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Midterm America


Midterm America

Ben Fountain

Evil days.


I heard Rahm Emanuel describe the 2018 Mid-Terms as, " a blue wave with a red undertow ".
Since his old 3rd Way, No Labels and DLC groupies are being exposed as Moderate Republicans, and then shown the planks they’ll walk in 2020 at the Democratic Convention, we’ll find out if Rob & Crew are the pirates we’ve long suspected they were.
Even the MSM is baffled and bewildered by these numbers and %s. The meme they’re always pushing is " moderate and centrist ", ( Wall St. with a conscience ) but the paradigm shifted left and progressive, ( Main St. with a conscience ) catching them flat-footed and out of step, yet again.
The 2018s were definitely a good first step. We’ll see where it leads us… to be continued.


“The blue wave centrists”…what the hell is that? This was, no way, a “centrist” election. This was a very strong hard-left turn in Democratic politics, and any politician who insists on going along with the neoliberal policies (i.e. the real “centrist” Democrats) had better be ready for an early retirement if they don’t see the new reality.