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Mike Pence’s Policies Aren’t “Traditional.” They’re Dangerous


Mike Pence’s Policies Aren’t “Traditional.” They’re Dangerous.

Anusha Ravi, Eliza Schultz

Last month, Vice President Mike Pence cast the deciding vote on a measure that targets funding for Planned Parenthood clinics. His vote—which broke a 50-50 tie in the Senate—makes it legal for states to revoke federal Title X funds from clinics that provide abortion services, jeopardizing access to reproductive health care for millions of women.


He calls his wife mommy???


Wait - he has great faith, but feels he is too weak to be tempted by other women? Maybe he wants to be tempted!


Uh oh- he's Christian- wonder what he thinks of Passover?


Pence is a theocrat bent on turning the US into a radical Christian theocracy just as Ayatollah Khomeni turned Iran into a radical Islamic theocracy.

Many pundits argued that unlike Ted Cruz, at least Trump would not be a theocrat if he was elected. VP Pence makes Cruz look tame by comparison.


I guess he is pretty demented then. There are many people from different cultures here including atheists. What an imbecile this "man" is.