2016 documentary as it is completely relevant to the path we find ourselves on today.


Many people ‘in the know’ predict as a virtual certainty a war between China/Russia and the US within the next decade. It would almost certainly be nuclear.

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Interesting. I too have been contemplating Ecuador, as well as Costa Rica, Panama, Thailand as possible destinations to live out the rest of my life, as my SS checks will be enough to sustain me in those economies. I wonder why you chose Ecuador: climate, people, economy? Many places are looking more appealing than this shitshow in the US.

Right, neither country is going to be willing to lose such a war. My money is on the US launching the first nuclear weapon; we are very poor losers and I think there is a precedent, as I recall. The US is taking every opportunity to goad China into making a military response. Never doubt that we are contributing to the protests in Hong Kong. If anyone looks at the location of Hong Kong, literally a city IN CHINA, it should be apparent that it is an example of the ridiculousness of the West to insist that Hong Kong should be a separate system from China. That would be like another country insisting that Boston should be allowed to have a different system of government from the rest of the US.

What In the world is this article, other than yet another example of unbelievable bullcrap that nuclear has to deal with.

First of all, why is Michigan flooding right now - is it because it rained really hard? No. It’s because a dam failed on Lake Wixom.

And what is the main focus of this article? That nuclear is bad and more renewables should replace it. Historically the only renewable source to replace nuclear energy in the same year as decommission has been hydroelectric. So let me get this straight here, the problem is nuclear and we need to replace it with potentially the very source of energy is causing the current problem.

What on earth are you kidding me…

Also, “threatened a nuclear reactor at Dow Chemical’s Midland County facility.“ Who the heck vetted this story?

The facility in question is the Midland Nuclear Reactor, which was never competed and never operated 30 years ago! Instead it got transformed into a natural gas plant today used in onsite called the Midland Cogeneration Venture.

There is no nuclear material onsite, so wtf is the radiological risk of this reactor that doesn’t really even exist?