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Mike Morell’s Kill-Russians Advice


Mike Morell’s Kill-Russians Advice

Ray McGovern

Perhaps former CIA acting director Michael Morell’s shamefully provocative rhetoric toward Russia and Iran will prove too unhinged even for Hillary Clinton. It appears equally likely that it will succeed in earning him a senior job in a possible Clinton administration, so it behooves us to have a closer look at Morell’s record.


I will watch for this creep to show up in Clinton's administration as these two seem to be peas in a pod.
Hillary has a hard time relating to normal people on the campaign trail because her center of focus is in foreign policy. It stands to reason that she will want people with the kill instinct around her. Being a neocon at heart, her need for accurate intelligence is small and her desire has always been to go after Iran for Bibi and Russia, well, just because they are the go to enemy.
Russia is standing in the way of taking out Assad and clearing a path through Syria to Iran.


Rest assured that is a public official in Russia publicly stated to a national TV audience that Russia needed to start killing Americans so as to send a message, the western media would be in an uproar proclaiming it as a unacceptable provocation.

Entire hours of broadcasts on multiple "News shows" would invite in pundits to make the most dire of pronouncements all concluding this showing Russia as a nation seeking war and conflict.

A simple fact. It is the Government of the USA that is the bully here and that same Government is the greatest threat to world peace on this globe. It is the USA that heads the "Empire of Evil".


This Morell could use a little dose of his own medicine.


Careful, Pony. Unless you're an FBI instigator, this suggestion could elicit a visit from that agency.


If it weren't for the CIA--an organization that passes out licenses to kill the way the old church of Rome handed out "Indulgences" to its wealthiest donors--someone like Mike Morrell would be forced to find his calling as a street smart serial killer.

"It is sad to have to remind folks almost 14 years later that the “intelligence” was not “mistaken;” it was fraudulent from the get-go. Announcing on June 5, 2008, the bipartisan conclusions from a five-year study by the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Jay Rockefeller described the intelligence conjured up to “justify” war on Iraq as “uncorroborated, contradicted, or even non-existent.”

It's important to keep in mind that the CIA constantly manufactures false cases, false flags, bogus assassinations, and that makes lying child's play. One does it enough and their conscience (presuming they had one to begin with) goes cold and callous.

Morrell would be just as comfortable serving Hitler as he would an American dictator or head of state.

He lacks a conscience. That's why he's gotten this far within the belly of the beast, a socio-political architecture built to the metrics of Mars rules (i.e. a constant lust for war).


Advocating violence is never wise.

If there weren't entrenched, empowered interests BENT upon war, maniacal minds like that of Morrell would not be tolerated... nor used.

Someone had to pretend that the false pretexts were true. Imagine if the money spent on searching for weapons they KNEW didn't exist instead went to improving life for citizens of the targeted nations? But then, there'd be no terrorism; and without terrorism, how could the now gargantuan military infrastructure aimed at controlling citizens (as the global elites tighten the fiscal screws) come into place?

These professional cons and killers (like felons placed into jail cells where they learn from others how to improve "their craft") gained much from the writings of Goebbels. There must be an outside enemy threat made existentially real... and then, all Constitutional liberties can be rescinded under the guise of protecting citizens.

Notice all the recent terrorist events. Some are no doubt real; but others are false flags and the net impact of all of this is that the entire world is now perceived (by the spooks and the Pentagon) as a battleground.

And when there are vast, well-organized armies, it creates on the part of those brave enough to resist, ingenious forms of asymmetric warfare. Therefore, more and more unexpected places will indeed blow up. Meanwhile, how much $ is dumped into surveillance which NEVER stops these events? I guess the uniformed spooks are too busy in forums like this one, watching the Left (intellectuals, poets, labor leaders, and those who refuse to see things the way elites intend for citizens to see things) and/or watching porn... to notice.

Welcome to theater of the absurd. It's everywhere these days!


This bloke is a terrorist by anybody's dictionary definition. Simple.

The last person who thought that killing Russians was a good idea ended up committing suicide just before the Russians got to his bunker in Berlin. This Morrell character would have us all commit nuclear suicide so as to fulfill his insane fantasy.


Have you seen this material? It's very compelling:


One stupid (C)ommittee to (I)ntervene (A)nywhere dick dead, wow. How about 'kill' the Pentagon which seems to be the root of the problem? Not a person but the whole phkn deal. All those folks could 'maybe' just go 'get a life' instead of being terminal perverts.


