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Michigan Proposes Approval for Controversial Mine Near Sacred Tribal Sites


Michigan Proposes Approval for Controversial Mine Near Sacred Tribal Sites

Brian Bienkowski, Environmental Health News

The State of Michigan on Friday announced its intention to approve, over tribal protests, an open pit mine near burial and other culturally important sites in the Upper Peninsula.

The mine would provide an economic boost to the region and metals such as gold, zinc, copper and silver that fuel our tech- and gadget-driven lifestyle. But would come at the expense of land and water that is central to the existence of the Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin. The decision comes as Native Americans across the country are unifying to buck the trend of development on off-reservation land.


We need gold, zinc, copper and silver for our computers, cell phones and other devices.
And people need jobs.
But at what cost?
And who will regulate what this for-profit, capitalist corporation is doing to the land, air and water?


Why do you think Aquila Resources Inc. is based in Canada? Just like most mining corporations are based in Canada. So when Aquila Resources Inc. destroys the Menominee Tribes Sacred Tribal Sites, Land, and Menominee River, etc. Canadian mining law protects the mining corporations from lawsuits. Again, who is the Governor of Michigan? Rick Snyder, the man who gave the approval for the people of Flint to drink, and bath in poisonous, toxic lead water, as their water source (Flint River ).


Any and all manufacturers need to - as part of their corporate charter, business development plan, industry participation, tax status and consumer accountability - be active participants in materials reclamation programs commensurate with precisely those materials used in their products, resulting from obsolescence of their product(s).
The era of “planned obsolescence” cooked up by the parasitic bernaysian construct of “consumer loyalty” (now, there is a sociopathic oxymoron if ever there was one) is over.

In a related consideration, whatever people might not yet fully comprehend and think about the block chain accounting structure (eg: on which bitcoin is based), it is an innovation fundamental to breaking the stranglehold of the now totally out of control finance system. The very notion of returning to the “gold standard” and the various forms and scales of mining, open pit and otherwise, in perpetuity is patently insane. Time for sunset structures across the board.

Economies and monetary systems function, as any economist will tell you, because PEOPLE BELIEVE IN AND TRUST THEM. They set the standard for exchanges between human beings, hopefully on coherent, sustainable, equitable foundations.

If mining companies want to stay in business and shift out of raw mineral to reclamation operations, why not provide these a strictly limited window to access incentives to retool, to develop products and markets? And while we’re at it, to establish production parameters that include full zero goal pollution containment.

How much of the mineral dependency of modern western operations are desire rather than necessity based? What percentage of the desire based market is utterly beyond cost effectiveness if “externalized costs” are brought into proper accounting?

Public discussion of the ‘externalized costs’ dynamic is, I would submit, the ‘hephalump in the rum’, and the entire society is staggering from the resulting inebriation.


Um, the lead came from the pipes leading into and in the people’s homes, and specifically from the solder in the joints in those pipes. The reason the switch to the Flint River released the lead was that it didn’t contain the treatment to keep the water from picking up the lead. Just to keep things clear.


I wish the era of planned obsolescence were over. In fact, the practice has accelerated for electronics. There comes the moment when the 2- to 3yo phone cannot accommodate the new operating system, and the applications on which one has become dependent cannot operate without the new base, so one is forced to “upgrade.”

Indeed, though, opening new open-pit mines is ludicrous.


Gov. Snyder knew all that. Also, why did Gov. Snyder and his Emergency City Managers refuse to pay for said treatment of pipes? Answer, they don’t care! And, the treatment would have cost just a few dollars. Again, Gov. Snyder is just business, everything else does not matter.


There was another Mining Company here in Canada that tired to open a mine in Northern BC on traditional Tribal Territory.This was under the regime of one Stephen Harper who was quick to approve any project that came his way.

In any case their plan included using various lakes for tailings ponds. The Tribe up in that area fought it in Courts on prevailed. The plan was so bad even the Business friendly environmental review board under Harper vetoed it.They came back with a counter proposal again defeated.They then tried to sue the Federal Government for lost profits and “Erosion of property Rights”. This just another example of how Property Rights deemed to extend to the Natural World where an entity can do to “its property” whatever it wishes if it can garner a profit.


I am reminded of the Mount Polley mining disaster in the Cariboo Region, Central British Columbia in 2014. Pristine Lake Polley destroyed by a mining corporation, Imperial Metals. The mining corp. made the same claim of safety that Aquila is making in Michigan, and when the mining corps. destroy, they just move on to do it again. Stop the madness while we can, before they destroy the whole planet! Just remembered, I called in to ask the question to British Columbia’s Minister of Energy and Mines Bill Bennett on CBC Radio-1,. “Why do you allow a mining operation next to a pristine waterway, lake” (Lake Polley ), the minister’s short answer: money, business


Nobody will regulate them anymore than anyone will regulate identity theft.


Now that GM used the taxpayers’ bailout money to buy back stock, close plants from Michigan to California, and expand production in China perhaps the Michigan tribal members can get first dibs on jobs in the Chinese GM factories.