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Mike Pence Will Be the Most Powerful Christian Supremacist in US History


Mike Pence Will Be the Most Powerful Christian Supremacist in US History

Jeremy Scahill

The election of Donald Trump has sent shockwaves through the souls of compassionate, humane people across the country and the world. Horror that a candidate who ran on a platform of open bigotry, threats against immigrants and Muslims, and blatant misogyny will soon be president is now sinking in. Trump appointed a white nationalist, Steve Bannon, as chief White House strategist — which was promptly celebrated by the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan.


"wall Builders" is right.

This is the last gasp of radical Christian right. Christianity is in decline. They are petrified emotionally, and since so many are older (white males), almost physically petrified as well. And certainly religiously petrified too.

An extremely exclusive God's club.


Actually, it's Christendom that's in decline and grasping at straws. I took the risk of looking at the Wallbuilders' site, and the name refers to the rebuilding of ancient Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile (which involved only elite groups, who actually did pretty well in Babylon).

I very much wish Scahill had not promoted the misunderstanding that this supremacist Christendom dominates the attitudes and behavior of Christians in the US today. He might take a look at the Moral Mondays movement, Sanctuary churches, and the many varieties of peacemaking and direct charitable work carried out by volunteers through mainline denominations. We in those groups of Christians are not looking to establish a theocracy, or for general chaos to bring about the apocalypse. We'll be standing by to call the incoming administration to account — as we have the outgoing and several preceding — and to pick up the pieces when portions of our society fall apart.


Actually Christianity is doing quite well worldwide, quite poorly in Europe, and a mixed bag in the US. I doubt they are petrified in the slightest especially now that they control all. In fact I suspect that they are spectacularly happy and believe that they are guaranteed permanent success at this point.

I happen to disagree with that view, however. I think Christianity is in weak decline in the north and perhaps weak growth in the south. Overall not a major positive story as I imagine they see it today. Not at all the major decline as in Europe, however.

I think that in the northern states christianity is in decline, where increases are mostly fed by the large christian influx from the hispanic nations. I am constantly surprised by the number of evangelical churches in my area (eastern massachusetts) with Spanish or Portuguese names. Until recently I thought most all hispanics were catholic but apparently there is a big growth, especially in Brazil, of evangelical Christians.

In the south I think the church(es) have been less rejected by the young and, of course, are still fed by growth from the south.


I want to echo the individual on the previous post. Since the 80s, I watched in horror as my Christian faith has been hijacked by the right. I listen in horror when the progressive younger members of my extended family loudly proclaim their atheism because of what they hear and see from today's most visible so-called Christians. I try to point out that the social justice movement was sired for the most part by people of faith. And I cite the many individuals of faith who sacrificed much (including their lives in many cases). If one wants to trace the overall decline of Christianity in the US, its the Religous Right and their Wall Street / Corporate enablers.


I think Chris Hedges has it correct when he labels people like Pence and the Christian right as: " CHRISTIAN FASCISTS!


That may be partly true but personally my own kids hate CCD (the catholic version of Sunday School, for those non-catholics like myself) and claim none of their friends care about religion and none will ever go to church. They are not yet familiar with the religious right, etc. I think if we corrected the problems that you see we would still have a decline at least here in the north-east. Maybe less of one, but a declining membership nonetheless.


Please don't count Christianity as a monolith, especially as defined by "Christian Supremacy."


Neither is the Roman Catholic church the best measure of Christianity. Put all the progressive mainline Protestant institutions together, and you have quite a formidable collection of resources and experience, probably strengthened by recent breakaways of our more rightward branches.


Thank you, an important distinction. Pence et.al. will not necessarily dominate the discourse.


Just want to add, Jims01721, if I were a young person today, I would be appalled at Christianity. I do not blame them for rejecting my faith, as they lack the intellectual maturity and life experiences to know about the great progressive Christian heroes of my youth, as well as those that came before. Also the corporate media treats the Pences of the world as the face of "true" Christianity, and treats the Al Sharpton's and the Jesse Jackson's as being outside the mainstream.


I have thought for some time that the only Christian died on that cross so long ago....


And the Catholic Workers too


“This may not be our preferred candidate, but that doesn’t mean it may not be God’s candidate to do something that we don’t see,” : Yep, as in firing up the true Left resistance and subversion.


Jeremy Scahill is one of my most favorite journalists. Always spot on.
I think this will be painful and push the country further to the right but they are not going to turn this country into a white supremist haven.
They have always been here and we have always held them in check. There will be a fight all the way but they cannot win. We are stronger than that.


Pence is the antithesis of what I would consider a "Christian".

With the exception of corporate industry and underhanded, manipulative attorneys, the neoliberal economic policies of Mitch Daniels then continued by Pence (as well as Pence's restrictive and draconian social policies) are profoundly disliked by many people - at least those policies the public are privy to before or after enactment. With the help of Pence's legal minions placed in various state agency leadership positions, he has done nothing to help the public and continues to make life more uncomfortable, less protected, and less free for those he "leads".


In Jesus' name, we prey


I spent last week drunk not paying attention to much of anything. Yesterday was a day of deep mourning in a horrible funk or more likely despair. Thing will only get worse. The only America that will be "great again" will be for white middle class Christian assholes. The rest of us will lament and remember the 'good ol' days' which weren't so good but even with all the damn wars, livable to at least some prospect of maybe they'll get better. Now they'll only get worse for most of the "others" like me and many others. To an atheist this truly horrible news. So now I'll just read and watch Netflix ans Amazon Prime and hope my disability doesn't go away. If it does I always have a few bullets for my gun that I'll eat.


Make no mistake. The "Christian" vote for trump was about abortion. They think god used trump to assert his will. Pence was the dog whistle candidate for this issue. Of course no one really thinks trump has any moral position about abortion or about anything else, but he signaled with pence that he'd throw them that bone to get the vote.

Pence is vicious and amoral outside his narrowly framed christian world view, but smart and worse than trump much like Ted Cruz. And his anti choice position is not about sanctity of life. I'd put money on sexually active single women being whoring cunts in his mind.


With some brands of Christianity. You may have left too soon. What's scary is the folks, possibly including Pence, who view DJT as the man to be used to throw the world into apocalyptic chaos. Then they'll be happily raptured up to heaven, leaving the rest of us in the "tribulations." No, I don't think that's going to happen, but it's more frightening to me that they're happy to see the chaos.

Pence is not par of a populist revolt. He may very well see himself as a savior. Oh, and btw, it's easy for you to dictate who is "maybe better off" using which bathroom. I don't want my daughter, who as of last week has entirely mixed genitals, walking into any public men's room. And I don't want the likes of Buck Angel (look him up) coming into my restrooms. Not everyone with a penis plans to rape women, surprise surprise. Get over it.