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Mideast’s ‘Only Democracy’ joins push to Silence Al Jazeera: Netanyahu


Mideast’s ‘Only Democracy’ joins push to Silence Al Jazeera: Netanyahu

Juan Cole

Trump has his Twitter. Apparently far right wing Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has his Facebook. In a Facebook posting, Netanyahu vowed to close the Jerusalem office of the Qatar-backed Al Jazeera satellite news station. Failing that, he said, he would introduce legislation to ban Al Jazeera in Israel (presumably Israel/ Palestine, since Israel keeps 4.5 million Palestinians under siege or direct military rule).


The Saudi-Israeli alliance. Theocrats united. Oppressors united.

Their conduit for weapons? The duopoly you keep voting for.


Not me Tank!

I’ll never again vote to support that Ethically and Morally Corrupt group.

The Duopoly, like Trump, loves the poorly educated.

May God have mercy on the souls of those that know not what they do, when they cast their votes for the Duopoly.


The bankster core of the dysfunctional oligopolies sucking the planet’s lifeblood through IMF/WB/mercenaries ilk straws with sledge hammer mashing juicers like Nuland et al in Ukraine, the zionists undermining Judaism, reveal their stripes dripping with blood. Noted by Matthew so long ago… You will know them by their fruits.


I remember a few years ago when Israel’s most dangerous enemy was Saudi Arabia. The, then, US poured in billions of dollars in weapons and advanced intelligence equipment to enable the Israelis to “defend” themselves from Saudi Arabia and its allies.
*Then, Israel wanted to attack Iran. I read in an Israeli paper that Israel had an agreement with Saudi Arabia to use military airfields closest to Iran to refuel their planes in their attacks.
*I thought then about the old saw, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I imagine if the two of them managed to destroy Persia, then they could go back to their own old animosities.
*I also remember, I think it was Clinton as SOS stating that if Israel attacked Iran and Iran were to militarily respond, the US would consider that response an act of war and respond accordingly.
*Since Persia has held up its part of the “deal,” the orange turd now wants to renege on our part of the deal and put all the sanctions in place again.
*It is pretty obvious to me that what they want to do is either push Persia into taking some kind of action, or be starved into submission by cutting off its trade.
*In my opinion, the world should BDS Israel, the Saudis and the alleged “United” States, until they all decide to join the human community. BDS works! Why do you think the Israelis want laws outlawing it to be passed all over the world, if possible.
*Starve out these greedy billionaires and trillionaires who have bought more than half the world already and want to pick up the rest at bargain basement prices.
*Somehow, we have to stop our Wehrmacht from expanding their wars of destruction around the world. That is the greatest obstacle to peace on the planet.
*We are all going to have to learn to work together to save our home, a small planet called earth, so far alone in the vast reaches of space. Right now, I see little sign of that.


Iran is getting around the US by doing what Turkey is doing. Cozying up to Russia and China.

Even better, they’re doing in-kind bartering to keep currency concerns in the background.

The days of hegemonic US power are crashing to a halt.