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Microsoft Sues for Right to Tell You When Feds Access Your Email


Microsoft Sues for Right to Tell You When Feds Access Your Email

Nika Knight, staff writer

Microsoft is suing the U.S. Department of Justice for the government's "unconstitutional" gag orders that prevent the corporation from informing customers when federal agents access user data.

"Microsoft brings this case because its customers have a right to know when the government obtains a warrant to read their emails, and because Microsoft has a right to tell them," the lawsuit (pdf) reads. The suit was filed in federal court in Seattle on Thursday morning.


I am skeptical of anything Microsoft has to offer. They can take windows 10 and insert it rectally.


Microsoft doing the right thing?
Who would have thunk?


In this and the Apple case, we are talking about two very powerful corporations that offshore profits and invest in our elections. Every fiber of my being is telling me there's more to this than meets the eye. I don't know how yet, but I'll bet my bottom dollar these corporations only appear to be looking out after our interests while somehow expanding their own Constitutional rights. It is completely out of the character of these corporations to consider our democracy in their quest for profits. Don't give them too much credit, we're still waiting for the other shoe to drop.


This is an interesting PR stunt. The funny thing is that they are having to undo a law already in existence. So, why now? Why did they sue when the law took place? Even if they did, it does not guarentee that the gov-ment will let Microsoft know that they got into someones email. The other thing is all the gov-ment has to do is bog down microsoft by hitting up a million or so emails so it makes the company take a long time to get to everyone. Its an old technique that was/has been used by politicians to continue breaking laws by do it so much that it bogs down the courts. So, as the FBI proved, they dont need permission, nor laws to prevent them from getting into someones stuff, they are just going to do it...just like East Germany.