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Michigan Flood, Says Group, Shows US Unprepared for 'Nightmarish' Threat of Nuclear Disaster Combined With Pandemic

Well, when you go through the area it is kind of like an episode of “road warrior” with the charred remains of once were trees and then it gets worse. Then further up the road is still ancient redwoods and all that implies. Here, all the wells are going dry but it is still the center of several different eco-systems and fault lines. Just a whiff of the ole crapper.

I suppose the rumors that aliens were living beneath Paradise is all just that.
Moving on then.

If you can drink the better part of a bottle of gewürztraminer you can probably find some, that is if the gurus don’t get you first. It has been a long time since I was there, and now it is gone.

Just for the sake of accuracy, no isotope of plutonium is a fission product. Plutonium is a transmutation product. Fission can be considered a kind of transmutation process, but plutonium is formed by a different transmutation process.

You are correct - I was trying to say that Plutonium was produced by Uranium fission reactors as a by-product (U238 + n > U-239 >Np-239 > PU-239) . Not a ‘fission-product’ in the classical sense, but rather a product of a fission reaction. Thanks for keeping me honest.

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Figures you would return

There goes the thread and the neighborhood

Don’t you have some toxic water to dispose of in Fukushima

How’s that going for you

Oh yeah your great idea is to release it into the Japanese Current

How sad for you and troglodyte to know your whole industry has been one slow motion train wreck

Kinda like drumps covid response

Deadly for everyone yet you keep singing the self praise

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Well let’s see if you can do research, how many people have died from nuclear reactors compared to deaths from hydroelectric dams failing in the last 100 years?

Is the TRIGA reactor actually owned by DOW? Last I heard it was broken down and parts shipped out to replace Davis Besse in Ohio.

This story is so bizarre that a news source actually thinks the reactor poses a greater risk than the dam that literally failed and caused the flooding.

Yes. They own it, they operate it, and they are the licensee. They use it as a neutron source for materials testing and as part of their radio-chemistry program.

“Last I heard it was broken down and parts shipped out to replace Davis Besse in Ohio.”

Davis Besse is a PWR power station. Don’t think there’s anything usable for that from a TRIGA reactor. Are you perhaps mixing two different reactors? A long time ago, they were building a PWR power station in Midland, and they got it to about 85 percent compete before the anti-nukes managed to kill the project off, and some of the parts for that went to Davis Besse–most notably, when DB had their infamous reactor head corrosion issue, they got the replacement head for that from the mothballed Midland site. And Dow was involved in that power reactor later, when they helped convert it into a gas-fired electricity/steam cogeneration plant. And I can understand why you would assume that a group opposed to nuclear power would be raising a stink about a nuclear power plant, but no, Beyond Nuclear is being beyond stupid here. They have their hair on fire about the threat floodwaters pose to a little pool reactor of a kind they let students run at universities, which is not pressurized, has no generation capability, and doesn’t even get hot enough to boil.

This is the kind of reactor Dow has (with photo):

Dow’s current license:
(The power rating is for thermal peak pulse–it used to be capped at 100 kw)

Article on Dow’s reactor:

Article on the blocked Midland power reactor:

“This story is so bizarre that a news source actually thinks the reactor poses a greater risk than the dam that literally failed and caused the flooding.”

And greater than the risk from the chemicals that have spilled into the floodwaters. News is what sells, not what’s important, or true.

I’m not sure If it’s two different reactors or if the original Midland Reactor was moved, but the vessel head from Unit 2 reactor was removed in 2006 from the Midland Reactor and used as a replacement for Davis-Besse.

Correct. And that’s unrelated to Dow’s reactor that they are talking about here. Completely different kind of reactor.

Just like the infrastructure maintenance that is being largely neglected, this is yet another example of how largely disinterested are Congress and the Courts. Increasingly, we are on our own.

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Reminds me of the news a few years ago, of the Bushes buying a large swathe of land (atop an also-large aquifer) in Paraguay.

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If I had their kind of money, I’d probably do the same.

I’m confused then, because the dam broke impacting Midland. Is the TRIGA reactor not in midland?

If the reactor they’re referencing is not in Midland, then is it actually in the flood zone? And if it’s not wtf are they talking about it?

Beyond Nuclear is making a Grand Canyon scale reach with their argument…

Do you know what her specific complaints are about Panama?

The DOW TRIGA reactor is in the building at 1602 Pershing St. Midland MI 48640.

The Midland Cogeneration Venture (the site of what was to be the Midland Nuclear Power Plant) is about a mile away, across the Tittabawassee River. They are both in Midland, and both sites had flooding (not the first time).

(Also, looks like the DOW TRIGA reactor wasn’t even operating at the time of the flood.)

She never lived in Panama, but according to her the only good thing is they use American currency.She was comparing Panama to Costa Rica, which probably had a lot to do with it!

The water level in the Great Lakes is rising due to Anthropogenic Climate Disruption and yet more than 60,000 tons of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel is stored on the shores of four of the five lakes in still-growing stockpiles. Some of it only a few meters from the shoreline. Nuclear scientists have been warning state and federal officials for decades but the amount just keeps growing. Yucca Mountain was supposed to be the cure but a) who wants the nation’s spent fuel in their neighborhood, NIMBY, and b) it means the transportation of tons and tons of waste on an aging, under-maintained rail system. The government is still giving the nuclear industry huge tax breaks to prop up an aging system with the money going to share holders, not system maintenance or plant shutdowns. In the end, the taxpayer are going to be stuck with the economic fallout while the poor will be ravaged by health problems. Make America Glow Again.

is the amerikan ruling class stupid enough to allow a nuclear war----doubtful…they do not wish to resign themselves to their survivalist bunkers in New Zealand