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'Microcosm of Everything Wrong With US Foreign Policy': Senate Fails to Override Trump Veto on Yemen

'Microcosm of Everything Wrong With US Foreign Policy': Senate Fails to Override Trump Veto on Yemen

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday voted down an effort to override President Donald Trump's veto of the Yemen War Powers resolution.

The bill—introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)—would have ended U.S. support for Saudi Arabia's deadly bombing campaign in Yemen, which has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

"Yemen is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with U.S. foreign policy. It goes to the heart of how the U.S. is conducting dozens of hidden wars around the world without anybody at home noticing."
—Win Without War

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Just MORE PROOF that the U.S. has NO SOUL and NO HEART! Selling bombs to destroy the lives of innocent people is more important than offering humanitarian aid and blowing the Saudis off the face of the Earth!
FUCK D.C. and all the garbage that dwells there!!!


The US Congress should NEVER have ceded war-making authority to the Executive.

The War Powers Act should not exist, there is no need for it. ONLY Congress can declare war. (Congress has full budget authority too, so any funding mechanism could be constitutionally interrupted as well, presuming Congress were able to act, and willing to embody its actual authority.)

Any President who oversteps their war-making authority should be impeached, found guilty, and removed from office.

That barn got burned down a long time ago. But this charade is, well, a charade.


I think that we must consider how our society views death. I would submit that people who are highly materialistic and - greedy and/or narcissistic - are dreadfully fearful of death. Not only do you ‘lose’ everything you work so hard for, the meaning (or rationalizations) behind the egoistic hoarding of the brief time of life, goes poof - otherwise put, reality cannot be challenged the denial of delusion is painfully persistent - perhaps an earmark of the psychopath is being in denial of the pathology?

As it is, far too many of us, even unwittingly, live as though we and everything about us, is immortal. Deluded in other words. These delusions throw a deadly weight onto others, particularly when one wields a power over life and death.

If the lives of others cannot be loved, nurtured and respected, precisely those deficits will haunt mentation and action. This is perhaps one reason why civil rights advocates admonish those of us who are mugwumps (fence sitters) that all it takes is for good people to do nothing in order for evil to dominate.


To act as if this is something new is to fail utterly and completely to acknowledge the blatantly obvious fact that the US government was completely overthrown many generations ago, and what remains is a pageant. The phony elections, the polling, the artificial conflict between the two halves of the single party, the manufactured appearance of checks and balances, of accountability, has become so routine, they don’t even try to make it convincing anymore. Its all just a show to make the people think they are represented, when most obviously the American citizen, (and that’s being kind), has no role to play whatsoever in what the government does, or does not do. None, zero, zilch, zip! The “war against terror” is in fact a war of blatant overt and extreme terrorism. How would a responsible and engaged citizenry deal with that fact?


Well, there’s always Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Korea, Somalia. Palestine, Venezuela, Russia and China to keep working on.


Well, in this case ALL Dems voted for override except Bennett (D-CO), Not Voting for what ever reason


This is the core of the resistance movement. This incessant murder must stop.


Note the chief dems support the Trump Regime attack on Venezuela…hypocrites.


Yes and that is why in my opinion, ever since the Korean police action, in 1950, the U.S. Congress has committed treason by ceding their Constitutional authority to the Executive to declare wars. Ever since: ENDLESS WARS! And ever since by the treason of Congress, America has been a military dictatorship.


Citizen apathy about the wars licenses congress to misbehave. Our fellow citizens give them permission by not caring.


You would like Ernest Becker’s amazing book Denial of Death. Pulitzer Prize non fiction 1974.


Man wasn’t created to die, he was created to live forever on Earth so thinking “immortal” is ingrained. Death is the enemy and was never supposed to be. It will be corrected shortly when the Kingdom of God takes over rulership of the Earth.

The senate knew it would be vetoed and the veto would stand. It gave the war mongers an opportunity to appear less than a war monger for the elections coming up. They voted yes to stop the war because they know it would never happen.


Thank you for referring this book, which I have confirmed our local library has, and it is on my ‘saved list’, for future reading. I look forward to it.

It’s why I’m backing Tulsi. Nothing can be corrected in the USA until it stops being the military and economic bully of the world. There will be no Medicare 4 All, no immigration reform, no Green New Deal, until the US ends it imperial, fascistic ways. We should be joining China in developing the Belt and Road initiative instead of constantly sword rattling and threatening countries with regime change and military assaults. We are a few decades away from proving the Great Filter Theory of the Universe to be correct.


When you are writing of the U.S. is that the overwhelming mass of the people or the mostly parasitic elites who have captured the levers of economic and political power? I have no doubt that with a free and fair media the people would overwhelmingly support the over-riding of Donald Trump’s veto

We do have soul and heart, and one day those will again be stirred to resolutely demand and restore freedom and justice and honesty. In this vote’s failure to over-ride the veto we have more proof that it is not our media and that it is a Senate that is representing interests other than our own.


Does anyone know why Bennet abstained or “was present but not voting,” he who just announced he’s running for president? His office couldn’t give me an answer.

1967 Martin Luther King, Jr.:

[King denounced the U.S. as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today,” and saw the war was “a symptom of a far deeper malady within the American spirit.” Later that spring, he asserted that “the evils of racism, economic exploitation and militarism are all tied together “: we could not “get rid of o­ne without getting rid of the others [and] the whole structure of American life must be changed.”]


Of course they do - Venezuela was stupid enough to put their country directly on top of our oil. Any oil in Yemen?

I haven’t looked it up but I’d bet that most of the Dems that support that are taking bribes from Oil Companies