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Migration Is an Act of Desperation, Not a Crime


Migration Is an Act of Desperation, Not a Crime

Sonali Kolhatkar

A father from Ivory Coast wanted to reunite his son with the rest of his family living in Spain. But the Spanish government denied him a family reunification visa. Desperate, he paid a Moroccan woman to smuggle his 8-year-old onto Spanish soil. On May 7, 2015, she attempted to do so by placing the boy, tightly folded into a fetal position, inside a carry-on suitcase and traveling to Spain. When airport authorities noticed she was nervous, they X-rayed her bag and were shocked to find the child.

Imagine the boy’s ordeal.


There was a time when corporations, proud of their products (and standing behind their quality) sold them with guarantees. Now those guarantees and warrantees must be purchased by consumers!

There was a time when Affirmative Action worked to level a playing field that for centuries had allotted far too many privileges to white males alone. Soon some particularly disgusting white males found attorneys wiling to invert the intended goal behind Affirmative Action by arguing that programs that provided quotas to universities (through which to allow in a certain percentage of women and persons of color) unfairly discriminated against… the usual privileged candidates.

In today’s controlled mass media, police act like thugs gunning down innocent Black citizens and the Narrative goes to work demonizing the target in a manner that is all too reminiscent of a parallel foreign policy that allows the President and his military men to gun down young brown males in Afghanistan and Yemen and Iraq under similar pretenses.

However, if civilization remained under the rule of law, those entities that CAUSED the damage and disruption to so many civilian lives would PAY (Pottery Barn, style) to stabilize, house, feed, and heal all those they broke… in other words, these entities would be forced to take responsibility for all the desperate, fleeing masses of refugees.

As it stands, the predators continue to beat on their prey.

Leadership is NOT aimed at the preservation of life or nature‚Äďas needed for sentient life‚Äôs sustainability‚Äďfor all the claims to Defense. It is obviously working covert protocols intent upon ‚Äúculling the human herd.‚ÄĚ

There is no other way to explain the calamitous and depraved indifference to life along with this macho penchant for blaming those already targeted, wounded, and bludgeoned.


That response was at least as good as the article…


Global warming has been going on for decades and that is the reason we are seeing such a surge in migration. This was all predicted years ago. It is only recently that it has become so destructive and so debilitating that people are fleeing it. Granted the corporate world makes things worse but they are not the cause, merely the accelerator.


There were refugees in 800 AD.

The population of the World was dramatically less then and yet they still fled armies and conflicts orchestrated by " The ruling class"

The problem is not so much the number of people as it is the model of that so called ‚ÄúCivilization‚ÄĚ that has been embraced ( or more accurately imposed upon us ) ,one based upon the model where a very small handful have all the power and most of the wealth.

The history of the world has been one of poorer people and people of less power fleeing those persons who sought to exert dominance over them.