Yes. This particular interview includes much of what PCR has been discussing for the past many months. I'm surprised, though, that he left out specifically discussing the U.S. government's war against alternate currencies to the dollar that resulted in the destruction of Libya (and the death of Gaddafi) and now all of the covert and overt actions against the BRICS governments.

Articles addressing these continuing issues are normally first published on the following sites:

Global Research
Paul Craig Roberts
The Saker
The Duran


Will we ever be rid of these psychopaths?


Will the real villain please stand up? And they all stood!


He may end up paired up with Ted Cruz as Secretaries of State and Defense. Improbable? Not to me. Is anything improbable any more?

It used to be that people in positions in the State and Defense Departments may have been murdering perceived enemies of the State, but they didn't go speaking out about it publicly. They tried to maintain the image that the USA only killed in self defense like the white hat heroes of the old cowboy movies, Roy Rogers and all like that, where the black hat bad guys always had to reach for their " shooting irons' first so they could be plugged fair and square.

That ethic is long gone and was probably never real but the idea was maintained. But now we have President BO not exactly bragging about his "drone kill list" but not in any way distancing himself from public knowledge of it either. Kissengerian "realpolitik" and Big Henry is HRC's hero and role model so she is positioned to become the Murder Mama of the west, ready to show them Chinese and Ruskies who's ready to be fastest straight shootin'ist gun slinger in the global town Main Street with Cruz and Morrell at her flanks like the Earp Brothers at the OK Corral with Doc Holliday Kissinger limping along right there with 'em


The fact that murderous authoritarian conservatives get ahead in government and business far better than peace loving, egalitarian liberals, says a lot about the American psychic.


They don't feel they have to hide their true intentions like they used to.
Hillary is barely hiding her lust for power and the wars she wants to make.
The Republicans have never tried to hide it.


The issue is not so much to be rid of them, but rather not to sustain a legal, financial, cultural, political, and tactical infrastructure that REWARDS them and counts on them to effortlessly enact the dirty work of Empire.

Essentially, the Shock Doctrine handbook might as well define "sociopath" as a required bona fide in the career search for the right candidates.


To the contrary, it says a lot about the Power Structure and who it invites in (to positions of influence) and why.

There is NO logic behind posts that continually turn the problem of sociopaths in empowered positions onto The People.

The Page and Gilens Study made it clear that The People's Will is NOT what those in government positions institute.

Find any long-sustained society on this planet (since the onset of patriarchy) that doesn't evidence a political/social/economic hierarchy?

The most egalitarian nations, Europe's social Democracies have hardly achieved full Democratic representation or full equality but they go much further than "political business as usual" within the U.S.

The bottom line is that in most nations there have been long-established family dynasties. And when 50 people hold half the nation's wealth or even half the world's wealth, there is no possible way that ordinary citizens can direct policies.

This much concentrated wealth taints all systems of would-be Democratic representation.

And the problem didn't arise overnight. It's been long-standing.

Our own nation has only enjoyed short periods where power, privilege, and economic opportunity were somewhat widely shared. To the Black community that marker is yet to be realized and ditto for many Hispanics and women.

Nonetheless, the elites like shadowy creatures built up their think tank influence in the shadows and patiently dismembered the New Deal piece by piece over the course of the past 3-4 decades.

When processes are done by stealth and through gradual accommodation, and when the mass media's "experts" all lie about what's going on, and when false flags are used to decimate civil liberties and to justify massive crackdowns on citizens... I think those persons enacting these strategies should be held as the accountable parties... rather than those being done unto.

I mean how different is this castigation than that which justifies the violence on the part of the white police officer when he and his gang of Neanderthals let loose with premeditated deadly force against a Black kid or man who is unarmed?

How different is if from the mindset that knocks down the doors of families living in their own nations! In Afghanistan, Iraq, etc... and then if someone gets shot, it's the fault of those under attack?

This is the mindset of the rapist/dominator. It has NO place in a would-be Progressive forum yet I come up against it daily. That is why I am SURE that many who post here (with regularity under a constantly changing BATTERY of screen names) are in the military or otherwise in some branch of its now farmed out "Intelligence-gathering" Hydra.


The American psyche has been shaped by oligarchy media for selfish motives. Exceptionalism, fear, propaganda and the Kardashians keep the vulnerable public in line with their corporate goals, entertained and uninformed. The Internet is changing that, as evidenced by Bernie's rise.


The only word description I have of Charlie Rose is, "smarmy"......politically smarmy...ok, two words.