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Michigan Recount Commences as Stein Files Federal Pennsylvania Suit


Michigan Recount Commences as Stein Files Federal Pennsylvania Suit

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Just after midnight on Monday, a federal judge ordered the Michigan election recount to start at noon local time, after Green Party candidate Jill Stein made an emergency request.

The order came in response to a filing by Stein's lawyers claiming "a state law requiring a two-business-day waiting period to start the recount likely violates voting rights," the Detroit Free Press reported.


I sure hope they are counting by hand and that Stein has people in each one watching to be sure it's fair.


Well good. However, I do not think that it will make a difference.


Many of these dems with the exception of Sanders and Warren are centrists or they actually want the rethugs to win so they do not have to do anything. We need the Green Party to actually be part of congress. We need clean elections.


I think Jill Stein belongs to the same satanic secret society coven as Hillary, Or is one of the Embedded Covert Political Operatives in Alternative Activist Political Groups..... Is it true that Steins' parents were tied to the communist party and Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn?
I think she suckered the Green Party members.... like most politicians do to their political parties.


You said that to make us laugh, right?
Thank you for the comic relief in these trying times.
God does, indeed, work in mysterious ways.


Even if Starheart is attempting to humor us, there are tens of millions of Murkins who believe everything in Starheart's post as gospel truth and many of them were suckered into voting for Trump when several third party candidates were more highly qualified and would represent the best interests of those suckered, compared to Trump whose appointees confirm that his mission is government by the 1% for the 1% and to enrich the 1%.


Dr. Stein is on to something. Dealing with hardened, bought-off politicians! An old canard, that I've heard more than a few times in my lifetime - "I've got nothing to hide, so let 'em search without a warrant, why should I care [to bother to vote]?" So, I've been often told over a beer at the local club. As to why someone wouldn't vote? That always gets me. Why the Repubs won't graciously give in to a recount? We are an American Democracy, right? Citizens could really use some good old-fashioned atonement from the political corporate machine. Reform begins at election time, right?

Specious behavior for sure, if the said states do not come through as true patriots, this one time, please! Transparency is the story here. Seems the "other" side has something to hide here with this recount thing. Good news for a change. With Standing Rock, too. You can bet the billionaire think tanks are cookin' up a skunk of a political agenda for us working class Americans. Unless, Jill is on to something!


BREAKING: Jill Stein Exposed For Corruption With DNC

Who is Jill Stein?Mystery Woman- She Has No Background


Tobin is just pissed because Stein didn't appear for her "debate" - I got Free and Equal e-mails - and they always said that Stein had not responded to the invite, never that she had and then dropped out - Tobin is a fail ..

And the 2nd dude? What a trip! He has been taking too much "Protamite"(sp?) or whatever that stuff ... LOL!


Wow! Two posts on Stein in the same set - that's may well be more than they posted on her during her whole campaign! Now why is that, do you suppose .... (smile)


Time limits and deadlines - another problem with the federal voting system in the US. Can they get the recounts done by the deadlines? Should they have to or should the deadlines be flexible? Let's get the vote counts right first. In an election like this one, perhaps the Electoral College should delay its vote till the situation is better known.


I sure hope so!