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Michigan Recount Marred by Partisanship, Legal Battles, Broken Machines


Michigan Recount Marred by Partisanship, Legal Battles, Broken Machines

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The election recount in Michigan is off to a rocky start, marred by ongoing legal challenges and broken polling machines.


So it looks like that's how Republicans took over Michigan and ran it into the ground. Give all the bad voting machines to Democratic counties and then flip the results. OMG when is the DOJ going to demand doing away with voting machines that leave no paper trail. It is undemocratic and illegal.


"Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, a Republican who 'lashed out' Tuesday at the federal judge who ordered the state's recount to begin Monday, plans to 'aggressively argue to stop the recount' at a hearing Tuesday afternoon, according to the Detroit Free Press."

He's not just a Republican, he's the AG and he wants to stop the recount.

Speaks loudly (yet again) of his party's "ethics."


Thankfully the Democratic Party was all over this prior to the election...NOT! The Democratic party of incompetent cronies did nothing when the DNC "leaders" rigged the primary. They did nothing when the GOP stole one election after another from Gore to Kerry and state congressional races. This is what you get with rotten and corrupt political parties. Is anyone surprised? It's time to call off all elections until the American people are willing to defend their democracy. What we have now is a farce calling itself the world's greatest democracy.


Where is the evidence of Russian hacking anywhere thus far in these various recounts?


Obama rolled over like a puppy for the republicans. Instead of mobilizing the electorate like, say an FDR, like he had promised, Obama betrayed the middle-class and poor at every turn by feeding ground to the right. No, his problems are on his head. He lead from behind the whole way and now this is what results.


Don't let the Donald hear this suggestion.
Elections will be called off for the next 50 years while King Donald and his Dynasty rules.

Come to think if it, we have not had elections for the past 20 years or so...


That'what we're not supposed to find out by stopping the recounting.:wink:


Contact the cretin:

Michigan Department of Attorney General

Lansing Office

G. Mennen Williams Building, 7th Floor
525 W. Ottawa St.
P.O. Box 30212
Lansing, MI 48909
Main Number 517-373-1110
Facsimile 517-373-3042
Detroit Office

Cadillac Place, 10th Floor
3030 W. Grand Blvd., Suite 10-200
Detroit, MI 48202
Facsimile 313-456-0241


It's time to stop looking for help from rampantly corrupt politicians.


Just called the Detroit office where the busted machines are and told the Attorney General that he has NO business lashing out at anyone, that the Greens have payed for this recount and all they are getting is more of the same with broken machines again, conveniently, in Detroit.--That they need to get rid of them, verify the vote and in fact what is needed is a re-vote!


Surprise, surprise...corruption, disenfranchisement, poisoned water, privatization of mayoral/city manager positions, building megawatt sports stadia, high rise condos, and boutique shopping corridors in Dirt-City while surrounding neighborhoods crumble and their residents made to suffer; arbitrarily diverting toxic water from a clean, safe source to the highly toxic Flint River without any notice to the public or providing opportunities for input from the victims (another ugly side of privatization of public domains) and then refusing to take any substantive remedying actions to ensure the health and well-being of the victims in Flint; turning off water to poor neighborhoods in Detroit during the summer using the excuse of unpaid bills while raising the cost of water to exorbitant levels. Yup, a state surreptitiously consumed by the Koch brothers whose appointee, Gov. Snyder serves them without question.

Corrupt voting mechanisms, gerrymandering, restrictive voter id laws and now partisanship plays. Can that state get any more sodden with overt political pollution and privation? Tammany Hall was a piker in comparison.

Interesting how the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania (recounts) and Ohio (should be recounted but won't) have T-bag governators wholly and overtly supported by Koch (as in lock) brothers millions$$$. And restrictive voter ID laws, closure of and/or moving polling places without notice, removal of early voting, gerrymander via redistricting, rampant corruption, austerity plans, and privatization of public services are common practices in all of them.

The lights are on and the rats are scurrying!


I couldn't agree more.


Oh, Baby! You called it right.


Lots and lots of rats in me kitchen. What am I gonna do? Rat traps? Rat poison? Cats? Rat Terriers? How about flooding the whole place? Anything would help.


What you send out, comes around. Remember the disenfranchisement of voters who were voting for Bernie? All the destroyed ballots in California? At the tender age of 80, the Election Fraud perpetrated by the Democrats and a criminal candidate made me leave the Democratic Party. Maybe next time ethics will be followed. But Pelosi just said the Dems don't need to change direction. They are whining that the electoral college is hindering voters getting to choose a candidate, but they still have ex DNC chair, Howard Dean, stating that he knows better than the voters and would vote his conscience and not follow the voters' choice. So the Dems want to get rid of the electoral college and keep their superdelegates. Anyone besides me splitting your sides laughing?


I've read elsewhere that the Michigan state House Elections Committee who just wrote that recount bill, are making it RETROACTIVE, meaning Stein will owe millions more to Michigan for the costs of the recount that already started. They pay re-counters 125 dollars a day.

How's that for mud in your eye?

Michigan is broke ever since Clinton's NAFTA and WTO off-shored everyone's auto job to Mexico, China and India. Well, Hillary Clinton needed a fall-guy for this fishing expedition, I guess gullible Jill Stein is going to be it. Is the Clinton Foundation going to cover the cost over-run?

Not a chance. That's why the Green Party ran for their lives! They DO NOT support Jill Stein and her recount. Well, Jill has climbed up the Clinton crow's nest and pulled the rope-ladder up with her. I'll bet the Greens find a new Candidate to run in 2020 after this mess. Maybe Jill Stein will join the DNC like Bernie did.

I told you guys not to trust this One Percent doctor with absolutely no track record. Jill Stein is a Democrat now!


Recount impossible because the machines are all broken.
.. which proves the point of the recount ..
What good it does I don't know, other than shining a light on it ..


Exactly MM,

This is why nobody wanted to open this can of worms! Jill's going to get the rising-Re-count-bill. The Clinton Foundation will pretend they never talked to her at all....

Even Jills running mate Baraka? ran for the hills and said he doesn't support Jill and this recount. Chris Hedges and a long list of Green supporters are appalled that Jill Stein is carrying water for the dirty Democrats. They signed a letter protesting Jill Stein's rouge actions outside of Green party deliberation.

Just like you said, maybe the rot of the computer voting machine will come out... That's about all we can hope for at this point. Once again, it appears Stein didn't think this thing out in advance and has no coherent strategy. Clinton is obviously trying to formulate one using the Supreme Court like GWB did.

What a mess.


The lights are off and the rats are voraciously feeding on the 99%.