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Mick Mulvaney Delivers the Chilling Truth


Mick Mulvaney Delivers the Chilling Truth

Jeffrey D. Sachs

Bless your soul, Mick Mulvaney, for spelling out so clearly and succinctly the evil that drives Washington. As the former congressman and now interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau explained to bankers on Tuesday, "We had a hierarchy in my office in Congress. If you're a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn't talk to you.


ooooh… mickey, yo mickey!!! mickeys havin a nancy sinatra moment…


And the survey says…


This is true.

This is why they want us divided. This is why they want us to give up on voting. If elections did not matter, politicians would not debase themselves for campaign contributions.


Problem is, the campaign contributions matter more than winning elections. Hillary didn’t hardly campaign in the lead up to November 2016. But she sure did spend time with rich people…


Keep in mind as well that the entire US Justice system is predicated on how much money one has. Over 90 percent of persons in prison never received a trial, this because they did not have the resources financially to afford a proper legal defense. At the same time there those peoples with deep pockets launching appeal after appeal to hire lawyers to defend them in Courts of law. Those cases that make it to The Supreme Court, generally are very expensive so as to get to that level of jurisdiction.


The US is a corporate occupied nation with a hyper armed police state that treats its non wealthy citizens as the enemy. The people carry on mostly like freedom requires no personal sacrifice of time and energy.


Or why billionaire serial rapist Bill Cosby will never see the inside of a jail cell.


Nothing new here, but it is good to have a confession on the record just to prove that the majority of us “ordin­ary citizens” have been right about “our” politicians all along.

But . . .  but . . .  “Elections” give politicians an excuse to be accepting “campaign contributions.”  Otherwise they might be suspected of taking bribes . . .

AMEN!   Tweetle-Dumb would have been in prison decades ago for swindling contractors if he had not had
his daddy’s millions to pay crooked lawyers liars (“fixers” like Cohen) to get him off.

My dad called it “A Korpocracy” — and that was 35 years ago.  It has become much worse since then, and will take yet another turn toward further evil if DeVos and her fellow “christian” Funny-Dementalists succeed in their mission to destroy public education.   (See https://www.commondreams.org/views/2018/04/27/legislators-are-trying-hide-dangerous-voucher-proposal-inside-defense-spending-bill.)


Not so sure about that.


Not to mention that, upon serving their time in full and being released, the average joe, with a felony, will continue to pay for his or her crime for years to come in the form of housing and job restrictions, just to name a couple of the ways they are made to keep paying and paying and paying for one mistake. And private prisons for profit? Disgusting. Just leads to more unjust incarcerations. But the greedy have their ways of sinking their claws into everything.


The huge inequity in wealth and income is the great enabler of our blood-sucking predators.


I almost admire the evil bastard. I have never seen someone who gets as much glee from doing wrong as Mulvaney. The more he destroys, the more people he hurts the more fun he seems to have. On top of his game, his psychopathy is showing because he can see there are no consequences for flaunting his brand of evil. Trump will probably give him the medal of freedom.


To regain our freedom and any tatters of democracy, the sacrifice will have to be neither time nor energy, but blood and lives. How many patriots are there here willing to play from those pages of history??


Chicken or egg?


I’d vote for Jeffrey Sachs for president, but I don’t wish that burden on him…I like him too much…