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Michigan Judge Accused of Endangering Safety and Democracy With Reversal of Open Carry Ban at Polling Places

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/27/michigan-judge-accused-endangering-safety-and-democracy-reversal-open-carry-ban

Anyone with a confederate flag wrapped around their head has already made their statement, backing it up with an assault weapon, well what more can one say?


The judge is in error. This was not an issue five months ago.
Lots of bad, ignorant people will be parading around and inside polling places - other than at
schools and churches.

A work around is to arrest the usual suspects Sunday night and arrange their first court hearing
for Wednesday morning in Michigan.


Evidently “conservative values” now include winking at sedition & terror plots, screwing up elections by any means necessary, and feds riding roughshod over states. When the rabbit woman says she’s keeping an open mind on whether our Constitution permits postponing or cancelling the election, most media call that attitude “conservative” because it’s hers, but it’s not conservative by any stretch of the imagination. It’s “conservative” paint on a fascist jalopy, and it keeps peeling off in big chunks.


Armed, camo-wearing, rabid Trump cultists with high-powered weapons and a documented propensity for violence allowed armed at the polls.
Obviously voter intimidation.
This Michigan judge is on the same side as the Trump cultists.


most of these jokers think this is all a very funny game of “tweak the liberal a-holes”.

they’ll change their tune if things start going boom. Especially if those things are theirs.

lots of people in this country need to grow up. they’ll likely have a chance in the coming year or two.


Everybody in the voting line should take their turn laughing their asses off at these dolts. What on earth would cause someone to okay guns at a voting place. That is completely nuts. The judge should be run out of town.

What are the voters being watched for, grabbing a box with the ballots and running off? Too heavy, can’t happen.
So now we have to enlist added watchers to watch the watchers already there.there?


Ok, then it is time for anyone in opposition to Trumpists to show up with firearms…


Yes, the voters should tell the militia guys that they are voting for president AND if we should keep the 2nd Amendment

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Someone brave enough should put a flower in the barrel of each gun.


So what is going to happen the first time they want to check a voter and that voter tells them to go fu*k themselves?


It is against the law to canvas voters within so many feet (25 or 50 or ??) of a polling location. That’s just people standing around with posters and passing out flyers. And the judge thinks guns are less harmful than paper? From the Department of “What Could Go Wrong?” I suppose it is too much to hope that if guns start blazing somewhere that the judge’s loved ones are in the line of fire? I know, not nice, but neither is the risk and flat out hazard of this judge’s monstrous “judgement” and clearly the “judge” didn’t bother to imagine what could happen to other’s and their families.
Which brings me to the almost complete loss of a judicial system (what there was left), thanks to McConnell, the man behind the curtain (Wiz of Oz) while we look at the fool out front (Trump).


Some of us may find out next Tuesday.

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One of the militia’s ringleaders, Brandon Caserta, is an anarchist and is anti-Trump. So quit spreading the lies.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. That way only the police will have guns. What could possibly go wrong?

Men with guns (mwgs – forgive me, but wwgs are rarer than hen’s teeth) think of themselves and portray themselves as champions of USA’s second amendment to the Constitution, so the aspect of mwgs crawling around in your polling places raises interesting reminders about that second amendment: precisely who and what were the original recipients of second amendment accommodations?

Anyone? Class? Timmy says he thinks the militias specified were mainly slave patrols. Tammy disagrees, she thinks Indian-eradication was the original point. Isn’t there anyone around who still gargles the old anti-gummint militia mouthwash? Slave patrols and Indian eradication seem like big assists to the most oppressive elements of state control, not like guarantors against oppression. Funny how the fascist mwgs today align with the original intent of second amendment militias: extension of government repression.


So let them show up with guns - it will actually lead to less of a chance for violence. If they don’t have the guns to make them feel like they are big strong men they would be terrified and just might react out of that fear with violence. Let them have their little cosplay… they can’t touch you or interfere with you - they can’t ask you for ID or who you are going to vote for - they can’t do a f*cking thing but stand there and look like idiots. Real men don’t need guns to intimidate.


Apparently the old adage, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone is entitled to one” applies particularly to too many “judges”.


I’m glad I was born into such a healthy country.

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The audience to Hollywood movies will tend to identify with characters portrayed in a given film. In the movie deliverance many would identify with the character played by Burt Reynolds or Jon Voight.

These good old boys want to be those toothless mountain men.

Now what happens if a Black person decides they need to take a gun to the polls so as to defend themselves from these Militias? Will this judge agree that it their right to do so and should there be violence will the Judge claim the violence warranted under the Constitution?

I sort of suspect that those “Originalists” sitting on the bench of the US Supreme Court will rule that the “Founding fathers” never intended Black people to have guns.