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Middle America: The Democrats’ Dilemma


I think this makes it seem like the leaders of that party are aimlessly wondering around, without a clear idea as far as what to do. That isn’t the case though. They know full well what they are doing. When Pelosi’s healthcare adviser goes to private insurance companies and assures them that they will be the best opponents of the left, they know what they are doing. When she gives a speech on the House floor paying tribute to Pete Peterson, she shows who she prioritizes. What they struggle with is how to spin their bullshit. How do you completely sell the store to corporate interests and the rich, abandon poor and working people, yawn as the environmental crisis brings it all down, but then say the right words in a speech where you pretend to be something other than you are? How do you have a particular world view but when the cameras are on carefully choose your words to hide your true intentions.? THAT is their dilemma, and that is where the worthless consultants earn their money. Bullshitting people. The Democrats are a right wing party, and while AOC didn’t join that horrible party to give it some legitimacy of those outside the DC swamp, she does still make it so that working people think of the Democrats a little differently than they otherwise would. If it was a party entirely made up of people like Pelosi and Hoyer, it wouldn’t matter in the end whether the Democrats ever win again because with them or the Republicans, most of us lose. The data doesn’t lie.


Can Democrats win with an economic justice platform?

I’m willing to bet Sanders Can. The others, not so much. This is why if the Corporate leadership rams another Wall Street centrist down our throats, they will lose.


Beautiful analysis and takedown of the Conniff piece…Obviously you are following the media bias…Like excluding Tulsi Gabbard. I have hope Bernie can navigate all the cheating, smears and corruption to get the nomination. As Tulsi is a great complementary candidate to him…so strong as a vet on No More Regime Change Wars…and also similar overall platform…and they are friends…and both share the extra ingredient we need of Integrity…I hope it will be Bernie/Tulsi. Note, she is his insurance against assassination …


“The Democrats are now the party of urban areas, while Republicans are the party of rural areas and small towns… there is the question of what to do about white, rural voters who feel abandoned by both parties.”

The state in the Union that registers the strongest disapproval of Trump is Vermont, which is made up of an overwhelmingly rural white population. It wasn’t always that way. Why is Vermont so different from most of the rest of the rural white population? It has experienced decades of unabashedly progressive, socialist & environmental policies & messaging from people like Sanders & McKibben. The Democratic Party should take note of that. These progressive ideas are highly popular with Americans. Run with them wholeheartedly!


I agree. That would be an awesome ticket!


To your point about rural white voters. If Bernie can’t appeal to rural America, then why has overwhelmingly rural white Vermont not only consistently elected Bernie to office for decades, but over that time become the most progressive, anti-Trump state in America? Not only can Bernie appeal to rural white America, but he can mold them into a very liberal population (he also had overwhelming victories in nearly every rural state outside the South in the 2016 primaries). For the Democratic Party not to take advantage of this & go enthusiastically & wholeheartedly progressive on the issues would be a huge missed opportunity.


The Dems don’t have a problem with “middle America”, they have a problem with GOP gerrymandering.
Not that the DP has much to offer middle America.

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Our first black president gave us Romneycare, the gift of government subsidies to the health profiteering industrial complex.

But sure, let’s vote for Corey Booker and expect him to represent something other than his corporate overlords. Coniff is a cheerleader for the status quo. CD should drop her from the roster.


The trouble that Democrats have is that the DNC does not allow them to elect candidates.

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You said…

Yes. It’s just one step removed from the trouble that Trump and all Republicans have that we have elections at all.


If there were a candidate more reliably and firmly progressive than
Sanders, I might support per. However, there cannot be one in 2020.
It takes years for such a leader to develop, and nobody else can be
ready that soon.

We should have learned from Obama and Clinton how foolish
it is to support a candidate because of per race or sex,
if we didn’t know it before.