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Mike Pence Confirms: 'We Are With' Coup Plotters in Venezuela

Mike Pence Confirms: 'We Are With' Coup Plotters in Venezuela

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Vice President Mike Pence confirmed Tuesday that the Trump administration is firmly on the side of the coup plotters in Venezuela as violent clashes between the elected government and opposition forces led by Juan Guaido quickly escalated.


Pence, a military coup is not how democracy operates. You may not like how the elections in Venezuela turned out but tough tiddly for you!

Obviously, the US is still in the business of creating banana republics, in this case though its an oil republic they are after.


I DESPISE the U.S. government and all its heartless and murderous decisions!


Pence is practicing for a domestic coup if the 2020 election results don’t please him and the GOP.


Coup Plotters = Bribed Military Whores. Replacing Democracies with Despots = US.

Actually, this is part of the plan to starve millions of Iranians. ZERO Oil Export.
Stealing Venezuelan oil is the way the Iranian shortage will be made up.

If you live near a cave, start stocking it with survival supplies and get back as far as you can. Maybe a few couples will survive and the new homo sapiens will not be as stupid.


Yeah, where is the American coup? To use a version of a John Lennon anti war sign,
instead of “War is over if you want it” REVOLUTION IS HERE IF YOU WANT IT.


‘America’ is NOT with Pence or any of the other war-mongers. Enough war! Especially ENOUGH of our poking our noses into Venezuela’s democratically elected government!


Step right up if your country has precious Oil and the duly elected President has Nationalized the Oil and is helping the Poor through Socialized Programs, we can help you overthrow the government so the Rich can take over the Oil Production and the Capitalist System can start eliminating Social Programs that help the Poor.

Trump and Pence want to destroy by violent means if necessary any Social Programs that lift the Poor up from painful Poverty and return to a policy of enriching the very Rich and let the Poor rummage through garbage to survive.

We the People of America will help you kill anyone who dares to show sympathy for the Poor.


Funny thing is: With the present oil glut we shouldn’t need to rape yet another country if we move faster toward energy independence.
But, as we know, if we have the oil we can rig the market. All about money once again. We will always have soldiers willing to die for oil, so what’s the problem? (a bit of sarcasm)


G. the problem is a socialist economy existing in an American
ruled capitalist world–the CIA has said since World War II,
“That just ain’t gonna happen,” and so far their savage violence
and deception has made it so.
But where’s socialist, real alternative to war and regime change, Bernie?

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Capitalism is not a share economy. With a shared economy there would be no poor. Some with less than others, but not poor. No need for cardboard houses, soup and bread lines, and free clinics.
Bernie could be Robin Hood and we, the merry men, and women. King Trump and sheriff Pence will take care of the aristocrats and tax the poor.
Idon’t know if maid Marian plays a part here.


There are so many fu–ed up domestic issues that I believe Bernie doesn’t want to get too far into the weeds on foreign entanglements. He will do just fine when in the White House.


Remember the racial element. Eva Bartlett interviews Afro-Venezuelan man.



Good point!


And the Democratic leadership excitedly exclaiming “Us Too” " The sanctions were our idea" , “we deserve some credit too”… Tulsi go give Bernie a slap upside of his head.


Amerika is now a transparent Mafiaocracy! Complete with a white, supremacist, Don in the oval office and several other hit men Lieutenants like Bolton, Pence, and Pompeo.

The Fascists are now in complete control of the Amerikan. Fourth, Reich.

" I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914." If General Smedley D. Butler were alive today, instead of Mexico, he could say Venezuela.


Julian Assange reports on wrong doing by the US Military including the torture of civilians and the massacre of unarmed Civilians in the streets of Baghdad and is deemed a “traitor” with his extradition for prosecution sought.

Guadio calls for an ARMED Coup of an elected Government and that same US Government claims that if Maduro orders his arrest it proves The Government in Venezuela a dictatorship.

Can anyone really swallow the swill from that pack of liars and corrupt thugs in the USA any longer?

And those shits in the US Media go along with this crap.


Venezuela ran a fairer and more open election than we had in 2016. So it is only reasonable that anti-democracy America side with the forces opposing democracy and the right of the people to choose their leadership.


HERE is MY Maid Marion:


a really GREAT idea would be if the entire trump cabal, family included, along with a few dems(we know who),would all get together for a fun day of skydiving, W/OUT parachutes, televised, of course!