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"Might As Well Hang 'Kick Me' Signs Around Their Necks': Instead of Trump Impeachment, House Dems Adjourn

The 25th aendment takes quite a long time to reach effectiveness. A 2 week review, a vote, 21 days to challenge the outcome. It’s BS even suggesting it, and the dems know it.


Nothing wrong with saving face - it is the right thing to do I think.

This is a watershed moment in time - and as long as Trump is immediately removed by this tried and true 25th Amendment, which I believe is designed to be fast and speedy - we can then begin to address the future.

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To be fair, it is unlikely that the House could get it done in the thirteen days remaining until Biden takes office.

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I watched the proceedings. Nobody used the F word. The Democrats are in denial and will probably lose the House in 2 years. Biden gave a “Hitler, do the right thing” speech.


Well, it was used effectively before, with Reagan for example, but all previous instances were for medical reasons.

As always - we wait and see what transpires.

It’s a talisman to make people feel like they’re doing something.

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Yes - my feeling too - the 25th is better.

I would imagine things can be made to move quickly - some power structure may indeed have talked to the GOP - and laid out their options - an offer they can’t refuse type of thing.

Trump calculated his invulnerability into his coup plans. All lawmakers are petrified of his so-called, (cultist), base. Trump must be held to account because Trumpites need to realize that he’s not God.


Why wouldn’t you be concerned with 74 million voters for Trump - it is actually the only part that matters in a democracy.

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Inaction will have serious repercussions down the line. It’s a green light for the current fascist movement or other ambitious oligarchs. The end of democracy (capitalism)? I hope so.


Lots of talk about the Dems being weak, and cowardly.

The Dems are not weak, nor cowardly.

They are powerful collaborators with their partners on the “other side” of our right-wing duopoly.


Come on, we’ve had a long night…and, we’re sooo old and tired. Just gotta get home, put the feet up…

They’re professionals…actors that is

14th Amendment §3… Yeah, RIGHT!

You honestly believe ANYBODY in the House, Senate or the Judiciary has EVER gotten closer to the 14th Amendment, than The Wicked Witch did to Dorothy’s ruby slippers? I’m sure, they jumped right over sections of the 1st, 2nd & 13th, not included in their 0.01% sponsor’s talking points memos? Bet’ya, they ALL have the first clause of the 13th, tattooed right behind their eyelids? We’re ALL their terrorists, now?

Impeachment, was to distract us from the pandemic, DUH!

Pelosi didn’t even tear up a memo in front of congress, like she did during trump’s State of the Union speech. She is about as weak as a wet noodle. I guess she couldn’t wait to get back to her mansion in SF and her ice cream sandwiches.


Those 74 million voters are still in the minority and many of them voted for Trump because Biden was not an inspirational candidate. When a crazy President attempts a coup, lawmakers must simply do what is right and, in that case, the voters be damned.


The easy entry for the rioters into the Capitol was organized to create the drama and theater of “insurrection” without any real danger of a coup. It took advantage of egregiously bad judgment by Trump and abysmal planning to let Trump hang himself, so to speak, on his own rope. This, plus the “bomb” found at Republican HQ, allows the mainstream Republicans to emancipate themselves from Trump and his faction, now that he has performed the service of transferring $2 trillion upwards to our billionaire class. Biden can now reach across the aisle to his “respectable” Republican friends to restore mainstream, corporate rule, without the dangerous volatility of Trump.

It is thinkable that the “weak” response of Democrats to all of this represents their understanding that this was a kind of political theater. It will marginalize the tiny progressive minority among Congressional Democrats as well as the extreme White supremacist wing of the Republicans. From Biden’s, Pelosi’s, Schumer’s perspective, what could be better?


Whichever side of the aisle Pelosi is on, she doesn’t work. together or separately.

She just said that she expects Pence to do her job of removing Trump. And if he doesn’t she might start to think about doing her own job with impeachment.


Even with Trump, Inc. gone we have a big problem:


Despite billions spent on intelligence and surveillance, U.S. law enforcement permitted an armed Trumpist mob to sack the Capitol.



I am still trying to find out why things are always so close - a few points this way or that - and you get a different party in charge.

They must converge more or less in the middle - the center.

Of course many posters here hate the center - but in a democracy - the center matters - in fact it matters most.